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Oral Sex and Katie Couric: NBC special

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Wow. I was blown away.

In place of Law and Order came Sodom and Gomorrah, courtesy of an NBC special “The 411: Teens and Sex.”

Oral Sex was the tease in the middle of the West Wing. As always, of course.

There’s me watching a nice innocent show – the West Wing – when during the commercials, as I’m fiddling through my bills – paying $459 to a collection agency to pay off a couple of Washington traffic tickets so I can get an Arizona driver’s license – when Katie Couric’s perktitude comes across the screen.

She’s all blond highlights and muscle-faced now, and gone now, sadly are the chipmunk cheeks.

“None of us want to think about our teens doing it – oral sex. What do they know? What don’t they want you to know?” [paraphrase]

(O) | (O)

Startled is the word.

This show was amazingly, um, well let’s just say, I’m just glad they didn’t quite reveal any of these young gentlemen and young ladies ages. The show was about what parents think they know about their kids and how much more the kids really know.

I don’t have kids so maybe I shouldn’t have watched it.

It was about Couric asking these barely-teens to describe certain terms: “What does “friends with benefits mean?” “What does ‘hook-up’ mean? C’mon Katester – hook-up? Were you an extra in “Blast from the Past? or what?

To be more fair, really I think she knew what all these terms meant but wanted to hear it in their words. Journalists have to ask a lot of stupid questions for good quotes (they can’t quote themselves).

Still, I guess the good news in all this was that 70 percent of the kids had never “done” oral sex. The kids in nursery school, that is.

I’m joking.

Check that link above for a little more context. I really don’t know quite what to believe; whether these kids were filling out a form anonymously or whether people were being questioned by someone seems to be critical to the answers they received. In other words whether the boys felt the need to brag and the girls felt the need to downplay their foreplay. (Sorry, you think that’s cringe-worthy you should have watched the show).

Gotta say this – Couric has balls. Seriously, the short skirt revealed plenty – she has balls. She asked tough questions – ones that, in fact, most parents are too embarrassed to ask or bring up. And you can understand why – they’re afraid of the answers – and also afraid of being lied to.

Perhaps the most shocking moment of the entire show; Katie Couric was sitting over on one side of the room – these 20 or so boys and girls were seated on cushions and chairs, a junior school picture of raging hormones and ernestness. And as the end credits roll, Couric leans over, crosses her legs and points at one guy and curls her finger, beckoning him over; a question on her lips, one she’s clearly been dying to ask all night:

Do I make you horny, baby?

PS I think the show will help – and I turned it after the second commercial break to watch Magnum PI. Did you know Higgins was actually Robin Masters?

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  • No, no he wasn’t – Magnum met with Robin, remember: you would have thought he would have noticed…

  • Shark

    Katie is the Cheerleader of Babylon — one of the biggest emotional pornographers in America. There is a special place in Hell for the likes of her.

    I’m waiting for the moment on live TV when she asks some poor moron whose entire family died in some photogenic natural disaster:

    Katie: “What did it feel like — what went through your mind when you saw your loved ones’ bloody bodies scattered beneath the burning rubble?”


    Gawd, I hope I live long enough to see it.

  • Eric Olsen

    I guess you can’t say NBC doesn’t “tackle the tough subjects” – you’re right about the combination of not wanting to know and not wanting to be lied to. I think the best approach on this is to emphasize the future and make sure they know the very real possibility of screwing that up

  • Nick Jones

    And Robin Masters’ voice was done by Orson Welles.

  • A think piece that “every concerned parent should watch” with KC is just another desperate grab for ratings, infotainment as documentary, sex selling itself for Neilsen families.

    Why not just show porn at 11pm with the tease: is this what your children are watching? Is this what you’re watching?

    Right Now?

  • Didn’t she do a piece recently about colored “bracelets” that wer supposed to indicate how far a kid has gone. or what they’re willing to do…some BS like that. I asked my teen daughters about it, they didn’t know what the hell I was talking about…or…were they just “playing” dumb?

  • What got me was the ads for this earlier this week and last. Lots of shots of these teenaged girls in bikinis doing bump’n’grind dancing at “parties.” Teen sexuality may be problematic, but exploiting teen sexuality for ratings doesn’t seem to be.

