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‘Our customers are stockpiling, buying a lifetime supply.’

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Shane Ellison, president of Health-FX Nutraceuticals in Santa Fe, New Mexico, quoted in today’s USA Today on his customers who are buying up his stock of ephedra. The FDA announced last Friday that the herbal supplement will become illegal on April 12.

Kelly Harvey of Utah-based TSN Labs says he’s selling 10,000 bottles at a time. The price is $14.95 a bottle and $44.85 for four, according to the company’s website, which notes that “all sales are final due to the FDA ban.”

A lifetime supply might not require 10,000 bottles: in fact, one might do the trick.

Oh, yeah, do the boneheads buying this stuff realize that the active, functional life of ephedrine – the active ingredient in ephedra – is one year? Yoo hoo, all those pills might as well be powdered milk next spring, for all the good they’ll do you. Ha.

Ephedrine, what a wonderful drug. It comes in little glass ampoules containing 1 cc, 50 mg/cc. You take a 10 cc syringe, draw up 9 cc of sterile water or saline, then the ephedrine. Mix it well, label it “ephedrine 5mg/cc,” and then slip it under the towel with your other emergency drugs, hopefully not to use it all day.

Nothing restores blood pressure better in a hurry. It’s been on my cart since the first day I gave anesthesia, and it’ll be there on the last.

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