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Paris Hilton Screwed?

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Ever since Paris Hilton and Haylie Duff both recorded the single “Screwed,” how screwed has Paris been? Not too badly I’d say. Paris’s version has been all over the internet, allowing her fans to lovingly download her music.

Should I be concerned that my first thought was it sounded like S Club 7 for a bit older audience? Or should I be more concerned that I even know who S Club is?

I have to give Paris some credit though. For “releasing” a song that is seemingly lo-fi, sure. But because it is obvious her vocals have been touched, even if just a tad, digitally. So we can’t be quite sure just how well our heiress can actually sing.

The scariest part? The song is actually kind of catchy. You find yourself singing along during the chorus of this pop song full of its hook heavy baselines and synth.

It sure is easy to be a Princess when you can afford to pay someone to make you sound good and write catchy pop singles.

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  • Carly

    Paris Hilton CANT SING and everyone knows it!!
    id like to hear her actually (try) sing!!

  • why are people so jealous of pariss progress in life?

  • paris is the best ever wat are poeple talking about her like that for. Are you guys jealous of her sucess?

  • sky

    i actually typed into google ‘paris hilton is an idiot’

    and here i am

    she is so annoying it is difficult to see how truly pathetic she is

    obviously desperate for attention insatiable actually

    a total exhibishionist her one true talent is for vulgarity

    she is a vulgar creature

  • ginger

    i used to really like paris she acts sweet and way funnny but lately i hate her….anyone who can say that angelina jolie (the true hoar if their ever was one who wore a vile of billy bob thorton’s blood around her neck as a necklace when she was with him) is so hot is not someone i would want to associate with…anyways ive always felt that identified mor ewith nicky

  • I’m actually jealous

    If she can get a record deal, then anyone can.

  • “I personally think she is actually a good person, and an excellent role model for teenagers.”

    dudette, i’m guessing you’re a teenager yourself, right? i think the question here should be ‘what kind or role model’ because… she f***ing has a sex tape on the internet !!

    lets see her perform, then the authenticity of her voice will be revealed.

  • I think Paris Hilton is cool. I just wonder when the heck her cd is going to be released. I personally think she is actually a good person, and an excellent role model for teenagers.

  • sxc grl

    paris is so lucky i luv her shes lyke perfect

  • The song is quite catchy the first few times. You can tell it has been digitised ALOT. Her voice aint that great at all.. i give it 1 star based on her voice and 3 stars based on the song itself 😛


  • Josh

    Paris is Hilton is one of the most UN attractive people i know, she aint a pop star shes a absoulute fuckwitt that needs to commit suicide or something!!! now a real woman with the voice looks attitude is madonna, paris stick to slutting thats all you do best, you ugly ho!

  • lush lish


  • truth

    The truth is, she’s not a musician and should never be referred to as one. This is simply another publicity stunt (along w/ her supposed debut album) put together in her “honor” which won’t last long within the global music circle. She contributes nothing but a familiar face. Faux pas as usual.

  • Kendra_2

    Yes I must be jelous because I’m not a Ho and have an eating disorder

  • Sara

    “You don’t need to have big fake boobs to
    get attention as long as you have a pretty
    and attractive face” Paris Hilton..

    Come on! Like SHE has a pretty face

  • godoggo


    And so on… fun with online anagram generators!

  • higiz

    the dumbest thing of all is that we are all so lame we have to waste our time complaining and critisizing this bullturk. maybe she is plastic and fake. she’s not the only one. maybe her “music” sux a massive stank hole. thats been happening since the 80’s. fact is .. she’s there and we’re here. who’s worrying about the next rent or power bill? if you want these fake ass kunts to phuck off back to where to they came from stop paying attention to them. who do you think put them there in the first place?

  • Wise words there, Worthless.

    Mind you, I’d be happy to witness all her output being, say, burned, or fired into space, something like that. Plus, she’s ugly too, looks like some sad small town prom queen, bleurgh!

  • Worthless

    I’d rather eat cold toast for the rest of my life from a dog bowl, while hanging upside down from the ceiling with a leaking toilet in the room above – than witness any output from Paris Hilton

  • Luke

    Paris Hilton: It’s hard to believe that anybody can become a musician these days.