  • Those bracelets did sort of exist.

    mike H – never saw those ads. Pretty bad.. It’s funny when I looked for “teens sex” at Amazon for this post I got all of what I got above. When I searched for “teen sex” at Amazon for this post iup came Girls Gone Wild and a couple of other things.

  • Colors of bracelets indicate the sex action-kiss hug sex not interested. Katie has kids, member?

  • Eric Olsen

    which means she has had sex

  • Dawn

    Wow, there’s a heavy “ewww” subject. I don’t know about girls nowadays, but when I was a teenager, oral sex was “safe sex” ie, can’t get pregnant, certainly not for recreation or to pass time.

    But I was a late bloomer to the whole the thing, I mean 7th grade? I am pretty sure that I was in 9th grade before I even open-mouthed kissed and that was a big deal.

    And there was none of this whole friends with benefits crap. Either it was the whole enchilada, or you can forget it.

    Having sex with someone you don’t like on a romantic level is like eating pizza out the garbage can, sure it will satisfy your hunger, but leave you feeling really gross and humiliated afterwards.

  • “Having sex with someone you don’t like on a romantic level is like eating pizza out the garbage can, sure it will satisfy your hunger, but leave you feeling really gross and humiliated afterwards.”

    I think you should have that embroidered on a throw pillow, Dawn. Maybe “there’s” your talent 🙂

    Up to “the garbage can” on one side and the rest on the other.

    That’s the ticket

  • Eric Olsen

    i don’t think she’s much into embroidery, though. Dawn can write them and her mother can embroider them

  • NAz


    your right on man. First person on this whole blog page to say something thats real:

    ” Katie is the Cheerleader of Babylon — one of the biggest emotional pornographers in America. There is a special place in Hell for the likes of her.

    I’m waiting for the moment on live TV when she asks some poor moron whose entire family died in some photogenic natural disaster:”

    This sort of thing is one of the most sickening parts of american tv. I wish more americans would’nt tolerate it. Everyone gets up in arms over sexual allusions, and swearing mean while kids are consuming loads of shallow, sickiening, whore-feed from the likes of Oprah, Curic, and a load of others.

    I think I’m being objective when i say that in Canada journalism/news televisoon/talk shows don’t operate like that. Of course there isn’t as many of them, and only a tenth of the viewers but they’re more entertaining for a mature audience and they have more of a heart than all these disgusting american shows.

    I know most americans would appreciate teh differenceif they were offered it, but i think americans are so used to the crap tabloid shit that is american tv in everysence (even the nightly news..) that they don’t realaize there is an alternative.

    Any comments..? P.s. I’m not America bashing.. well i am.. but bashing the MAN, not the average american.

  • I completely agree that there is something wrong with American television news. Mostly the fact that research seems to be optional and sensationalism is all the rage.

    I read a book a while back, think the name was “A Nation of Fear,” though Amazon does not list it. It was about how news stations will pick a topic like teen sex, road rage, or cancer causing cell phones, and make them out to be rampant epidemics sweeping the nation. They get away with it because they don’t actually list numbers. If they told you road rage was only responsible for 3% of all auto accidents, it would discredit their story. It drives ratings up.

    The part that bothers me the most is how they seem to have shifted from things like road rage and have focused on the issue of sex. In the last four years I’ve seen a huge shift in the newscasters. They seem to have all grown younger and sexier while knowing less about the state of America. Hell, Sharon Reed got naked on the news about a month ago. They also spout cheesy banter between stories, which is more annoying than endearing.

    Anyway, that’s my short rant.

  • Shark

    Mr.Benning, you should read Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death.”

    A great analysis of what’s wrong with what we watch.

    Also note, apropos of your point, that people who watch a lot of news have a much more negative, fearful, exaggerated impression of crime stats, etc.

    (My mother-in-law watches FOX constantly — and she thinks the world is coming to an end — everywhere except in Iraq.

    Strange, that.

  • Um yeah, but this was about something NBC news did right.

  • I didn’t have anytime to catch this on TV, so I read the article with all of the “facts” on MSNBC. From what I read it made it sound like sex was bad and i should never ever have it in my lifetime. im a teenager, and i don’t understand where they got the numbers for the teen surveys. there is no way some of those numbers are the way they are. i found the whole thing quite silly. i mean seriously, its not a big deal katie couric….i bet she had oral sex as a teenager, but lets not go there.

  • Thanks for reading. Hope you read this too.

