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So today is the big day. Ash Wednesday and the official opening of Mel Gibson’s the Passion.

This movie has caused quite a stir – even before it opened which is a feat in itself. Many people believe it is offensive for one reason or another and have passionately made their objections known. After hearing most of the arguments I have the following observations:

    Some people are against anything biblical or religion and will find fault no matter what. And you know what? I can understand that because I’ve been there myself. Bitter, angry, cynical. You name it and I’ve been there, and sometimes I still struggle with it.

    On the other hand some people equate everything with politics and will zealously look for conspiracy theories. As an X-File fan I can get into that myself.

    Some people are happy with the sanitized version of the gospels. Their comfort zones have been violated and it is getting all too real for them. I can understand that as well. Jesus came with a message of love and forgiveness and we can’t let that get lost in the shuffle.

    Some Jewish people are offended because they feel their race is under attack. Given the previous holocausts can you really blame them for being sensitive?

    Some are so full of hate and anger that they resort to infantile name calling and casting spurious dispersions in every direction. They have sparred, snarled and been just downright surly. I’ve heard the words fascist, hate monger, anti-Semitism, bigot, Hitler and even worse thrown around.

Isn’t it amazing how religion brings out the worst in people? So are any of us better than the other? Nah, we’ve all messed up in one way or another haven’t we. I’ve heard some people say no wonder this world is so screwed up. But I say isn’t it amazing that we the human race are even still here. There must be something… some ethereal, mystical glue that is keeping it all together.

Whatever you believe let me leave you with this one thought. No matter how much this world is thrown into chaos there is one prevailing ingredient that makes it all somehow work. And that is LOVE, and isn’t that what the message of Christ is really all about?

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