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Oscar’s Worst Nightmare: You and Me

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In explaining why Michael Jackson was included in the Academy Awards' In Memoriam segment, executive director Bruce Davis offered this to the Associated Press: "Think of all the blogging we would have gotten if we had left him out!" Think of all the blogging he’ll get now that he uses us as an excuse to include MJ, but not Farrah Fawcett. Doesn’t he imagine that somewhere out in the blogosphere there are Farrah Fawcett fans clicking away at her exclusion?

I’m a fan of admitting your mistakes—if you must—and letting history be history. If, in response to the Farrah faux pas, Davis had said, “Oops!,” or “Sorry! My bad!,” I would have accepted it and said, “That’s Hollywood for you.” I was surprised that Fawcett was not included in the tribute, but amazed that Jackson was. Davis justifies the Farrah decision by reminding us that she was best known for her “remarkable television work,” while including Jackson because This Is It was released posthumously. What, no mention of The Wiz? I realize I’m an ignoramus, but isn’t Jackson best known for his remarkable musical work? Should Davis do his homework, he would find that Fawcett appeared in a number of theatrical releases, a larger number than Jackson has to his credit.

I like the idea of the Academy Awards on television, but I haven’t watched in years. Oscar night’s mystique is nullified by its reality. The glitz and glamour are always surpassed by the boredom and stupidity. The only thing that interests me in the least is the clothing worn by the stars on the red carpet. That I can catch in People and on internet gossip sites (well, I can catch the best and the worst…what else matters?). When I was sophisticated enough to discriminate between flash and content (I guess I was about four), I lost interest in the Academy Awards. In trying to give all audience members what they may want, the annual show generally turns out to be insulting to most of us.

When someone thinks so little of us that he believes we won’t realize he’s insulting us, we get annoyed. Bruce Davis is annoying. Exceptionally. When he suggests that Fawcett should be memorialized in the Emmy Awards show, he suggests that we would not recall actors memorialized in both. Or that MJ was memorialized at the Grammys. With his remarks about the many wonderful writers who passed in 2009 and the shortage of time to remember everyone, he suggests we won’t recall sitting through excruciatingly long Oscar presentations thinking, “Ya’ know, I gotta get up in the morning! Will this never end?”

Perhaps I am not in a position to give vocabulary lessons (I wasn’t an English major), but I suggest that Davis cut down on his verbiage and try these simple phrases: “mea culpa,” “we made a mistake,” “we’re sorry for our error.” Then maybe his worst fears would not be realized.

 To offer proof that you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, Mr. Davis, you have ignited the bloggers you seem so determined to appease. Let the blogging begin!

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  • PYT

    Hey all you Michael Jackson haters…You’ll be happy to know that his estate just signed the largest Entertainment/Record Deal in History, A $250 Million deal to put out 7 albums and various projects over the next few years. Michael Jackson makes HISTORY ONCE AGAIN.

  • Boeke

    Glad I didn’t watch the Academy Awards.

  • Arch is right,

    almost 300K American soldiers died in WW2, 59,000 in Vietnam several thousand in the Iraq wars and none of them had a moment of silence by name declared for them by Congress.

    Congress better start giving these people what they deserve, after all they also died for them!

  • good to see that the abject stupidity quotient is still a constant. it’s somehow reassuring.

  • Arch Conservative

    What kind of music I listen to is not the irrelevant. I do not idolize any of the musicians I listen TO and pretend that they are some kind of saint. I don’t fawn over them and act is if their lives were somehow so much more important than your’s or mine. I know that the world will go on without them just fine when they pass.

    almost 300K American soldiers died in WW2, 59,000 in Vietnam several thousand in the Iraq wars and none of them had a moment of silence by name declared for them by Congress. But the economy in shambles, families struggling to survive and Congress sickeningly thinks it’s worthwhile to have a moment of silence for a dead pedophile drug addict?

    F- that!

