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Oz Degrassi

Sometimes you are flipping through the channels, and get confused about what exactly you are watching.

This is a brief guide: are you watching OZ or Degrassi the Next Generation?

Scene in a toilet with characters having a conversation while taking a piss: both

Hierarchy determined by threat of violence: both

Rampant drug dealing and use: well, OZ by a small margin

Federal prison ass pounding: OZ

Girlies worried about who they are dating: too close to tell

Characters facing death sentence: OZ, but only barely

Pokemon, skateboards and anime: Degrassi TNG

Internationally famous guest stars: OZ

GTA famous guest stars: Degrassi TNG

Chances of Wil Wheaton playing a guest role: cast your vote!

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  • michele

    Great post.

    Wil Wheaton on Oz…never!

    Wil Wheaton on Degrassi…well, a guy’s gotta make a living somehow.