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They’ll help you fight your parking ticket – online. You only have to pay for using their service if you win, and your ticket is dismissed. No dismissal, no charge.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, for once it’s not. The site’s founder and president, Glen Bolofsky, launched his service in 2001, offering to fight parking tickets issued in New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Bolofsky is a C.P.A. who began analyzing parking tickets on behalf of corporate clients – Nestle, Pillsbury, and Disney among them – and their fleets. Over the past decade, he estimates he’s gotten millions of dollars in fines dismissed.

He estimates 75% of the tickets submitted to his site are dismissed or reduced. He generally charges half or less the cost of the original ticket.

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  • Dan

    Parkingticket.com is OK, but unable to do more than an average person could do him/herself. Their moneyback guaranty requires that you appeal and then submit a complete file including your registration and all other documentation. Besides their fee, the cost of postage (certified, registered, etc.) and the value of your time creeps dangerously close to a wash, especially if you are a freelance anything earning more than $50 per hour. Highly NOT recommended.
    Park carefully, defend yourself against the ticket online and if you lose, pay it promptly.

  • Jeff R.

    Too many people have had too many problems with parkingticket.com.

    From what I have read they appear to be a scam.


  • David

    If you win they are great, but if you lose you have to fight them for the refund…

  • Dave

    Yeah, I just got scammed by them. They require so many documents to get a refund that it is practially impossible to do so…. What would you expect from a bunch of lawyers though….


  • Dave

    Also just found this news story about that company’s bad practices:

    They charged a woman $5000 for changing one of their letters:

  • Chris – VA

    FRAUD. Just reported them to BBB. Here’s the typical email they send after you ask for refund:


    This email is to inform you that in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, your request for a refund on ticket #341813113 was not approved for the following reasons:
    A review of the paperwork you submitted shows that our Copyrighted document(s) have been edited or modified in the following way(s):

    The parkingticket.com Copyright Mark does not appear on the Dismissal Letter. BULL!!!!

    Refund Request not filed within 30 days of date of final Hearing Determination
    If you have any questions or feel this is in error, please contact us promptly by responding to this email. Please note, we answer all emails on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Thank you,
    The Support Team

    Read the fine print. They set up rules you can’t follow. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  • aaron

    I agree. This company will make almost impossible to get a refund. I was fooled when I saw the compamy endorsed by cnn.com and other radio stations. With all the hassle your’e beeter off paying it all.

  • np

    Do NOT use this site. I had a simple parking ticket that should have been resolved. The dismissal letter was not accepted. Parkingticket.com did not refund my money, so i had to pay the ticket plus the 50% they charge me up front for their services.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE! You are better off fighting it yourself or just paying the damn ticket. It’s less hassle either way.

  • Nasim

    It reminds me of a guy back in Israel who claimed that he has connections in InS and can pull some strings so you can win a green card. Conditions? Just one: You give all required paperwork and $5000. He files all the papers for you and you wait for about 6 month. If you do not win you will get full refund if you don not win. And he returns, truly and fairfully.
    Very old book classic con.
    1. He gets to collect interest on approximaly half a million.
    2. about 10% do win, he keeps the money.

    He made a lot of money, this CA.

    Parking tikets, if submitted “Not-guilty” sometimes return with reduced charge. If you send some lame explanation in the letter along with the ticket will usualy come back with reduction. If letter comes from a lawyer, guess what chances to get reduction or even dissmissal?
    Cost 42 cents to mail a letter, plus expences to maintain a Web-site.

    if you can prepare a letter explaining why you think you got our ticket unfairly or by mistake, do it yourself. It will cost you just a bit of time. review your ticket first, if you find ANY mistake it means 100% dissmissal.

