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Ozzy recovery plan

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CMU reports:

Sharon Osbourne has told GMTV it will take six months for Ozzy to be back on his feet after that quad bike accident.

She told the show: “He will be back, he’s not going anywhere. He’ll be ordering everybody around, don’t worry. He’s busy telling jokes all the time, he’s already asked two nurses to marry him.” She confirmed that Osbourne will have a seven-inch steel plate fitted in the back of his neck because of a cracked vertebra.

On the accident he said: “He was just going across the land and he came to a
bit that was uneven, the bike tipped over and bounced off his chest. He is so lucky, because if he hadn’t been with his security guard Sam, he wouldn’t be here because Sam had to revive him, in fact twice. When Sam got to him, he wasn’t breathing and there was no pulse, and he got him back twice, so if he’d have been on his own we would have lost him.”

On Ozzy’s first ever UK number one single this week she said: “It’s a dream come true for him. The first thing I told him when he came to was about his single. He couldn’t speak but tears were coming out.”

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