    Paris Hilton is not a musician, the dudes on computers who fabricated the song are musicians, she may have actually sung something in a recording studio, but the dudes on the computers turned shit into sugar, and then stuck her face on it afterwards.

    WTF, she may be a fucktard, but i’d be a rich fucktard anyday, but perhaps without all the night vision porno’s.

  • WTF

    First of all, you people need to learn to spell and knock off all the stupid abbreviations that you just pulled out of your ass.

    Second, #65… are you kidding me. The only reason she is anything that you say she is is because she is a Hilton. If she did not have a name like that she wouldn’t be able to just go and do all the things she is supposedly doing.

    She is a fucktard, I didn’t know it is possible to be as stupid as she is. She has nothing but a name. No talent whatsoever… Hasn’t everything she has ever done failed? If I was her I would sure feel like a loser. Maybe she should go back to school and get an education, or go and hide under daddy’s wallet.

  • This is my concept for a new Paris Hilton reality show. This would have the entire nation watching weekly.

    Paris is cutoff from her family wealth, for good. Not just for the new show, but for the rest of her life. The producers of the show find her a small studio apartment with a monthly rental rate of $1,200.00, a few skirts, jeans, tops, shoes, no funiture.

    Her mission is to:

    a. Find a job so she can pay the rent, food, and utilities.

    b. Since she does not have a car, once she finds a job, she has to figure out how she’s going to save enough for the downpayment on a used piece of shit car, and then pay for the gas registration, insurance, and repairs.

    c. Since the apartment is not furnished, she will also need to find a second job at night, so she can buy second hand furniture at thrift shops.

    d. If she wants to maintain the color of her hair, she’ll have to save her nickles & dimes in a jar, and then go to CVS and buy her color in a box. Then we would get to see her with tweety bird head in her stained kitchen sink.

    Now, tell me, don’t you agree that this would be the most watched show in TV history?

    Oh, the title of the show?

    “Ms Hilton, Welcome To The Real World!”


  • I thought Paris was liberated in 1945?

  • Jesse

    So, I guess that means not wearing panties is the new not wearing bras? Wonderful! Welcome to the “New Feminism”. Susan B. Anthony and Willa Cather have been replaced with Paris Hilton and Tara Reid……..I’m not even female, and yet I find that offensive.

  • Jesse

    Did I read somebody saying that Paris is “liberated”? Liberated? Oh, yeah, a real feminist icon! So, giving men EXACTLY what they want, being uneducated, and dressing like a two bit hooker is the new feminism. God help us.

  • hey paris i think u r the worst singnner and the worst actor and wort every thing and u r a dirty SLUT omg u suck u little fat bicth u stole marry-kate’s b/f and that is slack u should of stayed wid ur PARIS b/f dont just go of and stael other b/f gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bitch skank loser loner
    wat about thins
    loser loner want to be a man got no dick so talk to the hand BICTH suck all this SLUT WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • to Vee Dawg

    Yea sweetie you must be so much prettier than her that you get to judge people by how they look. So you don’t think she’s pretty. That’s your opinion which is fine. Not all celebrities are pretty anyway. And just to comment on your obervation of time people posting, a lot of them are from different countries. There’s a thing called time difference just in case you don’t know

  • to scott

    Scott you’re such a loser. You don’t even know paris personally so why attacking her like you are superior to her and knows better. I don’t know her either but at least I don’t judge her. She’s only 20 something and still have a life ahead her to learn a lot of stuff. It’s not her fault to be so rich and have a stress free life. Most rich kids don’t even try to make money themselves. At least she’s proving to the world that she’s not just a hilton girl but a singer, model and actress as well. Maybe she’s not so good at those yet but I think she’ll get there oneday by keeping the efforts. So just stop being so sour about it. There are many worse singers with pretty faces by the way.

  • ollie

    does anybody think that it sounds like another song?! i cant put my finger on what song it is tho!

  • whatever

    Compared to other celebrities, paris hilton is really not especially stupid or slutty. it makes me sick that almost everybody in north america is watching and listening to this bullshit. hollywood is full of brainless cumbucket whores and moronic shithead men. has anyone else noticed that “singers” are only famous for a few months before being forgotten. this is because they are talentless morons. they should not be glorified for their shitty singing or lipsyncing.

