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Ozzy nearly died

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CMU reports:

Sharon Osbourne has told reporters Ozzy’s quad bike crash almost killed him. In an interview with the Daily Mirror Sharon said the singer stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating for nearly two minutes after the accident at their Buckinghamshire mansion on Monday. It seems he was saved
by the actions of his security guard who happened to be with him at the time.

Sharon: “He had stopped breathing and the guard spotted it immediately. He

had stopped breathing for a minute and a half and there was no pulse. But thank God the security guard was there to revive him. He resuscitated him
and got him breathing and his pulse going again. We are so, so grateful to him.”

Ozzy is still on a ventilator in intensive care at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, after undergoing emergency surgery for his injuries. Sharon says doctors are still to confirm if there will be any lasting damage or how long his recovery will take.

Update: London Eye reports that Alice Cooper is to pay him a visit.

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About Marty Dodge

  • Is it just me or have the Osbournes been all over the news lately? First Ozzy comes out with the fact that he was taking up to 42 pills a day during the filming of their reality show and that’s what made him a bumbling idiot, then the bit about being molested as a child, then Sharon says she did the horizontal bop with Rhandy Rhoads and now Ozzy is in an ATV accident.

    I wish these folks well, but I really have to wonder if this reality series is being played in the news until season 3 makes it debut in January.

  • sheldon

    He almost died? How could they tell??

  • Sheldon, please try to read more than just the headline next time. His breathing and pules stopped completely, that’s pretty darned close to dead in my book.

  • Actually, Phillip (and please correct me if I am wrong, Sheldon), I think Sheldon was making a funny.

  • Er, duh. You’re right, of course. Sorry, I came straight from the PotC2 post on which I kept reading “OMG OMG OMG OMG I LUV U JONNY!!!!!! OMG OMG Orlando Bloom is SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!” and I just couldn’t get my mind back into gear quickly enough.

    And now I feel stupid! 🙁

  • sheldon

    I was making a joke; but I have to admit it’s somewhat sad that lately Ozzy is coming closer than ever to falling right off the ledge…I know you can’t save people from themselves, but Jesus, letting him ride an ATV?…C’mon, all you dudes on the “Gravy Train”, keep a better eye on the man!

  • Eric Olsen

    I wish he would be stranded for a few years like “Castaway” and be forced to kick everything all at once, run around for food, and get lean, mean and focused on reality for the first time in, what, 40 years? That would be good.

  • duane

    Then enter him in an Iron Man competition.