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Out of control snowball!

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Snowball Run
Macplay/Mumbo Jumbo

With its simple controls and cute main character, SR should be a favourite with any child in your life. Your goal is to guide a snowball riding penguin through a myriad of mazes, jumps and obstacles. You are awarded for speed and for collecting fish. Those new to this sort of game can acquit themselves with the controls via a rather amusing set of tutorial levels before plunging into the game proper. There are three skill levels to keep you on your toes.

The controls are simple but take some getting used to, lest you plunge you winged friend off the side into oblivion. Rest assured when this does happen, and it will, he does not die but merely parachutes to the ground. You need to worry about watching this cute little bird splatter on the ice. There 75 levels of action and 5 worlds to play in.

Requirements are reasonable (98SE, 450 PIII/64 MB RAM or OSX 10.2.4, 450 Mhz G3/128 MB RAM) and the sound & music are bearable.

This isn’t the most original platform game in the world, but a cute one nonetheless. A cute little diversion for children of all ages. At $19.99 this game is not too expensive either. Something to keep you amused, when a little bit of brain dead fun is needed.

Rating: 3.5/5

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