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The first thing I felt when I viewed Parabolic Reflections was intimidation. I’m reviewing the blog of an author! Not only is there such a tremendous amount of content to be reviewed (I think I should have been given a little bit more notice on this one, Sil!), but who am I to judge the work of an accomplished, professional writer? From her own web page, “R.J. Anderson is the pen name of a freelance graphic designer and author (albeit more “free” than “lance” at this point) who lives in beautiful southwestern Ontario with her husband and two children.”

Mrs. Anderson appears to spend little time working on the layout of her site, but rather chooses to pour it into providing her readers with gobs of wonderful content. The success of a blog is directly proportional to content interest and update frequency, and the author pulls it off nicely.

The works of R.J. Anderson span across multiple sites including a couple of her own, and sugarquill.net, to which she contributes Harry Potter fanfiction. In case you aren’t aware of what fanfiction is, nindaiwe.com defines it as “a term for stories written by fans of a particular work (a television show, a film, a book) about the characters in that work. It’s a way for fans to explore areas never tackled in the original work, to enlarge upon the existing story, or to develop characters in ways that haven’t been done ‘officially.’ Fanfiction is written by fans for their own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, and never for profit.” In addition to the fanfiction, Anderson’s works include two unpublished fantasy novels and articles for Areopagus.

In addition to making her work available through her site, she also keeps her audience up to date with her blog, and writes entries about whatever else comes to mind. Anderson takes the opinions of her readers seriously, and often asks for their point of view on a matter. Interaction is abundant. I would definitely recommend this blog to someone who enjoys reading, especially fantasy/sci-fi fiction. She scores nine cheeky monkeys out of ten. 😉

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