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Osama bin Laden Captured?


It appears I was misinformed. An e-mail sent to my entire organization stated something to the effect of, “Hey, turn on CNN, Osama’s been captured.”

So, just like the mainstream media, sometimes the little guys get duped as well.

As of this moment, it appears that Osama bin Laden has NOT been captured.

Original story follows below.

Read about all the hi-jinks leading up to this little misadventure here.


Breaking News:

I can’t confirm this story as I’m in a television-less environment, but I’ve received word that CNN is at this moment reporting that al Qaeda leader and reputed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden has been captured.

What will this mean for the war on terrorism?

What will this mean for the world?

In any event, this is — assuming the news is accurate — a moment to celebrate for the civilized world.

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  • Dave Nalle

    She wasn’t a white woman, she was a journalist. They’re a breed apart.

    As for Osama taking out Bush, that’s probably the right’s wet dream. Then Bush is an instant hero and martyr and we can go completely berserk with as much money and troops as we want in the middle east.


  • Raj

    In my openion, Osama Bin Laden is a hypothetical person such as James Bond or Batman.

    A different physical human being plays the role of Bin Laden even if the current Osama is captured and or killed.

  • Raj

    Al Queada appers to be to the Middle East what the CIA is to the United States.

    United States, 300 Million people, 10 Million sqm Land

    Middle East, 300 Million people, 7 Million sqm Land

  • IMO

    You people are all been taken for fools ,dont you know Bin Laden does not exist and that images of the person imaged as bin laden is a ordinary muslim soldier .
    Americans has formed that images to brainwash the minds of the ordinary people to take the blame off the real terrorist .
    And who is that ,the Americans itself

  • daniel

    this entire osama thing was fake and a virus as we all have found out but there are still many people arounod the globe affected by this-it could even happen to friends or family-i think that we should link an email together and forward it to all telling them about the problem and why they should check for it-as some1 mentioned osama could get ideas to destroy all electronical items so i say we try to keep it on a radar of people we know and not to everybody because if it spreads too far we have no idea what will happen. k thanks for readin lol :)