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Parallel Universes – What Are They?

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Parallel universes are a hypothetical separate reality that is connected to our own reality. They are also called meta-universes or multiverses. The parallel universes run right alongside our own and sometimes overlap.  Though they were once the stuff of mere science fiction, scientists in physics and philosophy are starting to put stock into the possibility of parallel worlds being a reality.

Since 1956 the science of quantum mechanics has been studying the possibilities of parallel universes travel. In fact an entire theorem was created by Hugh Everett that laid out his belief behind alternative realities. His theorem states that every choice we are presented with actually takes place. Although we are only aware of the one road, there are millions of other roads that are happening at the same time and every choice creates more alternative roads.

The physical location of parallel worlds is also hotly debated. Some believe that the parallel worlds are closely connected to our own. These people believe that they are so close that ghosts are actually the people in these realities. Others believe that time and space are so vast that there are endless amounts of space, just like when two mirrors are held up to each other. The reflection can go on forever as can the amount of parallel worlds. There is also a belief that parallel universes exist in another dimension, one beyond the four-dimensional world we live in. By this factor there could be an infinite number of worlds.

A current field of scientific study is connecting the Big Bang of our Universe to a theory that the Big Bang was actually the result of two universes colliding. It could be that what we thought of as the beginning of time was actually the colliding of parallel worlds. This parallel universes theory is currently growing in debate as more scientists get involved with this field of research and study. No doubt there will always be people on both sides of this argument.

The bottom line of all of these studies and theories is the fact that just because we cannot see something with our human eyes, does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Many things believed to have been myth or legend were later proved true by scientific communities. The existence of parallel universes, worlds, or realities might not currently be able to be proved by science, but that cannot mean they are not reality. That is currently beyond our knowing.

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  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I knew there was a reason why I loved that show “Sliders”.

    Great Article!! Though, I wonder if those “realities” are merely just states at a quantum level and not the full blown reality that were used to? Seriously, Quantum Physics doesn’t really translate well into an average Human’s everyday life…does it?

    Just some thoughts from an average Human that loves science:)

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Burt –

    I enjoyed your article – and I’ve written an as-yet-unpublished novella about the implications of parallel universe theory, which is often known as the Many Worlds Interpretation.

    And here’s the chain of thought that gets my attention:

    1 – If every quantum particle, when it changes state, indeed changes state to every possible different state, and each newly-different state of that quantum particle is in a reality of its own (in accordance to MWI theory), then this process is the same for ALL quantum particles in our universe.

    2 – Not only, then, would there be a different reality for each state for that quantum particle, but there would also be a different (and new) reality for every different combination of quantum states. In other words, if the number of quantum particles in the universe is X, then the number of new realities that come into being with each new state-change every quantum moment would be (I think) X to the Xth power, minus 1…

    …imagine! That many new realities with every new state-change of every quantum particle in the universe. Compared to this, the Big Bang was an infinitely small firecracker!

    3 – And if this is all true – if every quantum particle changes into all possible states (albeit each state in a different reality) – then the statement “anything CAN happen” is insufficient, and must be replaced by “anything that can happen, MUST happen”.

    And that brings me to my last point – if anything that can happen, MUST happen, then there are certainly realities where YOU are king of the world, another where you are the greatest mass murderer in human history, and many others where you never existed…

    …unless, of course, God decided otherwise and disallowed those other realities.

    You know, thinking about all this can give one a real headache. I need a beer….