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Out of the box security

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A little note

The American security forces said that the Belgian police was the best of the world. I heard some comments on this from the Belgian police, and I’d agree with the Belgian police. However the coments that follow remain, and do not mean that the Belgian police would not be good.

Some out of the box personnel security coments on Bushes visit.

There will be of course things I missed or didn’t think about. After all I am human and I its not my speciality. I just seem to be good about finding holes in systems. Furhter more like all other human beings on this planet I do not know everything, never have, never will, never want to. That would be rather boring. But then there is no one who does know everything. Correct me if I’m wrong.

What about infrared ?

Infrared can’t be seen by the human eyes, so as far as my knowledge goes,
that does mean that if someone would light up any building Mr bush is in, no body would know. Further more the police choppers only see normal vision, so they would not see infrared. And they are not armed, so they can not intercept a rocket.

Theoretically that means that if someone would then launch a ground to ground missile, that homes up on a infrared spot, no body would know it until they see it, or it hits.

These could be launched form a nearby park, the roof of a building, or if it would be one terrorist build themselves, it could be launched from a truck. If I were them, because that would be the least suspicious. A truck riding around in Brussels or any other city for that instance wouldn’t be seen as suspicious.


Very unlikely, but it would be stupid not to think about it. See usage of


Usage of ambasades

For communication and security. Although hotels are more then well trained for security situations [that is what they say]there are certain situations that are hard to deal with for everyone. Purely hypothetical, suppose there would be a sleeper within the presidential entourage, he/she would have a lot harder time poisoning the president our somebody else inside the ambassador while in a hotel this could be perhaps easier done. Who would e.g. think to check the shower gel on poison, if there is no apparent reason to do so ? He would also be easier to be reached in case of a emergency. And a ambasade is perhaps easier to secure and defend. It is also a symbol to the people fighting in Iraq, that there president in this war on terror does not always sleep comfortable, but shares part of the discomfort with them.

Could UAV’s be hijacked and used against there former owners ?
Just a thought, but it might be well worth consideration. Could someone build a uav like model plane and use it as a flying bomb ? To my opinion and knowledge this is very well possible. It isn’t that expensive. Is it currently been done ? No idea.

Personally i have been trying to work out some airship designs, and if they would be filled with hydrogen, they could be classified as flying bombs, for the simple reason, that as with the Hindenburg, on little flame can let the hole airship explode. Therefore I’d prefer to use helium. That doesn’t burn. As for my model aircraft design tryouts, they still have to be build and fly of course.

Rather than to stop those citizens who want to prove that is possible, one should better take this possibility into account, and seek for ways to deal with it. Like the person in new zeeland who is trying to build a cruise missile, one should better learn from him, then to try and stop him, otherwise a security concern is left open. And arresting everyone who builds, designs or wants to design model planes is not a option.

The train station.

Although it was closed and no trains stopped, that doesn’t rule out possible danger. A bomb, and it doesn’t have to be a big one, could be smuggled aboard a freight train or personnel train, and be remotely detonated once it arrives at the station. Depending on the explosives used the damage could be form local to extensive. I can think of one explosive of which if possible I do not want to hear the name anymore [the stuff of nightmares], that by using a very low volume can bring extensive radioactive destruction.

The only way to counteract, cost much money. It would be some kind of European system, that logs and send every time when the containers are accessed or not, and that shows were they are at certain moment in time. One day or another we might want to consider the implementation on a European scale of such a scheme. But for now ?


Not the most likely place, but still in a city like e.g. Brussels, one could move trough the sewers virtually unseen, and get very close to a building, or perhaps in a building. Although that the only ones that I’m aware of that are trained in that are French special forces. Its unlikely, but perhaps there exist some kind of remote sensing machine that could that job, instead of sending people down. They are sewers after all.

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  • You’re sure you didn’t mean to post this to alt.alq.aeda?

  • sydney

    I don’t mean to be rude, but whats the point of this article? not being rhetorical, but I don’t get it.

  • sydney

    I don’t mean to be rude, but whats the point of this article? not being rhetorical, but I don’t get it.

  • This seems to be a posting by a terrorist trying to think through the most secure ways to kill president Bush in a kind of rambling internal monologue.


  • I recommend an erasure and disclaimer from the site

  • sydney

    “This seems to be a posting by a terrorist trying to think through the most secure ways to kill president Bush in a kind of rambling internal monologue.”

    — Oh really? let me just jot some notes down..

    (kidding… put down the phone.)

  • HW Saxton


  • I think these are the working notes for “24” – or maybe she’s trying for the writer’s job

  • Mark

    Do you guys want security for leaders and hopefully for all people, or do you want to enforce a mental lockdown?

    (I’ve looked at some of your other online publications. I suppose that yes, at least one of you wants to enforce a mental lockdown. And call it libertarianism too..)

    Haven’t you ever heard of thinking about the unthinkable? Or is that OK only when a proto-neocon is talking about blowing up everyone in the world? (I refer to Herman Kahn, the model for “Dr. Strangelove,” who also wrote _On Thermonuclear War_ on the same topic as _Thinking About the Unthinkable._)

    I clicked over to Floris’s blog entries; he seems to be about peace and _prevention_ of attacks, and would you not admit that to prevent a danger you have to anticipate it?

    Do you suppose the experts know everything? Funny how that worked in the first nine months of 2001…

    Here, check this out:


    Where were all you guys back in 1994? Do you think we’d be better off if Clinton had called for censorship of everyone who spoke of means whereby a President might be assaulted? A lot of voices would have disappeared from US radio if that had happened. Would we all be safer then?

    Geez, demands for censorship. Way to advance freedom, guys. Just what I would expect though.

