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Osama’s Wife To Be Handed Over To Obama?

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www.patdollard.comPakistan’s ISI chief, Prime Minister and Army Chief were on their toes after Osama’s death. The task assigned to them by U.S. President Obama was to send Osama’s wife to U.S. for interrogation. The real problem started right from that moment for all the three. For the last couple of days none of the three was able to sleep. U.S. pressure was increasing, putting them in a fix. In the house where Osama was living they found 35 women, all beautiful and young. It was very difficult for them to ascertain who Osama’s real wife was.

When they tried to find out from the other persons living in that house nobody was able to tell as nobody knew about it. With no alternative around, they decided to ask directly from the women. All 35 women were told to assemble in the hall room. In the early evening hours 35 ladies walked in as if performing a catwalk on a ramp during a fashion show. The room got filled with different fragrances of imported perfumes.

www.theatlantic.comOver the loud chatter, the ISI chief ordered them all to be silent for some time to discuss an important matter. It took almost 30 minutes to silence them. The Army Chief asked them who among them was Osama’s real wife. None of them came forward to accept. It was PMs announcement that they are under extreme pressure to send Osama’s wife to the U.S. that changed the dimming lights to full blown lamps. All of a sudden all of them started shouting, each claiming that she was the real wife of Osama.

After all who among them didn’t want to let her two dreams come true – one, to visit U.S. and two, to meet Obama. Above all the mystery needs to be resolved of why the mere difference of one letter in two names – Osama and Obama – made such a huge difference.

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