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Parking hassle has happy ending

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Peter Thompson parked his car, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease – got back to his car after the elapsed parking time and found a private $69.55 ticket on his car. He decided to fight the so called fine (which looks like a police parking ticket) and here is the great outcome – he managed to get the offending companies to donate funds to Parkinson’s diseade research – good job!

Peter Thompson gets companies to give donations – excellent work Peter!

Parking hassle has happy ending
Companies agree to give $1,000 each to Parkinson’s event Man had planned to sue after being harassed over ticket


Peter Thompson planned to sue after being harassed for 18 months over an unpaid parking ticket. But then he came up with a better idea.

Thompson, a Barrie lawyer, gave Canadian Bonded Credits Ltd., a collection agency, and Imperial Parking (Impark) the option of donating $1,000 each to the SuperWalk for Parkinson’s on Sunday.

And they agreed.

It’s a solution that has a certain justice to it: Parkinson’s disease is what got Thompson the parking ticket in the first place.

On March 23, 2003, Thompson made what should have been a half-hour visit to Toronto Western Hospital. To be safe, he paid for 90 minutes of parking. But the doctor was late and when he arrived, he diagnosed Thompson with Parkinson’s.

As a result, Thompson was 31 minutes late returning to his car and was greeted by a $69.55 ticket on his windshield.

He wrote to Impark, explained what happened and offered to pay for the extra time he parked, but it said no. So Thompson dug in his heels, refusing to pay what he thought was an exorbitant fine.

Soon, daily calls started from Canadian Bonded Credits. After about 500 of these automated calls, Thompson finally got an unlisted phone number.

After the Star wrote about his case in August and Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner called it “completely outrageous,” Impark decided to review its procedures and stopped Canadian Bonded Credits from calling people who owe money on tickets until the review is complete.

Last week, Thompson wrote to both companies, saying they “have made my life extremely unpleasant for the past two years and I intend to litigate this invasion of privacy and harassment in due course if need be.”

“There is an alternative, which I propose at this time,” he added.

Thompson said he would donate $69.55 — the price of the unpaid ticket — to the Parkinson’s cause, and said if they each donate $1,000 to the SuperWalk for Parkinson’s he wouldn’t bring a lawsuit.

“I thought this was a good solution…. Somebody gets $69 out of my pocket and they don’t look like such bad guys and Parkinson’s benefits,” Thompson said.

On this point, the two companies agree with him.

“If this is what is necessary to bring closure to this matter for Mr. Thompson, then we’re pleased to provide it,” said Gordon Craig, regional vice-president for Impark.

“It was a settlement that worked for everybody,” said Christopher Dorval, spokesperson for IntelliRisk Management Corp., the parent company of Canadian Bonded Credits.

Last year Thompson raised $1,400 for the SuperWalk for Parkinson’s — the most by anyone in Barrie. He’s expecting to keep that honour this year.

With $2,000 from the two companies, Thompson said he has collected $5,000.

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  • Stephane

    I send a payment to Canadian Bonded instead of Nor-Don collections. I have 2 receipts in front of me, one payment from spetember and another from nov 17th. Both have the same addreess, Candaian Bonded just like what my Nor-don rep told me to put in city field. For some reason he doesnt rec the 2 payment. He calls me and tells me that Canadian Bonded got it. He wont give me the name of the company rep or ph number and threatens me that I have not paid him then says somthing and hangs up. I called Cdn Bonded and left a message on some ladies phone. What should I do.


  • peter thompson

    Sue them in Small Claims Court. It will cost you $50 to file the claim.