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Palin for President?

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When a professional athletic star’s career has extended beyond its zenith, either as a player or a coach, they become broadcast commentators on the careers of other active stars. Being telegenic helps and articulation is relatively important. Of course having a really good agent and being handled by an agency like J. Walter Thompson is assumed. Sarah Palin is a commentator. Rube rhetoric and willful ignorance disqualified Palin from serious presidential candidacy a long time ago. She is famous for being famous and aging before achieving anything except commentary on herself on the political stage.

Palin in IowaBack in March, Gallup polled opinion about the Republican candidates and found, “Notably, former Alaska Gov. and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s Positive Intensity Score of +16 puts her below the top scorers, despite her almost universal name recognition of 96 percent.” At that time she trailed Huckabee, Bachmann and Gingrich. The times change things.

The way Pew Research found it by July, “Overall, Romney continues to hold a significant lead among Republican voters: 21 percent say they would like to see him win the nomination. Rick Perry gets the support of 12 percent; 11 percent back Sarah Palin, 11 percent Michele Bachmann, 9 percent Ron Paul and 8 percent Herman Cain.” Palin came in third overall to Romney and Perry and ahead of Bachmann and the rest of the GOP candidate herd.

How about the rest of the pollsters? RealClearPolitics shows the composite poll numbers for Palin have her favored fourth behind Romney, Perry and Bachmann.

All things considered, showing up at all is a good thing for the non-candidate candidate. However, as Kathleen Parker points out, instead of spending “her time hitting the books and filling in knowledge gaps so painfully exposed during the 2008 election,” Palin has engaged “in a series of moneymaking, self-promoting stunts and has succeeded in achieving the true American dream: fame and fortune.” Celebrities do that. Candidates do homework. Candidates campaign.

What about those campaigns? Palin says, “Each campaign that I have ever run in these 20 years of elective office has been kind of unconventional, right, Todd? We’ve always been outspent, two-to-one, five-to-one, 10-to-one. Never won any polls heading into election night. But usually won the election. So it would be unconventional and very grass roots.” Wasilla, Alaska voters elected Palin to its city council in 1992 and elected her its mayor four years later.

Sarah Palin has over 632-thousand followers on Twitter. You may recall “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” that resounded during the Tucson shooting atrocity. Although protected by the Constitution, Palin’s seditious speech deserved derision as did not pulling down her Facebook “Target map” until one of her targets was publicly shot in the head. As I said, the times change things and we are supposed to forget such nasty events as an attempted assassination and collateral murder. Palin called subsequent criticism of her “Blood libel.” We are supposed to forget that, too.

At least when her name is mentioned in the media, as it is less frequently, it is less referred to as “potential presidential candidate.” Today, she is referred to more often as “governor,” an office she resigned before completing its first term. Meanwhile, the Palin establishment still asks for donations and raises money. With that money she drops by to get camera exposure and expound about Ronald Reagan, at least her Twitter version of Ronald Reagan, as she has at the Iowa State Fair. It’s not Palin for president. It’s Palin for Palin.

Right, Todd?

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  • Cannonshop

    #14 and Krauthammer’s wrong, as he occasionally is. She’s a lot more dangerous to the bloated establishment than they like to publicly give her credit for being-and she’s more dangerous to them as a gadfly than she would ever be as a serious candidate for office.

    As much as the insiders of the McCain camp would wish to blame his loss on Sarah Palin, the fact is, she’s probably the single reason he polled as well as he did in the general election-the Republican Party in 2008 was about as attractive to most voters as an advanced case of Herpeghonnosyphillaids, NO republican had a chance after the AIG bailout, Bear Stearns, or the continuous backpedaling from fiscal conservatism and responsible governance the GOP had engaged in from about 2002 up to and through the last year of GW Bush’s term.

    It was merely fortunate that the Democratic Party has managed to crank that discontent to 11 by continuing, or even exacerbating, the same mistakes, misjudgements, screw-ups and bad policies of their predecessors.

  • Hey, Charlie called her a rube.


  • Cannonshop

    Let’s see… a Moose-hunting roob who managed to make the Oil Companies play good-dog to HER-without being POTUS, or even being a second term governor. The moose-hunting roob also broke the Murkowski political machine.

    That’s two cases of the rube getting the better of the ivy-league sophisticates.

    Palin scared the shit out of the Republican establishment, it’s not much of a surprise that they paired her with McCAin in 2008 (thus destroying any potential serious political career-2008 was an election the Republicans were going to lose anyway, and they put up the guy who couldn’t win the loyalty and votes of his own party, much less the other side of the aisle.)

    and that “Rube” is still, almost four years later, THE lightning rod for the Democrats, and the source of their nightmares. Not bad for a ‘rube’…

  • joe jones

    hey guys palin a dummy ahh not so fast she making a lot of that long green you got to hand it to her

  • Charles Krauthammer called her a “moose hunting rube.” In pre-election column in the National Review he wrote,“The vice president’s only constitutional duty of any significance is to become president at a moment’s notice. Palin is not ready.” She still isn’t.


