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Lots of news in the Sunday paper about Bush’s plan to create private Social Security accounts. I guess. OMG! There’s a markdown on flat screen hi-defs. I can tell today will be torture. The plastic is jumping out of my wallet.


I set up my new $2,500 flat screen TV today. I’m so excited. The color and picture is beautiful. The image is so sharp I can make out the pleats on Anna Kournikova’s tennis outfit. Incredible. But I’ll need to upgrade my sound system to really appreciate it!


Order a $750 surround sound systems online. I wonder if buying electronics made in China hurts the trade deficit – not to mention my credit card. I should write about the trade deficit in my blog and get a discussion going. Did you know U.S. has an arms sales ban to China? We can buy their TVs, but they can’t buy our guns! I guess the Ownership Society is a one-way thing. LOL.


My new sound system arrives. Overnight shipping from the online reseller cost me $50. But I didn’t have to pay a state sales tax. I know, the states need the tax money, but, hey, this is America: high taxes hurt productivity. The sound is amazing. I love blogging!


I think the sound can be better. My friend said out-of-the-box cables are no good, and I need to upgrade. Ok, I’m convinced! I get some high-end audio/video cables. Sets me back $200, but I’m not maxed yet! LOL.


Wow I just put $3,450 on my plastic this week. I’ll cancel my gym membership and buy workout DVDs instead. That’ll help pay for it. Another issue: There are black spots on my plasma TV screen. Weird. I read about “dead pixels” on the Internet. They really bug me. Three hits on my blog today! When will my Google advertising pay off?


The dead pixels are driving me nuts. Really. I can’t stand watching the flat screen now. The speakers sound tinny, even with the new high-performance cables. I should have spent $1,700 on the upgraded sound system model, like my friend suggested. Darn! There are no offers from my Craig’s List ad for my two-year-old TV; $400 is such a deal.


That’s it. Dead pixels and tinny sound; I’m returning everything, or maybe I’ll exchange them for a better model. What do I do? I can pay back $4,500 in two or three years, provided my 95 Escort doesn’t go, and the credit card companies don’t raise my rate to 25%! LOL. Will I be able to borrow from my private Social Security account to pay off my credit cards? That would be great! What do you think, bloggers?

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