  • Ok, so now I know what to get Temple for Christmas

  • -E

    She is actually releasing an entire album.

  • Rosie

    oh my god she is releasing a single?!! what a loser.

  • adam

    paris is dog rough and all of the people that say any different are loosers

  • rae

    ok u people who hate paris go sumwere else LIKE A PARIS HATE FORUM ok paris roxs im listining to screwed

    farmgolf.com to listen to a 2 min clip of screwed

  • Vee Dawg

    lol. it is funny that some of yall posted these messages at like 1am and 3am in the morning. lol. yall need to get a life and get some sleep or something. don’t yall have jobs or class or something to go to in the morning? but yeah. paris hilton is the most overrated celebrity i have ever seen who is famous for absolutely nothing but screwing guys on tape. and her face looks just like that ugly ass chihuahua she’s always carrying around. and i use to watch the simple life and yes nicole did make the show and paris probably knows that. she’s obviously replacing her because she’s intimidated and mad that nicole is stealing the spotlight from her. paris is a dumb-ass bitch and now that nicole is gone the simple life is gonna be a big FLOP!!! LMAO!!!

  • Good question, Bill.

    You may spark a rant about how emails were supposed to improve not decrease writing quality.

    and that’s my 411 on that.


    (whatever the 9*E*IES that means)

  • What language is that?

    That is all.

  • rea

    lol i ment peeps

  • Rae

    hey pees paris ROX’s if u say she is a f***** retard i gess i am 1 fr likeing her and im proud of lkeing her i luv her i luv her son its on my psp go to farmgolf.com and in the side theres a 2 min clip of it it is cd quality to ALL U PARIS FANS OUT THERE MUCH LUV WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER like paris always says us women (or guy in my case) needs 4 pets a mink in da closet a jaguar in da garage a tiger in bed and a jackass to pay fr everyrthing lol peac

  • hana

    enlighten me.
    why is it that disliking paris hilton, who is not ur personal friend or loved one, make someone a ‘f#@%&*g B%$#h’ ?
    you’d think a persons worth was based on more than wether they like paris or not…
    btw. candy are you sure OTHER people say that you look like paris???or is it all in your head? bob, ur funny as hell but you really should stop taking the p#ss out of that poor deluded girl…

    p.s paris IS hot but shes trashy as well, so u kind of have to appreciate that…

  • Lisen

    PARIS SUCKS! She’s just another diva hwo is already rich but that’s not enough, no she has to be famous. And because she hasn’t got any real talent she discoverd that she is stupied, so she made a soapstuff (don’t remember the word)and she got f***ing paid for screwing up while other people get fierd for screwing up!
    *********** YOU PARIS!

    Thanks for reading

  • Candy,

    Jennifer Aniston is old and not that hot anymore.

    Keep being hot and call me when you get in Playboy in a few years. Otherwise, not hot enough.

    I don’t think Paris would have even been Playboy material if she weren’t rich and her last name weren’t Hilton.

    That is all.

  • Claire

    Paris Hilton = Retarded idiot!
    If you do like her you are even more of a retarded idiot than she is!

  • denise

    Kendra u go girl

  • kendra

    all u hater paris fans r just jealous cause u dont look like her and ur probly mad cause your man and friends say how hot she is instead of you.
    SO BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie

    i heard paris’s single screwed and its not that good plus you can tell her voice has been totally edited as it sounds odd, maybe she was trying to sound sultry but she sounded quite weird instead. another reason why i and lotws of people ahev gone off paris is cos shes going to get rid of nicole who clearly makes the show and replace her with kimberly who will be nothing next to nicole and the show will now just have two boring blonde people sitting their posing, i think if they are going to do another series nicole and paris should do it together or not at all. nicole rocks!!!

  • candy

    Hey it’s candy. I’m 17 and definately La Perla because Jennifer Aniston is weariong it in her Vanity Fair pics.

  • Good for you being tiny and anorexic like Nicole, Candy. That and the fake tans are hot 🙂

    If girls tell you that more than guys do, you’re probably kinda hot for a midget.

    But you forgot the important questions, baby:

    “how old are you, are you a freak, Cosabella or La Perla, and can you keep things on the downlow away from my bitches?”

    That is all.