    We are indeed in the fast lane on the freeway to hell.

  • I don’t think anyone wants to censor the content of this piece, I believe the suggestions of removal were directed at the incomprehensibility of the piece.


  • RJ

    Nice. A rambling, barely-readable article on how to kill President Bush in Brussels.

    You gotta love Old Europe!

  • Well, if you have to die, where better than Brussels?


  • Gentleman,

    I will try to answer all your comments in this email. I say try, because there might be comments I do not have answer for.

    First of all the often said rambling internal monlogue style. I appologize for that, but english is not my maternal language, rather it is one of the 4-5 language I know. So it can happen that non english words will be used. But i will do my best to make any text that will be posted on blogcritics more readable.

    The arcitcle/post are just some out of the box thoughts of mine, and I thank you for your comments. I will do my very best to take them into consideration, for any next post that I would post on blogcritics. As for my own blog, those post are posted as is, as they come out of my notebooks, and diary.

    To answer one of the post’s : If I would be a terorrist, would I then be so stupid to limit my own possiblities, by bringing them into the open ? That would be rather stupid, but correct me if I’m wrong.

    I have wondered when I came to the US some years ago, why you ask if one is a member of the nazi-party. Although there are some that might answer that question, most won’t. Still i can understand why it has to be asked. Better to be safe and sure.

    As for those of you who wrote, as a joke or not, that this is a text on how to kill president Bush, consider the following saying: ‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed man/woman is king’.

    If you do not know what dangers to look for you will be less prepared as a result, and if you turn a blind eye
    to dangers you do not want to know about, then you give your opponent a gift.

    A good preparation is a job half done. An example of that saying can be seen on National Geographic Channel everytime they show those people whose job it is to demolish buildings.

    Is Brussels a good place for any president to die ? ABSOLUTLY NOT, unless of course you want to start WW III. A likewise event started WWI. Also if he would be killed in europe this would weaken the Nord Atlantic alliance, and would make it easier for the Ossam Bin Laden Gang to plan attacks. Combined we stand stronger, seperated we are weaker.

    It is not for nothing that the Belgian saying on the Royal flag is ‘ L’union fait la force’ ‘Eendracht maakt macht’ which translates into english in United we stand strong, and refers to the battles of the Belgae and other celtic tribes who fought Julius Ceasar around the same period of time as Vercingetorix was defeated in Alesia. It has its advantages of being old.

    And for as far as I know most people would like to live in peace, but correct me if I’m wrong.

    As for the purpose of this posting, there is no straight forward answer to that question. But still i’ll try to answer it.

    In a country, you have the different security forces, and other services as well as civilians. The security force, secrect service and police and so on, have only so many eyes, can only be on so many places. That means that certain actions will be missed by them.

    Although possibly controversial, could the civilan people, that means us not be used to track terrorist activities ?

    I will give you a example that is currently ongoing in Belgium. One of our company’s has been receiving letters of treath because one of her employees is muslim and wears the head dress. She works in a chocolate factory so there people are obliged to wear the necessary gear. The people who send the letters have not been found yet, although they are being tracked by the police.

    After the latest letter, the person in question decided, to stay at home for a while. The treats are taking very serious by the police as they inlcude the sending of a bullet, and the latest spoke about posionning there chocolate. Which i have heard is very good. But you should ask there customemrs. The comapny is called Rememrie. Just to be complete. I can not say that I have tasted it, but my diet does not really allow or favor eating chocolate.

    I would say that the culprit is playing on our fear, and the latest news shows that it had nothing to do with the person, because now the target has switched to the company.

    This could very well be some kids doing this, and then another question pops up. On how to deal with that. Someone of you wrote a text about the death penality and i have scanned trough it, and althoug i am against it, i will read the text. It is indeed a opionated subject.

    But to make a long story short, if the people in the local post office would know what to look for, or if they would be allowed to mark the different letters adressed to that company, then it could be easier to find the culprits.

    This might not be very clear, so i’ll try again. If people would know that there is a terrorist treath and that someone would try to commit an attack with possibly something as innoncent as those mouth refreshner sprays. Then there would be so many more eyes on the lookout.

    How do i know this ? I came up with that idea, and tried it out with something that was supossed to be icecream 😉 but looked so distasteful, that i thought better of it than to try it. I still do have the sprayer on my desk, but i will trow it away shortly. As its not hygenic and has served his purpose of looking if it was possible to do something like that.

    If you consider me to be a terrorisit treath to your president, then do take into consideration that is most likley written evidence to the controray. I’m just a worried citizen.

    Perhaps the post ‘Intresting job description’ on my own blog, explains it hopefully better.

    That post is posted as is, so any comments on how it was written will most likely not be taken into account.
    Also some of the post will be in dutch, french and langue d’oc. For blogcritics they will always be taken into account.

    I do have one question though. What is or to what refers ’24’ ?

    This email will be posted on blogcritics to provide a comment ot anyone who might want to read it.


    Floris Vermeir

  • also, if you gof or the airship idea, remember that with the Hidnenburg, it was likely actually the highly flammable paint of the balloon that ignited first, and the hydrogen only caught flame a while after. hence, make sure you use flammable paint…

  • “24”, Floria, is a TV show in the United States that brings up doomsday scenarios, brings some to fruition, and messes with the threat matrix, while meandering off into inane subplots – much like your post.


    and keeps you coming back week after week

  • Thanks for the information. I presume subplots are often inane, until they actually happen, lets hope they don’t.

    I appologize for my reaction on the word terrorist, you couldn’t know i would react that itchy on it. I appreciate the comment and will do my best to let post no longer look like a internal monologue.