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Overlooked Blog Review – Big Dog’s Weblog

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Big Dog is an anonymous milblog written by a 24 year retired veteran of the United States Army. He also hosts a radio show on a conservative talk radio station, Wide Awakes Radio (which is currently down for upgrades). Big Dog primarily writes on political subjects and current events from a conservative perspective and has been blogging since August 2004. Far from being a typical partisan cheerleader, a regular feature of the blog is the "Jackass of the Month award", this month's award going to Republican politicians.

The blog design is clean and easy to access without the cluttering of a tremendous amount of widgets and blogrolls that characterize so many other blogs. The content, not ads, take center stage.

The writing is clear and relevant to the issues of the day. Big Dog brutally slays opposing points of view without descending into the fecal-slinging typical of the gibbering yard apes that can populate the blogosphere. The blog is frequently updated with several new posts a day covering whatever is news at the moment. The one drawback is that there doesn't seem to be much in the way of discussion on the site.

Big Dog's Weblog is active in several conservative blogging groups and provides unique and insightful commentary (albeit direct and blunt) that makes it a must-read particularly for those interested in popular conservatism.

If you would like to suggest a blog for the Overlooked Blog Review, please contact John Bambenek at jcb.blog {at} gmail [dot] com. You can read the guidelines for nominating here. Blogs profiled are given a free month membership to Blog Soldiers.

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  • Sidebars take up too much space, at least on Firefox…otherwise, it’s a good site.