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Osama Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda terrorist leader known as the man behind the the 9-11 attacks and others, has been killed in Pakistan. Immediately after the news broke crowds gathered outside the White House singing patriotic songs and cheering.osama_bin_laden

The fact that bin Laden was killed not in a remote tribal area but in the heart of Pakistan may further complicate the already frayed relationship between that country and the United States. Sources have said that Pakistani intelligence officers were involved, which may improve relations, but the fact that bin Laden was hiding out near Islamabad might suggest that he had been given some significant and perhaps even formal protection there.

“The United States has conducted an operation that has killed Osama bin Laden,” President Obama told the world at 11:35 PM Eastern time. “Our counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us” to the terrorist, said Obama, and “a small team of Americans…after a firefight…killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.” A lead first obtained several months ago, the President said, led to a compound where it was determined bin Laden was hiding out. “His demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity…Justice has been done.”

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  • pablo


    If you watched “The Power of Nightmares” as you aay you did, it clearly expresses the opinion that AlCiada was created by the FBI to create a conspiracy case in New York City.

    It is neither ambiguous or blurry, the documentary quite clearly states that AlCiada was a creation of the Justice Department. Period.

  • handyguy

    The Power of Nightmares is an intellectual essay about ideas, not a documentary about facts. I have seen it at least 3 times. Many of the provocative ideas in the film are just that — not intended to prove anything, but to encourage the viewer to expand his thinking, as if to say: “Did you ever try looking at it this way?”

    The bit you refer to claims that the name “Al Qaeda” was made up by US prosecutors in a trial, and later adopted by Bin Laden’s group. Peter Bergen, among others, has praised the film’s intellectual adventurousness while disputing some factual inaccuracies, including the Al Qaeda name story.

    The central thesis of the movie is what is important: that politicians make up scary bedtime stories and offer to protect the populace from these bogeymen, thus increasing the politicians’ power. The scarier the story, the more power it bestows [Communism in the 1950s-1970s, replaced by jihadism in the 21st century].

    The death of Bin Laden is the end of the scary fairy story, not its continuation.

  • pablo

    Peter Bergen, now thats funny Handy. He is the biggest CFR shill our there. Mr. bin laden expert my ass.

  • Buddy

    I’m not really sure about his death, because everyone is saying different things, thereof you never know whom to believe.

  • handyguy

    Since your own expertise consists just about entirely of throwing semi-literate verbal stink bombs, all I can do is yawn and move on.

    CFR…UN…black helicopters…the Fed…Skull & Bones…ATF agents…Kenyan-born tyrants…they’re all coming to get us. The conspiracists create their own set of dark fairy tales, and, unfortunately, they believe them.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    For those of you who don’t think there was sufficient time to perform a DNA test on bin Laden’s body, read this article from

  • Irene Athena

    Was Benazir Bhutto a conspiracy theorist?

  • Irene Athena

    She says in a 2007 video (you know, before she was “offed”) that OBL was killed years before that. Maybe she was just a dumb know-nothing broad who got to be the premier of Pakistan because of that pretty face and family connections. Thought she knew so much, but she knew too much.

  • handyguy

    Or maybe she was mistaken about that particular fact. It does happen, even to smart people. It’s unfortunate that the interviewer didn’t see fit to explore the subject further, so we don’t know why she made this claim just once publicly, and why no one else confirmed its validity [or even stepped forward to agree with her].

  • pablo


    Not only did Benazir Bhutto say that osama bin laden had been killed on Al Jazeera, with David Frost interviewing her, Frost did not even bat an eyelid, or ask her about this stunning statement.

    The interview with Bhutto occurred a month or two before her assassination. BBC when it aired the same interview chose to willingly, and knowingly edit out the reference to bin laden. This was done within only a few months after her death.

    I being the demanding, unparanoid, outspoken, free person that I am actually wrote to the BBC concerning their un-professionalism regarding Bhutto’s statement. I got an email back from BBC saying that they had edited the clip because they did not think that Bhutto meant to say what she did!

    Can you imagine that? BBC had the gall to edit out the clear english statement that she said only weeks after her death!

    However soon after that, which was several years ago, BBC decided due to the outrage at them, they started using the original un-edited clip, where the former assassinated Prime Minister of Pakistan clearly, and unambiguously says that bin laden had been killed.

    Some people will believe ANYTHING, particularly when it is being spoon fed to them from birth. Others, due to circumstance, awareness, compassion, and a healthy dose of all american skepticism can see the BS a mile away.

    I, unlike some others on this site, assume, and I do mean ASSUME that when a major news story is afoot, what is being spoon fed as fact, is LIE. I admit this freely.

    Others assume that if they read something or watch something being reported by the MSM that it is factual.

    I am not sayint that the MSM always lies, I am just saying from my own personal experience it is far better to assume that they are lying, and proceed from there.

    Here is a quick take of my views that are quite contrary to those presented by the MSM as truth


    Thus far I am batting 100% on each and every one of these newsworthy political events. The MSM is batting zilch.

    In fact every major political newsstory of the day is laced with outright lies and falsehood. Whether it is protecting innocent civilians in Libya, Osama’s sudden end, or Egypt in its post revolutionary military junta, its all LIES, LIES, and more LIES.

    I do however get some fairly good entertainment value observing those that do suck up the MSM’s stream of BS. Perhaps that is petty to some people, but hey I got to get my kicks where I can :)

  • handyguy

    Here’s a long interesting blog post from 3 years ago about the Bhutto video. The author writes quite well and ties herself in knots trying to make sense of the story. [It would require Bin Laden to have been dead since Dec 2001, and there are videos of him in the years since then.]

