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Part III – Waiting for War in the Shards of Shattered Illusions

War approaches.

The question is what kind of war?

The common speculation is that there will be a missile attack on this country, and that in the end, this country may find itself fighting a four or five front war. The first two fronts are easy to pick out: Syria and Gaza. The Syrians apparently are preparing for an attack on this nation and Hamas is being armed to the teeth with various kinds of missiles and rockets. An Israeli army invading Gaza now would have to be prepared to withstand heavy losses; the Strip is a small concentrated piece of land with a dense population. The strategy that is most efficient in conquering a heavily armed compact piece of territory, carpet bombing, is not acceptable to the Americans who fund and control the régime on the Kirya in Jerusalem. So, carpet bombing will not be pursued.

It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the régime in Jerusalem is nothing but a pack of puppets who will do as they are told. Getting an independent and sovereign government that will look after the interests of the Jewish people first and the non-Jews overseas last will require a violent revolution and overthrow of the so-called “Zionist régime,” a cabal of criminals who have lost their purpose and no longer have a role in the redemption of the People of Israel.

I don’t have a strategy or the weaponry to pull off such an overthrow – nobody I know does either.

But returning to the issue of multi-front wars, what about all those other fronts that we will be forced to fight on? There is Iran. There is Lebanon, though the Lebanese front could be regarded as an extension of the Syrian one. The Syrians certainly regard Lebanon as nothing more than western Syria. There is the possibility of Saudi Arabia invading through Jordan. That is four fronts. The final front? Let’s leave that open for the time being… Let it stand that what Israel would face would be the equivalent of a gang rape, and the toughs doing the ravishing would be a lot stronger than they were in 1948.

I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for the war; the city will be captured, the houses will be pillaged, the women of the city will be violated; half the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be eliminated from the city. [Zechariah 14:2]

The other question is how might we get to this point?

Here, the anonymous sources I’ve been relying on have some interesting insights.

I want to emphasize that what I write here is a scenario, not prophecy. I’m not sure it even rises to the level of a prediction. But it is worth laying out for examination.

The Americans have been developing a weapon with highly advanced features. Israelis have been training on this weapon and the plan is to use it in an Israeli attack on Iran’s weapons making facilities.

The capabilities of this weapon have not between revealed to the public at large. I do not feel at liberty to speak myself. Suffice it to say that it gives the Israeli military the capability to strike Iran at will, and to take their time in destroying key elements to the would-be Iranian nuclear arsenal. A keen mind that appreciates the vectors of the problem will be able to guess how this might be accomplished.

This might be accompanied by diversionary attacks on Lebanon or Syria; this would explain the hush-hush Israeli preparations for war in the north.

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  • Rhampton

    Anyone who doubts the catastrophic influence of Saudi-funded Wahhabism simply hasn’t been paying attention. I track stories from across the globe as they pertain to Saudi Arabia and their funding of militant, extremist Wahahbi (Salafi) Islam at my blog, Wahaudi. If the quantity and quality of information doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    “Anyone who doubts the catastrophic influence of Saudi-funded Wahhabism simply hasn’t been paying attention.”

    You don’t have to sell me on this at all. But there are a lot of other folks at this site who insist on doggedly keeping their heads in the sand, often even when they should know better themselves. It’s nice to know that some folks ARE paying attention. Thanks for stopping by!

  • MAOZ

    Derekh agav, Ruvy, have you seen the recent post at titled “Taking It Seriously”? It’ll probably strike a chord with you.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Can you create a link for me to go to? the site is an on-line New Age shop; is a domain up for sale.

  • MAOZ

    Oops, sorry! Try

    Hope that works out!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Thanks, MAOZ!!

  • Mark Schannon

    Ruvy, I know you’re going to groan & call me a naive, liberal American…but if the machinery for war is that apparent, why hasn’t the media in the U.S. or Europe talked about it.

    I don’t buy that all the media is under the Busher’s thumb…maybe under his pinkie. But I’ve been following your articles and even some of the links, and, while they scare the hell out of me, I’m left feeling uneasy–as if I didn’t have the whole picture. Motive? Goals?

    You clearly state that what you write is a scenario, not a prophecy, but there has to be some evidence driving the scenario. Why hasn’t it been covered in the MSM?

    Perhaps the MSM is too sober? After all,

    In Jameson Veritas

  • The Spewker

    I also hear bad things about the Israeli leadership. But the people have the power to make changes, so change they must! War on all fronts is not new. New leaders must study successful battles of old and tailor to the 21st century so that Israel will survive on her own strength and merits. Do not rely upon America – who has its own agenda. To understand what I mean, go rent “The Good Shepherd.”