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Oscars: Chris Rock Speaks

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First-time Oscar host Chris Rock, who pissed off the Academy grannies with his disparaging comments about the Awards show, went on with Jay Leno last night to mend some fences, sort of.

“I did not say that [about no straight black men watching the Oscars]. I said only gay people watch the Tonys.” But later he retracted his retraction. “I really don’t know any straight men who aren’t in show business that have ever watched the Oscars.”

Rock gave some perspective. “The Nobel Peace Prize, there’s no one there. Nobody cares what the scientists are wearing. What are you wearing Professor Allen? ‘Pants!'”

Regarding acceptance speeches: “Don’t thank God,” Rock said. “God’s busy working on the tsunami, so leave him alone.”

He’s a funny guy, but this show will be, um, edgy.

Meanwhile, if show producer Gil Cates says he isn’t nervous about Rock one more time, people might start to think he’s nervous:

    Everyone asked if I am worried about what Chris Rock will say. I told them that I am not worried at all.

    First, Chris is a very smart man and he understands quite clearly the difference between the scatological observations he can make on his cable television specials and how to be funny within the boundaries allowed on the networks. After all, he spent nearly five years as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Hmm, have you ever actually watched SNL, Gil?

Th Oscars will be presented on Sunday, February 27, at the Kodak Theatre, and televised live by ABC at 8 p.m. EST.

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  • Bernie Freeman

    I liked the part where Chris Rock said he wasn’t going to bash bush and then went directly into a Bush bashing fest that disrespected our fallen troops in the process. For many it was humorous but if you stood in a room with families that you knew had lost sons in Iraq, you would have immediately felt the awkwardness of those comments. As usual, Hollywood out of touch.

  • Pat Robins

    I think the world of Chris but I think he should have stepped up his game for the Oscars last night.

    We know he can joke about race but he should have been a little more classy (and, even more funnier) about it given his audience.

    His routine wasn’t even as good as his HBO specials. Too bad.

  • rick

    Honesty, what was he doing? Its was like he was performing at the Apollo for the “we like being mean to actors” group. In effect who is Chris Rock anyway…He is a shit head. If you can’t get Billy Crystal…Wait. Then wait some more wow. What a shithead.

  • Eric Olsen

    nice line Rick, I thought he was pretty funny but not sure why he picked on Jude Law and the others he singled out, didn’t really make sense.

    Bernie, he bashed Bush but I thought he went way out of his way to acknowledge and honor the troops

  • Nikkia

    I thought he came out swinging. I can’t find what people think was so insulting about his Bush comments. If you’re telling the truth then you’re not bashing. Truth is, Bush did come in with a surpass and put us in a deficit second truth he did start a war under the pretense of finding weapons of mass destruction at the headquarters of the axis of evil only to have to say sorry, my bad there are no weapons. At any other job that kind of screw up would have gotten you fired. God bless the terrified republic.

  • Richard Porter

    And Nikkia, God bless the education system:

    “Truth is, Bush did come in with a surpass and put us in a deficit…..”

    One more thing, do you always act traiterous when thing do not go your way?

  • Nikkia

    “One more thing, do you always act traiterous when thing do not go your way?”

    Don’t you mean, do you always act TRAITOROUS when THING’S do not go your way?

    People in glass houses…