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Overwhelmed! Capricorn Rising: Astrology-based Advice

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saturnDear Elsa,

Lately, I’ve felt like I just can’t handle everything going on in my life.

In the past, I have handled lots of stressful things – like watching my daughter go through open heart surgery, and being the emotional anchor for the whole family. Now, every little thing seems too much to take. I’m not providing adequate emotional support for my family.

Granted, there’s a lot going on. I’m starting law school in a couple of weeks, and we’re having trouble with a real estate contract. I’m also bogged down at work. But all this is nothing compared to my previous life trials.

Why am I suddenly letting myself be overwhelmed by life’s slings and arrows?



Dear Overwhelmed,

I think you’re just being hard on yourself. If you think about it, you’ll see how this makes sense. You’ve held up through what sounds like a living hell. You’ve performed like no one else could, and now that the crisis has passed… you feel your energy dip down and think you’re a failure.

Now I betcha anything by the time you read this, you’ll have already recovered. You’ll have told yourself, “don’t be a baby,” and went right back to performing at a superhuman level. So here’s my point:

After working thirty days and thirty nights under egregious conditions, you can expect to be exhausted. You can expect to perform at less than peak for a day or two or three and you ought to learn to cut yourself some slack, okay?

Have you had a massage lately? You’ve got to find a way to carve out some time for yourself, where it’s just you. You deserve it, but besides that, it’s critical to your overall health.

Good Luck.

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