  • candy

    It’s candy. Just thought u might want to know i dont think more than 3 guys have ever told me i look like paris. Its just a bout every girl that comes up to me and says dis anyone ever tell u that u look like paris hilton?
    ps i way about the same as nicole richie and i love my fake tans which i mix with my natural one to make me look totaly hot.

  • Dan

    Has she made a video of the song?

  • Damn, I’m funny sometimes 🙂 All you dudes who tell chicks they look like Paris or Jessica Simpson or whoever need to get better lines because they start believing them.

    I was at a club and this chick and her bimbo friends kept bothering me, so I finally told the loudest of the group that she looked like Britney Spears. She smiled, thinking her efforts to annoy the piss out of me were finally paying off, and asked me what about her reminded me of Britney. I told her, “your big stomach makes you look 8 months pregnant.”

    Not really, but if I put “Tucker Max” on that story, I’d get a whole bunch of virgin geeks reading it and thinking it was true. That guy’s a weaselly dork.

    That is all.

  • Candy … your spelling is hot. You keep regulatin those hater bitches for us hot people.

    Everyone might be lyin to you though, you lil midget girl 🙂

    Now here’s the important question: how much do you weigh, how old are you, do you tan, are you a freak, Cosabella or La Perla, and can you keep things on the downlow away from my bitches?

    That is all.

  • I wish! perhaps pictures from Candy are in order so we have a basis for comparison

  • Candy, tell the truth – you’re really Aaman.

  • candy

    Everyone is always telling me I look just like Paris Hilton. Although I don’t c it and im only 5’1 I take it as a complement. Paris is one of the most gorgous ppl out there, I wish i looked like her. She is so sweet and good. its ppl like u who make a bad name for her. Im screwed is a amazing song. Itsd san awsum song for a dance party or just tp lift ur spirits. Every singers voice is digitally fixed. I love britney spears’s music even if its not always her singing, and ashley simpson… I think that u bitches should just lay of Paris and pick on someone u actually know. My whole life Ive had problems similar to Paris’s just on smaller scale and it really pisses me off to hear wat ppl like u r saying. SHe is far more talented than u. SHe did not get famous of of nothing. Learn ur facts before u makr incorrect statement. I love Paris Hilton the sexiest woman ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • megan hall

    nicole is waaaaaaaay 22222222 skinny now!

  • megan hall

    that’s wierd

  • megan

    by the way why only in the springtime?

  • megan

    well i like her i don’t know why u guys don’t i’m one of her younger fans by the way, I LOVE YOU PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HW Saxton

    I love Paris but only in the springtime.

  • the whole deal with your Paris Hilton types is that concept of American pop culture sense of monarchy and blue blood type status. Mira Sorvino, Brooke Shields, Grace Kelly, Catherine Oxenburg, Caroline Kennedy, etc. all fall into that thinking.

    Paris just happens to be the biggest nincompoop of them all..

    I love Paris, just for being such an elegant good-ball. Now that’s entertainment…

  • Anyone know when the CD is going to be set for release I want to hear the rest of the tracks.

  • summer

    i think that paris hilton is a bitch. she needs to get a life and stop acting like an idiot. she gets on my nerses. she is always on t.v showing her ass or boobs.

  • -E

    That’s what I am saying! It is like a new guilty pleasure!

  • The Demigodd


  • Randy K

    I’m sorry, I have to agree with Erin McMaster. I find myself kind of bobbing my head to Paris’ song. It’s catchy and pretty good! It’ll probably never get a wide release (not that she needs the money) but I burned a copy and listen to it in my car a little more often than I’d like to admit.

  • Ferris Tilton

    1)Paris H. on an Imax screen starring in
    “Attack Of The 50 FT. Skank From Hell”.

    2)What the fuck could someone possibly
    be a fan of hers for? She can’t sing,act
    or be remotele entertaining.I mean like
    WTF? She has trouble putting together a
    word with multi-syllables.She does not
    even make an appealing porn star,who are
    not known for brains or acting ability.
    Paris Hilton fans take note:YOU ARE AS

    3)She is militantly stupid and proud of
    it.Combined with money this makes for a
    deadly combination.

    4)I’d love to fuck her brains out but I
    think that someone beat me to it.

    5)Nicole is much hotter.That is some muy
    caliente panoche.Aiiieeeeeee!!!!