    Fuck every celebrity who thinks I ought o give a damn about them and every non-celebrity moron buying people magazine who thinks likewise. Every self-righteous sanctimoniuos actor or singer could drop dead tomorrow and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

  • zingzing

    what kind of music do you listen to, archie? it would be interesting to know…

  • Maybe obedience school

  • Jordan Richardson

    Go back to school also learn how to contain your anger.

    No amount of schooling will be able to teach Arch how to do that, my friend.

  • sam, I was using but just one example of American entertainers. how’s this:

    yeah, it was too bad musicians couldn’t get their music heard until the Jackson 5 started releasing albums.

    Happy? I’ll stand by my assessment of your delusions

  • Now, Kiddies, always remember to spell & grammar check before you send out a criticism of someone else’s spelling and/or grammar.
    –Bob E.

  • sam

    Arch conservative cant even spell or construct sentences correctly.it shows why your country is collapsing.Go back to school also learn how to contain your anger.

  • Sher

    How the hell cud u blame MJ for appearing. I didnt knw who Farrah Fawcett was til she was about to die. I have knwn MJ all my life.
    MJ deserved to be in the memorium so i dont give 2 shits about what yu ppl say about him. If Farrah Fawcett had a huge impact she wudnt have been forgotten. Apparently she doesnt and MJ did.


  • The economy is in the shitter and congress is having a moment of silence for this freaks passing?


    You may have hit on a fantastic idea there. If you could get your congress and your president to shut up for two minutes for each celebrity of note (as well as each scumbag and skank) who died or otherwise bought the farm over the last five years, you could shut the bastards up for quite some time! If you could enforce this silence on the clowns who comprise what passes for “the media” in your country, you could shut down the trash on TV for quite some time as well. Then all of us world-wide would be given a vacation both from the shit dropping American politicians, and the trashy American “vulture/culture/porn” machine!

    That would provide all of us a little time for serious and sober reflection and thinking without the squawking whining of the two biggest noise-makers and gas-passers (American politicians and the American vulture/culture/porn machine) on the planet interrupting our thoughts continually!

    Not such bad thinking there, dude!

  • Arch Conservative


    More creepy pointless celebrity adulation. Just what the world needs.

    The only two celebrities I wish were still around are John Wayne and Elvis and I don’t even spend that much time lamenting them as some of you fools spend obsessing about this one or that one. All other celebrities, dead or alive, including Michael Michael Pedophile, can kiss my ass.

    The economy is in the shitter and congress is having a moment of silence for this freaks passing? He didn’t mean dick to me. I don’t give a dman that he’s dead or what he maent to anyone else and I’m sick of hearing about.

    Fuck Michael Jackson.

  • sam

    you must be the one suffering from delusions if you felt “he open doors for entertainers around the world” meant she was referring to movies

    All the award shows held in diffrent countries have performed a tribute for michael,you americans cant see beyond your nose that is why you cant recognise how much loved michael was around the world.the oscars are not for americans only,they have to pander to the international market where they make more money.

  • “Also, he opened the door for american entertainers around the world.”

    yeah, it was too bad Hollywood couldn’t get their movies shown until the Jackson 5 started releasing albums. What delusions you people suffer from.

  • Leens

    Seriously why do you have to put MJ down to make your point about Farah. He was the greatest and most successful artist of all time. He was nominated for an oscar for Ben. Also, he opened the door for american entertainers around the world. The guy is dead and you’re still not done bashing him? wow

  • lana

    Im glad Michael jackson was included he deserved it! He is One of the Greatest artist of all time! But i also think Farrah should have been included! no need to blame michael though!

  • AJ

    ok people…learn the HISTORY of what the Academy consists of. The academy of motion picture arts and science…had MANY (15 to be exact) branches. There are director branches, actor branchs AND MUSIC branches. So, to have Michael Jackson included in the “In Memorium” should have been expected. So stop dissing and making comments of he shouldn’t have been included. By all means…YES HE SHOULD HAVE! Go MJ! It’s the same reason why they include people that work “behind” the scenes in the industry: the producers, hair stylists, special effects people.

