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P. Puffy Diddy Daddy Deals

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How many times are you allowed to change your name? Sean Combs signs a deal with Universal:

    Rap mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, one of contemporary music’s most successful entrepreneurs, has signed a distribution deal with Vivendi Universal’s Universal Records rather than sell the Bad Boy label he says is worth $100 million, the partners said on Thursday.

    The three-year deal leaves Universal paying marketing and promotion costs and giving Combs an undisclosed upfront fee, which analysts saw as a way for the producer of such hit acts as Faith Evans and the late Notorious B.I.G. to get the backing of the biggest record maker without selling his own company in a down market.

    Terms of the deal were not disclosed and industry sources gave conflicting accounts. One source said Universal had paid the producer a few million dollars up front and committed to $10 million in marketing and promotion over three years.

    Another said the deal could be worth up to $75 million to Combs, formerly known as Puff Daddy. [Reuters]

And always known to suck. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to purge the image of Puffy and Jimmy Page doing such violence to Led Zeppelin on SNL – no wonder Godzilla tanked.

    In June he bought back control of Bad Boy for an undisclosed sum, ending a 10-year 50-50 joint venture with Bertelsmann AG’s Arista.

    “I wasn’t going out there searching or begging for that number. I just went for the best deal,” he said. “Because of where the marketplace is at, I had to take my time. At the end of the day I got what I wanted.

    “What we are doing is black history right here,” he said. “I retain 100 percent ownership. I just pay a distribution fee and get promotion.”

I’m not sure what this has to do with black history, but he is a good businessman, no doubt about that.

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  • walter

    how much is puffy worth a year

  • salma

    hi how r u. I leave in london.]
    IM trying to do something in my life,
    I wanna work hard to get a nice future.
    So I wanna get in touch with p diddy.
    I know thats not easy, but I hope that he can help me. I wanna sing with him.
    I wanna be a part of him band. I can send my pict, even I wanna try to be a model. I know that My english is bad.
    I just moved now to london, I used to leave in holland.
    I hope you can send me some more information. xxxx salma

  • we wanna be part of your bad boy records we sing really good we been singer since we were little kids plz plz plz diddy put us in your records than

  • tamara cynthia alyssa annd loraine

    send us some information

    thanz again

  • Diana (diddy)

    Hi P.Diddy!
    Iam from Germany and i like you.
    Iam 12 years old.
    I watch everyday, Making the Band thants cool.
    Your music is perfact. =)
    Okay thats it is!
    Bye bye Diana

  • muhsin

    So I wanna get in touch with p diddy

  • HeY P.Diddy i wanna let you kno that ive trying to be singer all my life and i see that you help people like me so i was wondering if you can contact me and i kno thats gonna be very hard but i willing to do anything. i love to sing hip pop and R&B. i have a beautiful voice. i wanna be the first chaldean American singer Out their well i hope u get chance to read this thanks for listening hunnie

    XOXO Hollya

  • Hi Mr.Combs! Here’s one of your biggest fans. I’m Pedro Mendes with 22 year old, also know as PDL and I’m trying to start develop my career the way that you’ve done. I also design clothes and I wanna create my own line cause I’m really good, but I have music as my big passion. Actually most of people used to say that me and you, we really look like each other physically. In this case, I look like you cause you “arrived” first. Is really weird but that’s true. Anyway, I’m living in London desperate for the oportunity to start my musical career in America as an RnB singer. But as I’m here at my own, I have to do some savings first and then, do the big jump investing on me. Wish you could help me but maybe it’s almost impossible cause there’s plenty of guys asking for the same. Anyway I ain’t gonna quit to do my thing! I’ll keep strugglin at my own willing that one day we’ll be enjoying together. One love big man…

  • diddy i love you so much i wish you where my dad

  • angel

    hey Diddy knowing that your from mt. Vernon i dnt knw how much you’v given bac to the people who live out there or if u wanna give bac but all i knw is tht Mt. Vernon’s football team is fighting to keep sports alive but they cant do it on their own so if you could help them out it would mean the world to them

  • I will Skip the asskissing!!!! I CAN SING, dance, and hustle to get what I need. Im not trying to be You, but i know You can make me a star. I think so. i was born to be a star but never new the avenues to take.

  • jamal jenkins

    yo diddy i’m a young rapper from alabama an i got mad skills an i can be a good access to your company


    Yo if u ever read this P diddy I’m a dancer like u with a lot of talent with the guidence From God first I can be a good investment so if u want something different try me I’m one of those west indian with the look just like u or even better

  • sheqour

    hey i just wanna say that i wanna be famouse so bad i wanna be a singer and i think u can help me i just wanna help my family out im tired of my dad living from paychech to paycheck i just wanna help my family out i wanna be like keyshia cole and this the only way i know how please help im 16 and i could be the youngest singer you ever had you know i could make bad boy history who knows [Personal contact info deleted] at least talk to me please

  • Angela

    hi. I’m not sure if Mr.Combs hisself will ever read this. but right now I’m reaching for the stars & if I make it great. if not, I wont be discouraged. I have what I believe is a great idea. its primarily for toodlers & infants.i got the idea from my now 2 year old son & 4 month old son. I think it’ll be a very profitable idea. as well as beneficient to many parents. if Mr.Combs in fact does receive or view this message in any way. I’d love to share more of my idea with you personally. [Personal contact info deleted] if your interested please get back to me. thank you so much for your time. sincerly, Angela S.

  • Ron

    I want to get in contact with diddy because i am a talented male singer who can create tracks thats unbelievable! I am 19 and not afraid to chase my dream. I love music and if only i could have the chance to prove that I can bring something to the music game, like biggie i know i could become one of the greatest. All i need is a chance. [personal contact info deleted]


  • Henry

    Hi P. Diddy! am Henry, P. Daddy please i really wanna ask for your help as my sponsor in music, please all i need is chance and i promise i will never let you down . I know that my English bad but i belive with time as i work under you i will inprove. Thank’s and remean Bless P. Daddy.

  • Starr

    Good Morning…tight..If you are looking to add females to your camp check out “THE GANG OF ROSES” on facebook, Myspace and twitter. These girls are bring something new to the table.

  • I’m a big fan, and I know I would fit perfectly with the team for where the music is going right now….I’m 25years been writing and performing my own music since 8yrs old. I am recently divorce and my first wife died…Yes First wife…from cancer…I need this opportunity Mr. Combs..Its everything to me..youtube Radical1417 also check out the song I put on the blog

  • Alonzo jones

    Hi diddy my name is Alonzo jones and iam a singer. frm washington dc.and ican sing very well can you help me. I am 21 years of age