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Panther stalks its prey

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I have had Panther (OSX 10.3) since I got it at its formal press launch on Friday. I attended the event with fellow blogger Jackie, as it would be good to have her charming company. This time Apple excelled itself at giving a quick, interesting, and efficient presentation of the new OS. We were then led to the lounge area where we were given a copy of Panther and a few beevies. One wonders whether or not Spike Lee will sue Apple for the new logo, which has a close resemblance to Malcolm X’s (the movie) logo.

In the room were a couple of the new ibooks. Nice little machines, with nice G4 chips in them. If you ever wanted a small speedy laptop then the new ibooks will fit the bill.

Back to Panther; so far it runs faster, cleaner, and more stable than 10.2. (Well 10.2 never crashed, but some of the apps did.) Normally I am loath to advise people to adopt an OS a few days after launch; however I must tell you Apple might have finally got it right…er out of the box. There are too many new features to talk about here; however there is a neat window switching ability as well as much better menus and navigation.

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  • I’ve been enjoying Panther for a few days now. This is by far the best release yet. My favourites are the improved speed of Carbon-apps (like Entourage and Photoshop), the numerous redesigned animations, and Exposé (my new best friend).

    OS X has come so far in the last few years. I can’t wait to see what they have planned next.

  • I have my doubts about Panther making me more productive with my older hardware.

    My current setup (10.28) works fine, so what makes Panther worth $200 (CDN plus tax). When I buy new hardware, then I’ll get the OS, so why buy it standalone.

    Of course if Apple wants to give me a free copy, well okay. BTW did anybody think last week’s Angel featured a subtle product placement?

    “Who’s a good kitty?”