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Papa John’s Trumps Donald and The Apprentice

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Tonight on The Apprentice, the two teams worked with Domino’s Pizza to develop a meatball pizza. In past challenges such as this, the sponsor has gone on to launch the product developed on the show the very next day, as happened last week with the winning Storage Chest DIY clinic for Home Depot, as well as early in the season with the “Western Angus Steak Burger” at Burger King.

For whatever reason, Domino’s did not launch the meatball pizza tonight, instead choosing to promote its new “American Classic Cheeseburger Pizza”.

Enter rival pie maker Papa John’s, who choose the occasion to poke fun at both The Apprentice and their competitor:

One of the other national pizza chains (we’re not naming names) is apparently having a new pizza developed by some aspiring “apprentices.” While we can’t comment on the wisdom of new product development via prime time TV, we can tell you a thing or two about making a superior-quality pizza.

Whether in the dining room or in the boardroom, up in the suite or down on the street, street smarts or book smarts, folks seem to like our simple recipe for success.

It would appear that The Donald has been trumped. Domino’s may have been the featured product tonight, but expect Papa John’s to get a much bigger slice of the press tomorrow.

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  • Whay happened to Kevin in series 2. I’m in the UK – the bloody BBC missed an episode!

  • I’m guessing Chris didn’t win on “The Apprentice,” considering last night’s arrest — not that I ever thought it was possible.