  • Cannonshop

    Considering that she’s captured the attention, minds, and paranoia of around 42% of the electorate and become the bogeyman(er,bogeywoman?) under the bed for the entire Democratic Party…I’d say that’s something of an accomplishment.

  • Real celebrities don’t seek donations. Politicians and preachers do. Palin is a political celebrity. It’s a perfect job. She is a genius, after all.

    Right, Todd?


  • The high-minded republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers in 1787 did not pan out. America soon morphed into a one-man-one-vote populist democracy and, in past decades, into an anything-goes mobocracy where anyone who can afford to pay the registration fee is deemed qualified to run for public office. To win, though, they must profess to be devout Christians, and, most important, be able to raise lots of money and market themselves on television. Ideas, knowledge, experience and, integrity, none of that matters anymore. By popular opinion, any well-funded actor, comedian, retired athlete or celebrity of whatever stripe and hue is now eminently qualified to occupy the White House–which makes Sarah Palin the ideal presidential candidate for 2012. A leader like her would so accelerate the mobocracy’s downward spiral that, rather than fester on in slow motion for years, it would quickly hit rock bottom and, hopefully, regenerate phoenix-like, if not as the republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers, at least as a sane meritocracy of some sort. So run, Sarah, run, and win big. America’s mobocracy needs you.

  • william legge

    Sarah Palin will get in the race and win the nomination and the presidency.

  • Sam

    Lou Sarah and her crew are at it again. She has a full staff on the payroll just to search out and respond to any article that is less than glowing about her. She already said she knows what she plans to do with regards to running for the presidency but isn’t ready to announce. Remember her comment to Bristol about “what is said at the kitchen table stays at the kitchen table” when Bristol said as much. Now Sarah says she is undecided instead of saying she’s not ready to announce her decision. There’s a big difference there. This way she can retain the mystery and garner publicity with her teases – and divert from the real question which is how capable (or incapable) she is. All of the words she spews are “happy words” – pro-america, our great country, blah blah blah…….no ideas, no back-and-forth, no questions. Once she announces, she will have to put up the substance of which she has none. The curtain will be pulled back and we’ll see that behind the mystery and the good looks, there lies……nothing.

  • Sam

    Lou Sarah, you’re at it again. And your sores are showing.

  • Baronius

    May we never have a president who is famous for being famous, aging before achieving anthing except self-commentary, and failing to complete the first term of a first high-profile political position before seeking the presidency.

  • zingzing

    flesher makes his debut with the “personal attacks” comment. it does not go well.

  • If she “sores,” she should see a doctor and get rid of it

  • Oh for God Sake, STOP THE INSANITY! I am loving the “personal attacks are NOT allowed disclaimer written above this comment box. How about they put the same disclaimer about the blog posts written like this?

    IF liberals are going to resurrect the Tucson shooting, they need to resurrect all of it including where Obama said that attacks and language needed to be toned down. Suddenly, liberals developed amnesia when they started calling tea party Americans “terrorists” last week shared with by the VP.

    This idea that anyone including the person who wrote this “article” knows what Sarah Palin is doing or what she has studied is ridiculous — especially if they lived in a world that contained “Senator Obama” who was voting present more than a hundred times and wrote the same amount of books WHILE he was supposed to be serving the people of Illinois and going on Oprah to promote them along with himself as president. Palin’s success rots in their craw and it shows every time they dare to sound indignant when they speak of her resignation.

    There are PDS-obsessed people who have taken their hate for her to the darkest place. These people don’t work. They stay up until the wee hours of the morning scrolling the internet for Palin articles to troll. This explains why anybody with an opinion can pretend to sound smart to win the praises of those very same people by placing “Sarah Palin” in their headline.

    Then the laughable Frank Bailey advertisement. The same “adviser” who stayed with her throughout her entire legislation. The same “adviser” who was forced to take ethics training proving to Palin he was not trustworthy which is why she refused to promote him which is why he is disgruntled. That book debuted at #40 on Amazon after one week of endless media coverage and dropped out of the top 100 after its first day. It’s now available on .50 cent tables everywhere!

    I hate to break it to you. You don’t know what Palin’s next move is. You aren’t in a position to assess her worthiness when American overwhelmingly voted for the embarrassment we have now. And nobody knows who Kathleen Parker is unless she’s attacking a fellow conservative who simultaneously couldn’t even hold a show on CNN for an entire season.

    When Palin jumps in and sores, it won’t be because Kathleen Parker approved.