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Children don't come with instruction books. They come with voices instead. How do we learn to parent them? How can we learn to listen to our children? Do we go buy the book or by the book our parents wrote for us?

In one way or another, we were all parented at some level. Many of us were guided appropriately. Others were overprotected or neglected, abused or indulged, ignored or smothered, or were raised by parents who simply did their best and loved us, but had few of the skills needed to parent us effectively. We grew up lacking in the skills to become effective adults and without a solid role model for how to parent our own offspring. Without role models or skills, it becomes our responsibility to seek information and learn.

The web is full of sites promising the secrets to better parenting, blogs for parents to share notes, how-to-parent from organizations, and professional family therapy services. Children deserve the best parenting. Moms, dads, and other caregivers seek out information to build the skills necessary to parent lovingly and well.

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