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Parents Who Leave Their Children Are Criminals

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I could never comprehend why someone would want to have a child and then, during that child’s most needy years, leave. I’ve heard all the excuses before: “I forgot to wear a condom!” “My ex-wife won’t let me see her!” “I was really never ready to be a dad!” “I never saw my daughter because I was afraid she was hearing bad things about me!”

The list could go on and on, but it should have been cut short right at the beginning. Simply said, there is no reason a parent should leave a child behind. 

I’ll share a story about a childhood friend of mine, Diana. When we were in second and third grade, Diana was one of the happiest, most well adjusted girls I’ve ever seen. I remember I was jealous of her because, during our second grade reading class, she went with the third graders since she was so far ahead of all the other students.

In physical education, she was the one that was always picked first to be on a team. I would often go to her house and she had a room based on the theme of Candyland. Her mother was very loving and was so “cool” that we let her play with us sometimes. I didn’t see her dad much since he was always “working” (I later found out he was working on his affairs), but I knew Diana loved him. She talked about him all the time as if he was some type of superhero.  

I’ll never forget one night after the first day of school in 4th grade. Diana and I were so happy because we were both in Mrs. Meyer’s class and heard that Mrs. Meyers was a very nice teacher. We didn’t really understand why, after our first day of school, Mrs. Meyers seemed to be more of an army sergeant than teacher, but Diana and I agreed that if Mrs. Meyer’s yelled at either one of us, she would “regret” it.  

Later that night, we heard the doorbell ring. It was pretty late at night, so my mom was very surprised to see Diana’s face at the door. Diana was crying profusely, and watching this made me want to cry since Diana was my best friend (and someone I thought would be my wife someday).

“Daddy is gone!” she exclaimed. I thought she meant he was dead and my mom admitted to thinking the same when recalling the night’s events the next day. She was crying so hard that she was not able to explain what happened. After about ten minutes, Diana’s mother came to our house looking for her. I was shocked because I had never really seen an adult cry like this before. I had always thought adults were some type of superheroes that were immune to emotional pain. 

I don’t remember much of the conversation between Diana’s mother and mine, but I do remember being very relieved to find out that he wasn’t actually dead. Still, what happened left an emotional toll on Diana and her mother for years to come.

Since this late summer night, I never saw Diana as a normal person again. I found out Diana’s father had run off with another woman that he met just three months before. He wasn’t making child support payments and didn’t even call Diana.

At school, Diana spent more time in the principal’s office than in the high level reading classes. She was already smoking in fifth grade and was known as the junior high slut by the time she was in sixth grade. By that time, our friendship was pretty much over with and this is when I first learned what “growing apart” means. Still, I believed we would have been friends if her father hadn’t left.  

After sixth grade, Diana’s mom had to give up her house and they moved to an apartment in the inner city. Her mother basically drank herself to death while Diana dropped out of high school at age 16 and gave birth to her first child one year later. During those years, my father and mother divorced, and although my father still wanted to talk to me, I wanted nothing to do with him. I made a promise to myself, as well as my mother, that I would not go the same route Diana did.  

Diana’s story is heartbreaking, but the fact that there are countless other stories similar to Diana’s is even more heartbreaking. Having a parent leave is a huge blow to a child, but leaving without paying child support makes the situation much worse on families. There aren't any laws requiring a parent to see a child after he/she leaves, but there are many laws put into place that require abandoning parents to pay child support. The consequences of not following the child support laws could land the deadbeat parent in prison.  

Unfortunately, there have been many who have politicized the deadbeat parent issue. Such is the case of the former corrupt LA District Attorney, Gil Garcetti, who often targeted fathers who had proven, through DNA testing, that they weren’t the deadbeats in question. Many of the innocent men lost their families and their reputations without doing anything wrong. This was one of the main issues that cost Mr. Garcetti reelection in 2000.  

Many believe there is a double standard when it comes to punishing deadbeat fathers when compared to deadbeat mothers. A study taken just five years ago showed that only 57 percent of mothers were forced to pay child support, a figure significantly less than the 68 percent of dads required to pay up. Fathers seeking child support from mothers has become so politically incorrect that fathers are often persuaded not to take this course of action.  

Whether male or female, the damage that absent parents (especially deadbeats) do to their children and society is too much to measure. No matter what happens between two parents, both of them owe their child love and comfort. If they can't provide that, then they could at least provide child support. A parent who stops caring for their child is not only wrong, he/she is also a criminal. 

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  • Someone Who Cares!

    This is a great story. I couldn’t agree with you more on the deadbeat parent issues, especially the deadbeat moms. My granddaughter has a deadbeat mom who abandoned her as an infant. She’s now 5 and lives with myself and her father. Her deadbeat mother has NEVER sent a birthday or Christmas card. She’s only willingly made two payments of $160.00, and that’s only because she received information stating she was getting ready to go to jail. She has had three children by three different fathers, one being an illegal Mexican, another being an adulterer soldier, and this deadbeat had the soldier’s baby while he was in the military and married to another woman!! These people are horrible criminals and should be treated as such. PRISON TIME!! I do believe this is the only way to correct these issues, at least in this case, anyway. This deadbeat’s name is Misty Dawn Daniels Strong, she’s married to an adulterer soldier named Andres Martinello Strong, and they reside in Fort Stewart, GA. Both these people are criminals, however, the military doesn’t obviously think so, as they’ve done nothing about the child support or the unacceptable behavior of one of their soldiers. A true tragedy in our country, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone doing anything about it!

