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Outlawz – “WorldWide” DVD – creep it & peep it

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The Outlawz, Tupac’s former crew from back in the day, have been burning the midnight oil and apparently churning mad amounts of butter since the passing of one this generation or any other’s best and most prolific MC’s. You gotta give these fellers props in that right off the bat on their DVD, “WorldWide”, before getting into the little bio pieces, day in the life, concert footage, history, and other kine stuff, they address the obvious fact that the key to any fame they have, have had, or will have, lies at its forefront with Makaveli the Don, and that they’re down for representing that to the fullest, but at the same time they wanna establish their own thing, and they have done so, just not via the big label route, which contrary to common perception possibly, does not necessarily equal success.

This gets into a related topic, involving all these bling blingin’ rappers on major labels whut with their lamborghinis and rented jewelry and having to give that shit back to the shop after the cameras stop rolling. Napoleon, EDI, Young Noble, Castro, et al, have been dropping music and holding onto all their publishing by going small market and holding mad more cash prolly than some bigger names you could think of. This is hardly a new story, but it’s one that bears repeating, you can be selling millions of records, and, depending on your deal, barely see any of it. The outlawz (according to them) pull in like 8 or 9 bucks to themselves per album sold, which is unbelievable, and can add up to nice duckets not having to infest the minds of every man woman and child as well as line corporate pockets to the outermost seam.

One interesting thing I learned was how they all have names that are like of people that everyone hates. Like kadaffy, Hussein, napoleon, idi amin, etcetera. This was Pac’s idea following up on Wu-Tang clan’s alter ID dillio where they would call themselves Tony Stark or Noodles or golden arms, or whatever, they were using Italian slang, but pac was like, fuck it, let’s be what everybody really hates, ie fascist leaders from all over, let’s be the real bad guys.

One of their former members, fatal Hussein, just got up out of jail and was talking yang on some internet shit, but now they’ve forgiven him, he’s got a pretty sick freestyle which you gotta hit up the extras section to hear the full version of (that’s the best part of the extras, fa sho). There’s some other street hustlers part time rappers or whatever they are that drop some sick verses as well in this section.

Overall, an entertaining package, lots of behind the scenes, cameos, info on tupac’s posse, what they’re up to now, how you gotta deal with a lot of bullshit in the music industry, how you gotta balance the real world and bills and getting pulled over for DUI’s and other crime related shit, (there’s a classic bit where Castro demonstrates that he can’t start his Escalade without blowing into a court-ordered built-in breathalizer), basically that it isn’t all bitches, blunts, and big bucks (although there’s plenty of that too).

If you’re a hip hop fan and you’ve got a couple hours to spare, check it out, good fun and some interesting tidbits, farreall. The only part of the package you might wanna skip is the bonus CD, which, predictably, is full of not so hot filler (the first song is actually pretty good though), prolly b-sides and unused stuff from past albums. I listened to this first and was kinda put off, but the tracks sprinkled throughout the DVD are for the most part much better.

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