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Not wanting sister Janet to steal all the headlines – more Michael Jackson news yesterday as police confirmed that they had searched the home of one of Jacko’s business associates – one Marc Schaffel – as they continue to search for evidence to help their child abuse case against the singer.

Schaffel is something of a controversial figure himself mainly because of his history as a porn director and producer. His most high profile project with Jackson was that never-properly-released post-9/11 charity track Jackson organised called ‘What More Can I Give’. It was during that project that Schaffel’s porn career surfaced in the media – revelations that led the Jackson camp to officially distance themselves from the producer. But Jacko stayed in touch with Schaffel and it was the latter’s cameramen who – reportedly at Schaffel’s recommendation – filmed Martin Bashir when he was filming Jackson – footage of which was shown on the Jackson’s ‘I hate Martin Bashir’ show on Fox – ‘Take 2: The Interview They Didn’t Show You’.

Although neither Schaffel or police commented on the latest house search it is likely the authorities wanted to retrieve other ‘home videos’ filmed by Schaffel’s people at Jackson’s Neverland home.

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  • Even taking this into account, I’m still willing to entertain the notion that he may be innocent.

    Yes, he’s probably guilty as sin. If we were talking about virtually anyone else, I’d already have condemned him. My reasoning here (if I can call it that) is simple: Jackson is SO weird, conventional thinking does not apply. Maybe, because of his pitifully awful childhood and adult life under a microscope, he just gets comfort from sleeping with kids, like some dog owners are comfortable when their dogs hop up on the bed with them.

    Again, I am aware that this is unlikely. I’m being an optimist – I’d really like to believe that kids haven’t been abused, and this is all a fraud. It wouldn’t be the first time that abuse charges have been fabricated – parents do it to win custody (and sometimes get caught), and in this case, there’s big money to be had.

    If I’m wrong, then I’d like the opportunity to cave his plastic face in with my boot.

    My, what a cheerful way to start the day! Off to find the comics…

  • Ooh dog owners are going to get after you for this comment. Many of us let our dogs sleep with us (especially when they are puppies) to make them feel more confortable and calmer. My dogs (esp the bitches) have been known to spend the entire night on the bottem end of the bed instead of wandering around the house.

    And yes you are being way to optimistic methinks.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thrillhouse, you stated what are my own thoughts very well – I second them, thanks!