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P. Diddy ruffles PETA’s Penguin Feathers

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So PETA is upset with P. Diddy because he had six penguins floating around in a swimming for the opening of Hotel Victor in South Beach. The spokesperson for PETA, Michael McGraw said “Penguins live in very cold climates, so the heat was probably unbearable for them. They’re very sensitive to temperatures, so if it was as hot as we’ve heard, it’s a wonder they didn’t collapse. In any case, they were likely terrified. We are now looking into whether having the penguins there broke any cruelty-to-animals laws.”

I guess no one bothered to tell PETA that only three breeds of penguins actually live in Antarctica. I do not know what penguins were at the party but my sense is that it was not a breed of penguin from cold weather areas.

I guessed that before I got to the spokesman for the Hotel Victor said that the penguins in question were from South Africa and were “trained specifically for entertainment, expositions and television commercials”

Most people know that penguins are flightless birds that live in the in freezing cold of Antarctica but what many people do not know is that penguins can be found as far north as the Galapagos Islands. The country of Colombia has a park reserve for their penguins on the Pacific coast. Most of the penguins that are seen on TV and movies are African Black Footed Penguin, who nest off the coast of southwestern Africa and live in temperatures that reach 70 degrees.

I do not like animals of any species being used as props for amusement at a party but before we get up in arms about animal-cruelty, I think we can at least get our facts straight. I am not sure I can support PETA on this one.

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About Beth Donelson

  • PETA are know-nothing ‘tards.

    I’ve seen penguins as far north as Gosford in Australia which is very much sub-tropical.

  • I like many of PETA’s goals, but they act like complete jackasses half the time in trying to achieve them. It’s really annoying. I’m not sure if they do much more than give the animal rights movement a bad name. *sigh*

  • If it was Michael Jackson and not P.Diddy PETA would probably just ignore it.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks and welcome Beth! measured reactions just dont’ seem to be on the PETA agenda – the entire organization seems driven by emotion to the extent that people who would otherwise sympathize with their general goals just have to turn away

    are you connected to the famous blogging Donelsons?

  • Scoota Rey

    Did any of you see the South Park episode when Stan, banished from his home town for not voting, visits a PETA hideout? The members were having sex with the animals there. Then, P. Diddy, looking for Stan (P. Diddy’s “Vote or Die” crew wanted to kill him) shoots the living shit out of the PETA. Very funny episode.

  • Yeah, I remember that episode, Scoota. Very good stuff. Would be an appropriate rerun right about now.

  • Now, that’s funny. Love South Park. Very few people can pull off being offensive and funny at the same time. It’s a skill.

    Eric, I’m not sure you would call us famous. They both enjoy writing for Blogcritics so I thought I would try it.

  • JD

    Here’s a quote from someone who was at the party:

    A partygoer told the paper the birds were placed on a floating plexiglass platform in the pool at the opening of the Hotel Victor, and were “obviously bothered by the crowd and the loud music. …They were all huddled into one corner facing away from everything, trying to get out. Many guests stared in shock, and others started yelling, ‘Save the penguins!’ It was a sad sight and a terrible idea.”

    But I notice they don’t mention what kind of penguins they were either. So what do they know?

  • sydney

    Well, I agree, that is one of the funnier things I;ve heard in a while.

    Seems every time I hear about P. Diddy he’s up to somthing funny.

    Penguins in his sqimming pool! hehe.. thats good.

    (mind, i support PETA in most instances, just not against P.Diddy)

  • MaKi*

    The bottom line is, we shouldn’t use animals to entertain us. Why they have to be trained to entertain us??? We must let them live their lives. Ms. Donelson, how would you feel if you’re forced to entertain Penguins for FREE!!!