    But if you scroll down to the very end of the post, you find what may be the answer to this oddity: A video blog post by someone else who convincingly makes the case that Ms. Bhutto simply misspoke, saying the wrong name. Even if you want to believe her, you have to admit it’s odd, inexplicable in fact, that she would just casually drop this bombshell into the middle of a sentence and then go on talking about something else.

    If she had said, “Among the people who are my enemies are Omar Sheikh, who killed the Easter Bunny,” it wouldn’t have been weirder or easier to explain than what she did say. In other words, yes, she was smart – smart enough to know that claiming Bin Laden had been murdered would be big news – not how she treats it.

  • handyguy

    Pablo, honestly, your own assessment of your batting average is, shall we say, very different from what an honest observer would say about it. Where you see BS, others see at most ambiguity, and in many cases nothing at all. Yet you believe you have definitive proof.

    Is this all you do all day? Do you have a job? A life?

  • pablo

    Is what all I do all day Handguy? I rarely even write on this site anymore, and haven’t in ages.

    I wish I had a job, alas however I scrape by at the nearest offramp with my Vet sign and hand out.

    Hmmm, an HONEST observer, I suppose that would be you Handguy..hehehe :)

    The last paragraph in comment 60 pretty much about sums it up Handguy. I gets my entertainment where I can.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Why did I feel that the explanations were sufficient? Because they are in accord with my own knowledge and experience.

    Your own knowledge and experience don’t necessarily reflect the facts in this case. You pack more understanding than I do in matters of this area, but that doesn’t mean that you pack more evidence.

    In my view, the explanations have changed considerably over the passage of time. As a result, more (or less) clarity is coming to light. The “official account” has evolved somewhat, too, so it’s hard for me to place a significant amount of trust in it until it, let’s say, “settles.” The stream of early reports, out of the White House and out of the “disparate media” outlets, has yet to settle on an account that aligns with consistency.

    So given the state of evidence thus far, I’d say that considerable reasonable doubt remains. This does not mean that there’s some massive conspiracy or that the Obama administration is deceptive, however. It just means that I’m not sure about what happened yet. It doesn’t make me a “deather” or other such thing.

    if you listen too closely to the whispers of doubt, you might not be able to as easily discern the ring of truth

    It’s a cute slogan, Glenn, but I don’t agree. Doubt is healthy. It is healthy to question and remain uncertain with respect to that which is not established fact. It is healthy to allow the facts to bear out, to follow the evidence where it leads – even if it leads to a place that is far from comfortable. Doubt is, in my mind, the only reasonable position to take in matters such as these. You suggest that doubt should be used in moderation; I counter that doubt is moderation.

  • pablo

    42 Handguy

    The AP story has been confirmed, the fact that you are not aware of this only shows your ignorance. AP distributed a false doctored photo of bin laden to news outlets around the world. Nice try though Handy :)

  • Clavos

    I wish I had a job, alas however I scrape by at the nearest offramp with my Vet sign and hand out.


    (No criticism/endorsement expressed or implied — simply a repetition of this tidbit of information)

  • Christopher Rose

    I believe that was actually humour, Clavos, and if not, then disinformation!


  • zingzing

    like bhutto, pablo said what he said for a reason. unlike bhutto, he actually is in a position to know. we should all take this bit of information as the honest truth, and run with it. pablo is a vet, most recently of the crimean war, fighting for the kingdom of sardinia. he was wounded, but survived with half his brain intact. the ugly half. he roles around in his model year 1844 wheel chair with a sign that reads “black cat, black cat, chaaaaaange for the homeless” on the offramp to atlantic city. sometimes an old lady friend of his (they met during his convalescence in old prussia) will sit on his lap and play a game of patience.

    this is the truth. accept no substitutes.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Here’s a Science Daily article, published last August on a new method of DNA testing that can yield results in as little as two hours.

    (Of course, it goes without saying that the author of the article was notified by the White House that a fake bin Laden takedown would occur the following April, and that fake evidence of the possibility of a fast DNA test would be needed.)

  • Clavos

    (Of course, it goes without saying that the author of the article was notified by the White House that a fake bin Laden takedown would occur the following April, and that fake evidence of the possibility of a fast DNA test would be needed.)

    It could be, Doc; could be, with that Obama crew in the WH…


  • STM

    Has anyone seen that movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”, where the two dudes cart Bernie’s corpse around trying to pretend that he’s actually still alive?

    I believe this is the real-life version … the Navy commandos were given Bin Liner’s body, which had been stored in a box in the “special” cool-room they have at the Pentagon just for such things.

    They just chose the compound in Abbottabad at random, discovering there was a party in full swing as they arrived. The real reason it had no phone or internet was an ongoing billing dispute with Bell.

    Bin Liner was flown in, and some punters on the ground report that he waved to them from a chopper although most said his arm apparently looked “a bit stiff”, even mechanical.

    When they got there, the party was going on so one commando propped him up and walked him around. They even spent a bit of time around the pool. Eventually, they found people gathered in a bedroom, looking a bit guilty and sniffing a lot while speaking at a hundred miles an hour.

    One of the partygoers rushed a commando hoping she might be able to score, and in the melee, Bin Liner’s body fell against a wall and the commando’s gun accidentally went off, hitting the corpse in the head.

    It now being useless, they took it back with them. However, realising they’d get in deep sh.t with the CIA guys for ruining a perfectly good preserved corpse, they chucked it out the back door of the chopper over the Arabian Sea.

    This is a far more plausible explanation for the entire mission than just about anything I’ve seen on here.

    And they DO have a special “freezing room” at the Pentagon reserved for the corpses of the famous and infamous.

    Just like a TV cooking show. “And here’s one we prepared earlier”.

    Check the internet to get even more facts.

  • WhoWhatWhenWhere

    I don’t think he’s dead it’s all a big cover up!