  • daryl d

    Thanks for your story. Parent who leave their children are absolute jokes. I knew someone who abandoned his daughter about twenty years ago and then when she was all grown up, he tried to make her a part of his life again. While I appreciate his efforts, it was far too late and it still makes him a very bad person. But I guess he will be judged by a higher power, not me.

  • name

    like everyone else should, i cant stand parents who leave their children. my neices have to live at my house, sleep in my bed, and eat food that my mother, who is only a step-grandmother to them, cooks! however, i still feel sorry for them because their mother and father who are in their late 20’s won’t take care of them. oh, and did i mention i am a teenager and my siblings are heading into middle school???!? yes, these are milestones we are hitting, yet my family is stuck taking care of two little elementary schoolers. and i do not blame them one bit. i blame my stupid ass sister and her ex husband whom she married when she was still a teenager. i love my sister a LOT, but at the same time i want to go find her and beat the living shit out of her even though i know it wont work, since shes been going wild since junior high. stupid bitch.

    PLEASE COMMENT. thanks.

  • Josh

    Yeah. My daughter’s mom left us four months ago. I hear you.

  • My deadbeat Mom [personal identifying information deleted by comments editor] now lives in El Paso, TX with her adulterer deadbeat husband [personal identifying information deleted by comments editor]. He is a soldier in the military and my deadbeat Mom wouldn’t even call me back after I contacted her first and I’m 10 years old now. She will never have a place in my life after what she has done to me. She won’t even pay the court ordered child support and it’s just $160 per month. If she tries to contact me, it will be a worse mistake than the mistake she made by abandoning me, because I will call the police for her harassment. She is one of the biggest losers and sorriest people I have ever known of, since I don’t even know her, and don’t want to. I’m thankful for my Dad and Grandmother, they are the people who are my family. I’ve been told I’m very intelligent and articulate, so she’s the one who is missing out. It takes more than being an egg donor to be a mother.

  • marie

    my mother left me when i was 6 months old ….. she had another baby a year after me she kept her and all her other children …. she comes to my house and acts like i’m a piece of crap and tells me how i ruined her life….
    and my father well i went to live with him when i was 12 and he was so angry all the time he one day kicked me out and i didn’t hear from him till last october (2011) i’m 16 now and both my parents still really hate me for no reason … plus growing up in an abusive house hold …. it’s not fun.

  • Exposing Deadbeats

    Misty Dawn Daniels Strong aka Misty Dawn Strong aka Misty Dawn Daniels aka Misty Strong aka Misty Daniels is one of those criminals. This criminal has three children by three different fathers, she has abandoned her first two children. The father of her middle child was an illegal Mexican, I think he’s been shipped back. She stalks men on the internet, meets them for sex, gets pregnant, then abandons the children. Her last little incident was with a soldier who was married with three children. That soldier divorced the wife with those three boys and married this criminal, which he is now very sorry for. He kicked her to the curb. She now lives in Aberdeen, WA or Hoquiam, WA. Her former residences have been Denton, TX, Norman, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, Richmond Hill, GA, Hinesville, GA, Ft. Stewart, GA, El Paso, TX, Ft. Bliss, TX.

    I hear she’s on the prowl again, hunting down her next victim. BEWARE men/women, she doesn’t discriminate on sex.

    • Exposing Deadbeats

      She’s never willingly paid one penny of child support. She has evaded child support and her children their entire lives. She’s a worthless excuse for a human being. All she is, is an egg donor, and with any luck at all, she won’t be able to reproduce anymore, she’s like a rabbit!! Have sex and multiply!!

  • KarmasABit*h

    Prison time…

  • KarmasABit*h

    Misty Strong aka Misty Dawn Strong aka Misty Dawn Daniels Strong aka Misty Dawn Daniels aka Misty Daniels is a criminal, deadbeat egg donor. She has three children by three different fathers. One of those children’s father was an illegal Mexican. She’s a predator and hunts men down on the internet, has sex with them, then gets pregnant (she tells them she’s unable to get pregnant), after she gives birth, she abandons the children. Her last escapade included a married soldier with three children. She got pregnant by him and had that baby while he was still married to another woman. That soldier divorced the mother of those three boys, married this deadbeat after their child was born. He’s now kicked her to the curb, after realizing what loser she is. She’s never willingly paid ONE PENNY child support. She runs around the country looking for people to live with and sponge off of, until they’re tired of her and kick her out. Here are a few of the locations she’s lived. Denton, Tx; Norman, OK; Oklahoma City, OK; Blue Ridge, GA; Richmond Hill, GA; Hinesville, GA; Ft. Stewart, GA; El Paso, TX; Ft. Bliss,TX; Hoquiam, WA; Aberdeen, WA

    **BEWARE** She’s on the prowl again looking for more victims.