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O’Reilly And Rivera Turn The Volume Up To Eleven In Epic Shouting Match

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Billoreilly Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera may just be a match made in heaven. Both men are loud, attention-starved bullies. Not surprisingly, the two turned a debate on illegal immigration into a full-fledged shouting match on The O’Reilly Factor last Thursday. YouTubers wasted no time getting the encounter up on the web and the video quickly became viral.

O’Reilly and Rivera began talking about the case of Alfredo Ramos, an illegal immigrant who is suspected of driving under the influence after killing two teenage girls in a car accident in Virginia Beach. Rivera quickly jumped on O’Reilly: "Don't obscure a tragedy to make a cheap political point."

O’Reilly fired back at Rivera’s stance on open immigration, saying he favored “open-border anarchy.” The rest of the argument was mostly yelling and finger pointing (literally).

Although these two men don’t seem to have much in common politically, they are good friends off-camera, and they made it clear there were no hard feelings after the show. O’Reilly even paid Geraldo a compliment: "Geraldo is a friend of mine and I think I respect him even more now."

This all just goes to show how sensationalized “news” programs have become in this age where ratings are the higher truth. In the good old days, two men this mad at each other would have taken their fight into the green room after the show and Geraldo would have come out with another broken nose. We’re willing to bet this one ended in a nice hug when the cameras stopped rolling. So sad.

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  • Wesley

    Food For Thought: This is just talk. We have talk.
    We need action. Only you & I can be counted upon to take action, ie wehirealiens.com, and boycotts, votes.

    See Senator McCaul‘s Website “A LINE IN THE SAND”

    Iraq’s Crossing Borders After Learning Spanish!!

  • Haha, that was amazing! What hilarious shouting, gotta love that O’Reilly. And what’s even more mindblowing is that Rivera is actually talking sense, for once.

  • I watched this “match” on the Internet and believe it was staged. These two guys loved it. People are dupes if they believe anything else.

  • Well Victor, it did cause me much pain to the gut to see them turning the incident into an advertisement for “fair and balanced” reporting at the end, so that’s a fair point.