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The tag package could refer to several things. Perhaps the most common meaning is in reference to large items of mail which wouldn’t be classified as a letter. See also, packet.

It could refer to a number of consumer and business deals in which multiple items are grouped together and sold at an attractively competitive price. For example, Adobe sells it’s suite of software as unique items or in several packages, also know as software bundles, or as they call it the Adobe Creative Suite. Car manufacturers also offer different packages of optional extras, upgrades and trim finishings which may be classified as Luxury or Sports packages. Travel companies often create bundles, where flights, hotel accommodation and even in some cases day excursions etc. may be sold together, such as package holidays to Egypt.

It can also be used as a euphemism for male genitalia.

Bloggers love to receive new products presented in an attractive package whilst economic stimulus packages are hot topics for political bloggers as well as niche bloggers (where the economy has affected their industry). Alternatively, some bloggers may simply be interested in reviewing a product package.

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