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Blonde bombshell, mother of two, and former girlfriend to many of members of rock's elite club of the baddest bad boys, Pamela Anderson is Hollywood's celebrity phoenix. Vaulted from potential obscurity in Vancouver, Canada, Anderson achieved minor celebrity status through her appearance as Playboy Magazine's Miss February 1990.

She quickly became an internationally recognizable figure by landing a starring role as Casey Jean ("C.J.") Parker on the television series Baywatch. She has also starred in a slough of movies and television series, most of which failed to attract the same audience as Baywatch.

In her latest incarnation, Pam has been seen nearly pantless at a Miami Beach art show and appearing on Australia's Big Brother reality TV show. There are few stars with the kind of paparazzi appeal that Ms. Anderson possesses because of her intense sex appeal and lack of any qualms about inflicting it on any poor soul in her vicinity. Knees go weak, shutters flutter, and Pam keeps going, as we think she always will.

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