    As for Farrah not being included…who knows why. Its up to the board members…so ask them and stop complaining about it. Geez.

    oh..and on a last note…there is a branch for SHORT FILMS and Feature Animation Branch…I think MJ qualifies as a top notch SHORT FILM maker. enough said.

  • shaar

    Why are people so naive?? I keep hearing about fawcett’s friends and fans complaining about her absence from the tribute and not accepting the Oscar committee’s apology and so on…Michael Jackson not only starred in a couple films, he also created short films for his songs from Thriller, Bad and Dangerous, etc. Is that not a contribution to the film industry? He totally changed the face of the music video. He also worked with many big name directors like Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, Coppola, and George Lucas. I think that anyone who is trying to limit Michael to just ‘the Wiz’ (like Fawcett’s friends who are publicly not accepting the ‘apology’) are trying to justify why Farrah should have been included. I think people should move on.

    The oscar committee’s response to the hoopla (although not a great justification) was that they wanted to avoid all the blogging that would be going on if they left out Michael in the tribute. Did they not consider the same to happen with Fawcett’s fans? They could have easily stuck in one or two people (couple seconds of airtime). I think they’re just making excuses. It shows a lack of character and disrespect for these people to justify her absence by limiting Michael’s hard work. Why do they need to almost bring Michael down? As though the committee only added him in to avoid the backlash. Geez what’s happening in this world

  • beau

    to doug m,
    this is an entertainment piece,we know where to go if we want to comment on wars and massacre and sir,what have you done in making the world a better place? I guess stalking people on the net and calling someone you’ve never met wacko
    michael was more than a celebrity,he was an humanitarian,he donated 300 million of his own money to charities,he was diffrent from the other celebrities who solicits other peoples money for their charities that is why millions of people love him and still mourn him months after his death.

  • doug m

    Do you Jacko Wackos know how many people died around the world on Sunday in places like Afghanistan and the Congo? Why not turn your celebrity obsession towards making the world a more better place.

  • Paula

    All of you UNINFORMED FOOLS have now been INFORMED about how EXTRAORDINARY GREAT!!! the talented Michael Jackson was it that the Oscars chose to pay tribute to him. Did he deserve it, Damn straight he did. Michael played in the Wiz, Men in Black, Captain EO, “This Is It”, Thriller and an abundance of short movies he produced. Now, why does this make a difference? Because ALL of these movies including his short vidoes used HOLLYWOOD talent to put them together, some of the Hollywood talent began their careers with Michael. Don’t you people know who John Landis, Kenny Ortega, Joseph Sinda, Syience, Jeff Atlas etc…are? They are HOLLYWOOD producers who worked with Michael Jackson some of them would not be know had it not been for Michael Jackson. You people DO NOT understand the GREAT IMPACT Michael had on vast variety of people and how GREAT of a talent they deemed him. So yes Michael SHOULD have been mentioned and so should have Farrah Fawcett. It is NOT Michael’s fault that she wasn’t and it does not make Michael any less of a GREAT talent that she wasn’t.

  • Jenny

    They both should’ve been included: Farrah for “The Burning Bed” & “Extremities” and Michael for “The Wiz” and “This Is It”, not to mention they are both two of the biggest cultural icons of the 70s and 80s. Shame on the Academy for neglecting Farrah. Long live MJ, the king of entertainment!!!

  • Roma

    Why is Michael Jackson’s inclusion in the Oscar’s In Memoriam, a reason for Farrah’s exclusion?

    In 2009, the Thriller video was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, the first music video to ever receive this honor, for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant and will be preserved for all time.”

    Yes, Farrah should have been included – but it is not Michael Jackson’s fault she wasn’t. In case anyone hadn’t noticed, the man is dead – he’s not making the decisions anymore!

  • I must point out that Ricardo Montalban was also snubbed. He was a major actor (sadly, maybe remembered best for “rich Corintian leather” in a car commercial) and also a heck of a great guy. How they could pass over him is a mystery.

