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Paper + Plastick Records Offers Free Music

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Paper + Plastick Records is based out of Gainesville, Florida, home to the University of Florida and a burgeoning independent music scene. P+P is dedicated to bringing some of the best hardcore, punk, ska, and independent bands to the masses. They are a vinyl/digital label and often offer up free music to entice the sometimes unadventurous American music fan into trying something new. P+P also boasts of supporting the visual medium related to music. They are a label for graphic designers and artist as well. Their website has a store where you can purchase prints of original artwork from cutting edge artists.

P+P has been generous in the past with offering up free mp3 tracks off their website. Now they are out with a second installment of the popular digital sampler pack. The label is offering up an eclectic, electric variety of 23 unreleased tracks from Assassinate The Scientist, Blacklist Royals, Cheap Girls, Failures Union, Farewell Continental, Foundation, Landmines, Rehasher, Spanish Gamble, and This Is My Suitcase.

Here is the complete tracklist for the sampler.

1) Blacklist Royals – "Rock And Roll" off the full length LP out this fall
2) Cheap Girls – "Stop Now" off Find Me A Drink Home, available now
3) Cheap Girls – "Hey Hey, I'm Worn Out" off the upcoming LP My Roaring 20's out this fall
4) Coffee Project – "You Always Wanted A Song, Right?" off Easy Does It, available now
5) Coffee Project – "Oh, Sweet Pickle" off the Pickle EP, available now
6) Andrew Dost – "I've Got A Feeling" off Columbus, available now
7) Failures Union – "Fall Man" off the upcoming LP out this fall
8) Farewell Continental "Do You Wanna Tangle?" off the s/t picture disk, available now
9) Farewell Continental – "Western Boys and Girls" off the upcoming one-side LP out this fall
10) Foundation – "Back Then" off the upcoming digital EP out this fall
11) Foundation – "Mona Lisa" off Chimborazo, available now

12) Gatorface – "Flak Jacket" off the Sick And Stupid 10" LP, available now
13) Landmines – "Piggyback" off the s/t LP, available now
14) Landmines – "Evil Eye" off the upcoming Hell Is What You Make It EP out this fall
15) Protagonist – "1095 Days" off Chronicle, available now
16) Rehasher – "Turn Around" off the upcoming High Speed Access To my Brain LP
17) Shook Ones – "Who Told Omar?" off The Unquotable A.M.H., available now
18) Spanish Gamble – "Science Can't Explain Magic" off the upcoming album out this fall
19) The Riot Before – "Capillaries" off the album Fists Buried In Pockets
20) The A.K.A.S – " All Sinners Welcome In The House Of The A.K.A.s" off Animal Summer, available now
21) This Is My Suitcase – "Fish And Dishes" off the upcoming album out this fall
22) We Are The Union – "Five Out Of Five Kids Who Kill Love Slayer" off The Gun Show Must Go On digital EP, available now. Also off the upcoming LP out this fall
23) Assassinate The Scientist – "Blood At Room Temperature" off the upcoming 7" out this fall

You can download the songs at their website.


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