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Party Game Review: ‘Furt’

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There are plenty of party games out there where groups follow suggestions on cards to win, but few are as zany and laugh-out-loudable as Furt from Wiggity Bang Games, the creators of the classic Quelf. Furt features great production value with a huge pile of cards, meaning that it will be many, many games before someone draws the same action twice. Furt’s cartooniness matches its silliness as players race to be the first to jump into the volcano on the center of a board worthy of Where’s Waldo?

furtThe basic mechanics of Furt are simple. On his or her turn, a player rolls a die and draws a card to see what action he or she must perform. If the action goes successfully, their icon (ranging from a bowl of ice cream to a mustache to a beaver with a chainsaw) moves forward several spaces based on the difficulty. If it goes wrong, the player stays put, possibly with outrageous consequences.

The Furt die features six colors, each pertaining to a different category on the cards. Black makes a player speak for the volcano. Red is the “Straight-Faced” challenge, allowing other players to read out the stack of Funny Word Cards until the timer runs out without the player laughing. Green “Guess What?” is a combined Pictionary, Charades, and Taboo mini-game with others guessing. Purple “Truth or Fiction” gives an opener such as “I will never forget the time…” that the player concludes with either a truth or a lie with the others guessing. Yellow “You Are?” involves improvised acting. Lastly, the blue “What The?!” is a special hidden action that must be completed before the next turn such as pretending to be sick or clicking a pen until someone demands it stop.

With all of the wild variety in Furt, no two rounds are the same. Some party games become tedious as the same action happens again and again, but there is even more variety in Furt than in the famously diverse Cranium even without trivia. Not only does the die determine wackiness, but even landing on certain “Hot Spots” may compound the madness by giving players personae to carry on during their whole turns.

Furt is a party game for three to eight players aged thirteen and up. Not every card will be suitable for younger players as some can be complex. It is perfect for party-goers who want an energetic game filled with laughter and challenge. It takes about an hour to play, depending on the number of players, making it suitable for the central feature of a get-together. Quicker games may be played by adapting the starting position or simply using the cards for improv performances.

Four out of Five Stars

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