  • sc341

    Oh by the way, Michael Jackson actually performed the song “Ben” live at the Academy Awards in 1973. You know, the song that was nominated for an Oscar.

  • Swa

    As you mentioned it was a shame that Farrah Fawcette wasn’t included in the “In Memorium” section of the Oscars. However to call out Michael Jackson on the same grounds as the reasoning offered up by the Oscars organisers.

    As has been pointed out Michael Jackson appeared in several films in both leads and cameos (The Wiz and Men In Black II being prime examples). His recording of Ben was nominated for a Best Song Oscar in 1973 where Jackson performed. At the film about his rehearsals “This Is It” was also one of last years highest grossing films and is now officially the highest grossing documentary. To malign Michael Jackson’s belonging in the Oscar community because it wasn’t his major field, not only discredits his contributions but also strangely backs up the Oscar committees decision not to include Ms Fawcett as her major field was TV.

    In my opinion both should have been included for their contributions.

  • sc341

    Farrah should have been in the Tribute but really the movie she was most known for was “Saturday Night Fever” where her poster was shown to be hanging in John Travolta’s bedroom. I think she only had a cameo in “Logan’s Run” which wasn’t nominated for any Academy Awards.

  • sc341

    I am getting sick and tired of all the negative comments about Michael Jackson all over the internet because he was in the “In Memorium” segment and Farrah was omitted. First of all the Academy is acting in an extremely unprofessional manner blaming him for her being excluded. Please…they easily could have spared 5 seconds of time to add her in there. They knew that this could cause a controversy. He should have been there, his song “Ben” was actually nominated for an Academy Award and it actually did win a Golden Globe Award. He was also in “The Wiz” and his performance was praised by critics. He also was in two other movies. Another song he wrote and sang “Will You Be There” was in the movie soundtrack “Free Willy”. He also was in a Francis Ford Coppola/George Lucas Film currently playing in Disneyland, “Captain EO”. Other directors that worked with him are: John Landis, “Thriller”, Martin Scorsese, “Bad”, Spike Lee, “They Don’t Care About Us” and other notable directors on his short films/music videos. He always used top talent when he made his videos.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Yeah. If only Michael Jackson could be given some sort of award that demonstrates his genius in the medium of music and film.

    If only…

  • Michelle

    Michael used film unlike anyone befor him. he was a master short film maker and deserves a special Academy Award for his use of the medium of film combined with music. The music film video is we know it now, is thanks to him. Look at The Wiz, Thriller, Moonwalker, captain EO, Liberian Girl, Earth Song etc. 3D movie was incorporated in the ill fated concert series. Perhaps a special Academy can be awarded to Michael next year. MJ made short movie after short movie, a prolific film maker extraordinaire.

  • saralee

    Michael Jackson appeared in several movies. Moreover, many, if not most, of his musical videos actually were short movies. He definitely deserved the tribute by the Academy Awards.
    That being said, Farrah Fawcett also should have been included in the “In Memorium” segment.

  • “Not for nothing, but the Oscars should be ashamed of themselves.”

    Yes, an infomercial for show business should hang their collective head in shame over the fact they overlooked Farah.

    btw, every commentor who pointed out the Farah snub and not the Bea Arthur snub should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m sure there’s some sort of profound conspiracy behind the omission that goes right to the top of Oscardom.

    You all should go figure it out and come back to me with what you find out.

    I’ll wait here…

  • Laura KG

    Not for nothing, but the Oscars should be ashamed of themselves.As an MJ fan, I was glad to see him included. He was pretty much the most famous person on the planet PLUS This Is It and The Wiz.I was also shocked beyond belief to see Farah left out. I just don’t get what MJ being included has to do w/ the Farah snub? The whole memorial piece went by so quickly that it wouldn’t have killed them to add 3 or 4 more people to the tribute. Perhaps they should have cut that whole scene w/Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin in bed together.Maybe then there would have been enough time to do the right thing and include these other great stars.