  • Elaine Yaffe

    This is a horrible site. Don’t be fooled like I was. They won’t speak to you on the phone, everything must be done either via email or fax. I not only had to pay them 1/2 the amount of the ticket up front but I also didn’t get anything off of the ticket that I did receive. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

  • Rob

    Re: Parkingticket.com Review

    I looked into parkingticket.com because over the years I’ve tried to fight NYC parking tickets and have only been able to get the fine reduced and never dismissed.
    Anyway, I went to Parkingticket.com and they could do no better. They basically right up the same letter that you could easily right up yourself. They charge half the price of the ticket.
    If you are found guilty, you must appeal and re-appeal the ticket. If you are still found guilty then you are eligible for their money back guarantee which requires you to round up all of the paperwork that you have sent in and fax it to the parkingticket.com offices.
    Parkingticket.com has a “money back guarantee” but believe you me, it is a real pain to get your money back.
    In summary, parkingticket.com is a waste of your time and, most of all, your money.

  • D Hoiem

    Total scam. Sent in the fee, followed all the directions, lost the final appeal, and I have been waiting over 6 months for a refund. When I contacted them 5 months ago, they said they have 90 days to issue a refund. So I have paid the ticket and the fee to Parkingticket.com

  • R.Young

    Yep total scam. Same thing happened to me for all the above. PLEASE PLEASE if you got scammed, dispute it with your credit card and get your money back! Credit cards charge a fee to the merchant if a compalint is filed!

  • Jonathan

    I really appreciate you guys for writing your comments about them because I was just about to use them when it occurred to me maybe I better check and see if I can find any HONEST reviews online!

    What prompted me to check online first was when I first contacted them they were very nice about writing a polite email back. Then I got yet another ticket and my situation became a little more complicated so I wanted to speak to someone by phone to make sure they thought it was something they could do.

    I wrote and asked for a phone number and they wrote back and said basically, “sorry we don’t talk to anybody by phone, it’s all done by email and fax. What is your question.”

    That’s when I realized something was wrong! No legit company would do this.

    So for all of you here who took the time to write your comments, I just wanted to let you know… IT HELPED! You cost them the money I was going to pay them for 4 tickets! And you saved me a HUGE headache.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    By the way… what a scam they’re running. No wonder they refuse to talk by phone because all they’d get would be angry people calling.

    I really hope some of you who were scammed will go to your local district attorney and file a complaint… maybe they’ll take criminal action against them… on the grounds of mail FRAUD!

  • victim jack


    you are better off fighting it on your own or paying the ticket up front.

  • ry guy

    Take it from someone who has used ParkingTicket.com, they are an absolute scam. Fight the ticket on your own.

  • LuckY

    thank you guys soo much for letting me know this… i entered in my email and all that then read about the 50% fee so i looked them up!

  • Rick Young

    Keep copies of everything and file a complaint with your credit card company, they’ll get the money back for you. They ARE a scam. When I tried looking for a copy of my ticket online after I lost the case (which you need for the refund), it mysteriously “disappeared” from the site when it originally was there. Luckily I saved a copy on my desktop when I first used them.

  • Manu M

    Thank you so much for your comments! I was about to pay on their website, when I thought of checking them out. What triggered was the fact that the parking ticket in their system was a different amount than the actual ticket itself. Rest everything looked professional. I am shocked to see that the BBB has not shut the site down for such major issues all over the web. You saved me a lot of money!

  • vajix84

    they took 50% of my 2 tickets, and never even sent dissmisal letter. Because of this I got penalties on my tickets for not responding. So I had to pay both of tickets
    +40$ of penalties and also have lost 150$ what I have payed to F..n’ Parkingticket.com. And they never refund! They are requiring papers for the refund, that have never been issued. As an excuse they are using terms and conditions that nobody reads! People don`t get fooled, Don’t even think to use this service!

  • dave

    i used parkingticket.com again though i said above that i never would. i guess i was a little hasty in judging them. i learned they are really die hard fighters and though the city wouldn’t dismiss my ticket they did get it dismissed through their efforts. funny thing, i wish i could take back what i said previously but this blog wont let me delete my earlier comments. sorry to the nice folks at parkingticket.com. bravo.