  • -E

    Well crap! What am I gonna do now?

    Anyway, yes, the only reason I listened to this in the first place was because it was Paris Hilton. I was listening with the intent to make fun of how bad it is. However, I thought it was relatively decent. As far as that type of pop music goes. Sure, its digitally “enhanced” but it is somewhat catchy. And I’m not a fan of hers.

  • It’s a feces farce LOL.

  • -E

    Oh, you mean that public shitting I just bought tickets to is a farce?

  • Jules

    The last comment sums it all up!

  • So Heidi, if she took a shit in public you’d buy front row tickets?

  • So while plastic pop star wannabes like Paris are getting recording contracts, lesser known talented performers are getting “Screwed”.

    Just what we need, more cookie cutter bubble gum barf noise.

  • -E

    I am not saying that I think people listen to the single because they think she’s some great singer. I know they only listen because it is Paris. And that’s the reason she was cast in House of Wax- because if you’re going to have someone do a strip tease these days, why not Paris? (It was pretty boring for stripping at that). But it is Paris and people will watch/listen for that reason alone. She has a very smart marketing team behind her. She’s made a career of being famous for essentially not being anyone that anyone should care about.

  • as a paris fan, yes i am and proud of it, i though her single was ok. however she could do better, the thing people dont get is, if you create an image for yourself, and you become really famous for what ever, if you release a single, its not nessecarly your voice they care about. its the fact that she’s singing it that makes it cool, hell i dont care if its digitly enhanced or what ever.. its her… i think she’s a smart girl behind it all.. meh bye

  • Wow, that last post just set humanity back 300 years. We’re literally de-evolving on a daily basis, and posts like that prove it.

  • Tori


  • -E

    Not as well as I do HAHA But seriously, my first time I remember being extremely lame and thinking This is it? This is sex? And that was better than the video.

  • oh yeah – she sucks. 🙂

  • -E

    Heh, I saw her sex video last night. Me thinks she is rather lame as a porn star too.

  • Agreed.

    Still, Erin,

    I promoted this review to Advance.net. That means I put it here (and these places) where it could potentially be read by another few hundred thousand readers.

    – Thank you for the post. Temple Stark

  • EL

    Paris Hilton, what F***in joke.

    She can’t sing, can’t act, is total dumbass…no wonder she’s a porn star. Thats all she knows how to do. I don’t even see how people find her attractive.

    Paris should be shallow and slutty barbie.

  • -E

    Yeah, see at least I don’t care about the MJ trial.

  • Eric Olsen

    hell yes, but you have to come to terms with your inner “Michael Jackson Trial” and “Heavy American Idol Analysis”

  • I like Missy Elliott and Kelis and Debbie Gibson and Sabrina and Samantha Fox and Jylie Minogue

    Does that count? 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks E, and it’s good to be at peace with your aesthetic!

  • -E

    Ah but you probably don’t like S Club 7 either for that matter. I will be honest. I tend to be a fan of bad music and movies (in addition to the good stuff). I appreciate the badness of it because that makes it funny. Why else would Enrique’s Only You be a good song? Why else would Bubble Boy be a good movie?

    Paris Hilton has the same appeal as Anna Nicole did for me. So trashy and wrong and awful. Like a car wreck. I just can’t help but watch sometimes.

  • I’m blind, deaf and I have evacuated my bowels after listening.

    Stick to stank porn princess. Sorry – horndog hotel heiress.

  • -E

    I don’t know that it has been officially released. Last fall (November I want to say) was a spectacle about who had the rights to release the song- Paris or Haylie. But somehow Paris’s version was leaked to a radio station- accidentally of course 🙂 And that leak was somehow put up on the internet so that the same folks that download her um videos are also downloading her song.

    As for a link… I google searched Paris Hilton “Screwed” (and yes, some of the results aren’t quite the type of thing I wanted to find…) But this site says you can download it for free. I’ve heard it on the radio and on Audioscrobbler’s Last FM stations.

  • I didn’t even know she released a song.

    You don’t honestly believe it’s her voice do you?

    Have you seen pre-plastic surgery pictures of Paris – it’s worse than now. All fake. All the time.

    This porn princess still ends up on the front of magazines for teen girls. That’s ****ed.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Erin, do you have a link to the song?