  • Jordan Richardson

    He is the last one that should be left out.

    Exactly. They should have left out that one guy. Fuck that guy.

  • David

    Don’t forget that Michael was nominated for an Oscar for the song Ben… By the way, I think Farah should have been included!

  • SWB

    There were 29 others recognized. Coulda dropped one of them to make room for Farrah. Michael Jackson earned every tribute there is to give in the performing arts. He is the last one that should be left out.

  • Sonia, go to IMDb, enter “Farah Fawcett”, then come back and admit your mistake

  • Sophie

    I LOVE MJ!!! and glad he was included but it was way too ridiculous that they did not include farrah or bea.

  • #10 Geek Girl,
    LOLOAOA! I didn’t know about Bea Arthur being excluded either! I guess I wouldn’t have included her in this essay, anyway, since it’s about Bruce Davis. Not that anyone noticed! 🙂 –Bob E.

  • Bea Arthur???
    *smacks head on keyboard*
    Now I have to start clicking away again.

    Don’t you think they should have included Jeff Goldblum and Matt Damon as well? I know they were only dead on Twitter, but that doesn’t lessen the grief and shock we all felt when they found Matt’s body in Palo Verde.

  • Sonia

    What does Michael Jackson have to do with Farrah Fawcett? I don’t remember her on the big screen anyways. As I recall one of MJ’s songs ‘Will You Be There’ was the theme song on Free Willy, which was on the big screen. Michael Jackson was known and loved around the world from all ages, even my nephew who is 5 yrs old, LOVES his music. He doesn’t know who Farrah was. I am the same age as MJ and

  • So let me get this straight, you are upset about a tribute held on a show you didn’t watch? And you care what Bruce Davison thinks? Sounds like too much free time on your hands. Also you probably shouldn’t be using “sophistication” so close to discussing your perusal of “People”.

    The Wiz was shown during the Jackson montage.

    And why does your article snub Bea Arthur’s snub? Don’t you imagine that somewhere out in the blogosphere there are Bea Arthur fans clicking away at her exclusion?

  • sadfg

    Bruce Davis needs to die… slit him open..

  • I think the thing Jackson will be most remembered for is Thriller, both the album and long-form video that share the name. The video was ground-breaking for its time, and I’ve watched it recently and it still seems like a short film and guarantees MJ’s legacy, and it’s better executed than most of the other music videos around today.

    MJ definitely should have been included, but Farah Fawcett should have been as well.

  • CPS

    I located a mistake in this story:

    “…isn’t Jackson best known for his remarkable musical work?”

    No. The two things for which he will forever be best known are A) a dance move, and B) being thought of, by a large percentage of the population, as a pedophile who got away with being so.

    And the premise that Jackson contributed significantly to the motion picture industry… riiiiiight…

    It is due to corruptions such as this that I’m one who is no longer a viewer of the Oscars.

  • beau

    so why the michael hate,he didnt put himself their.michael was a legend while farrah was a B listed actress who people felt sorry for cause of her battle with cancer,this is it movie is still raking money for hollywood through its dvd sales and they are gonna protect their cash cow.

  • Carefreedo

    She should have got included BUT stop blaming Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson had more right than anyone to be in that. He is a legend for god sake. Let the man receive some of the respect he deserves. Not to mention the fact he has just been in the biggest grossing documentary/music film OF ALL TIME and unless im mistaken is up for an oscar next year or that is the talk anyway and rightly so. I mean for goodness sake, that film will go down as one of the most stunning pieces of work in history. Absolute genius.

    Yes include her, she deserves it, but on her own merit. Not because Michael Jackson was included.

    Both of you R.I.P.

  • Melissa

    Stop with the pointing the finger! Michael was amazing and FF fought the good fight.. Now it’s wrong that she got left out but they put some of the biggest stars out there.. Not to mention that Michael’s This is It was the biggest selling concert movie.

  • Thank you for your Oscar recap. I’m so glad I missed it.