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Organic in the world of blogging is both a social movement and a way of producing food. There is a lot of dialogue about eating healthfully or avoiding toxic products ; resources can be found for buying clothing, cosmetics or furniture that are organic lifestyle choices.

One of the yummiest aspects talked about on the web is all the great food out there, from organic coffee, to eating locally, to organic whole grain bread, cheeses, even pet food.

Among organic fiends resources for heirloom seeds are one of the gems to be found. There is much documentation that organically grown plants and animals offer better nutrition for us; and sustainable agriculture and living, is evolving and growing through online dialogue.

Corporate food lobbyists such as Monsanto threaten the right to grow organically and to use heirloom seeds. Their genetically modified (GMO) crops contaminate naturally seeded fields; they propose legislation to make organic growing illegal even in home gardens, on the premise that their methods of chemical agriculture will end world hunger.

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