    Do mean the survey numbers are too high or too low?

  • funkspiel

    I remember Katie’s colon.

  • “Katie is the Cheerleader of Babylon — one of the biggest emotional pornographers in America. There is a special place in Hell for the likes of her.” That does remind me of George Bush smirking while saying that the deaths of American soldiers is a tragedy, but then gets right back to making excuses for their deaths and saying his earlier excuses didn’t matter…

    But, I digress, wasn’t there some talk of Katie becoming part of a news anchor team to replace Rather? I think she would be chief anchor in charge of “perky news”…

  • L. Cue

    Thanks to katie for the quote of the week? Went something like, “Teens and Oral Sex for fun a growing trend. I don’t know, it’s not a trend that I have been following.”

    So, what are some of those trends your following Ms. Couric?

    Some interesting info, but I thought we all knew about this. Seems to hype it up a bit more than nessecary, I mean I can understand talking to your own kids frankly about sex, but do I want to watch another nbc special about it? I’d rather watch Law and Order!

  • I’d rather watch pain dry…oh wait, that’s the same thing as watching Law and Order.


  • …next on “Law and Order: Special Paint Drying Unit…”

  • L. Cue

    aww come on…you gotta like Law and Order….I bet you 2 hate Las Vegas, Lost and Fear Factor to…

  • I’m starting to switch off Law and Order repeats (the ones I haven’t seen I mean. I’ll always turn if I’ve seen it before) – the same old faces, same old same old.

    Still liking the new ones and LO: CI (criminal intent). Will never ever watch SVU: All the people there are self-righteous unsympathetic characters – and I mean the cops.

    What was that other – better – show Ice “Cop Killer” T was on? Former criminal gone good, so he had the inside edge on things.

    Maybe Katie could play a murderess on Law and Oder; who’d suspect that face? It’d be too easy to make her a victim.

    Have I mentioned by the way that of all the morning “personalities” in existence, she’s the only one I like? I knew you’d want to know 🙂

  • In a possible story follow up, as this seems to be currently resonating among the media (e.g. “Teens and Sex” with Katie Couric Jan 26, “Snap Shot at Teen Sex” in Time Magazine Feb 7 issue, “Couric tackles teen-sex issues” in the Boston Globe and in people magazine), it would be good to pass on the following link that has a thorough expository and thesis on the truth about Sexuality in America, the world and what the populace needs to know, especially teens. Nothing is left out! It is called “Sexuality Series,” written by O.McQuick. It would be good if your magazine, in future arcticles, could reference it. The link to find it

    Or click on my name

    God bless and keep up the good work.

  • danielle

    i watched the show but i didnt understand what was with the bracelets and what do they mean

  • I can’t watch SVU because Meloni’s sex scenes with Tergeson on HBO’s OZ have scarred me for life. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    I don’t see what’s so outrageous about KC’s special. I think many parents are just too cowardly to approach sex with their kids. Here’s a case in point:

    Over the holidays I was shopping in an electronics store looking for a couple of games. An attractive woman was at the sales counter with her son who was about 12 or 13. There was a video game he wanted in the worst way.

    The clerk feeling a sense of responsibility, asked the woman if she realized that this game was particularly gruesome and violent. The woman asked if there was any sex in the game. The clerk replied, “well, no, there’s no sex in it. But the violence and guts is pretty brutal. There’s a parent’s advisory right here.” Mommy cut him off as he pointed out the advisory saying, “As long as there’s no gratuitous sex in it he can have it.”

    The irony to the story is that the woman turned out not only to have a Bush-Cheney 2004 bumper sticker on her car, but she was a member of a local school board! Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Folks, if we don’t start opening up about sex, sexuality and real life issues with our kids we’ll be reproducing a new generation of self-loathing hung-up Americans.

  • Here’s the deal with teens and sex. Why the hell should they tell us what they’re doing when we don’t tell them what we’re doing? And if you tell them what you’re doing, then a whole new host of problems arise.

    We’re pretty open in this house and I get the same level of openness back. Judging by the questions I get, they’re pretty sophisticated about sex but if they can ask, there’s less need to experiment. If I lay out the likely results of experimentation, interest drops off quickly. Pregnancy, disease, etc. doesn’t do it. Deciding what you’re going to do if the relationship ends, well, that gets a lot of play.

  • I’am trying to aquire information about a plastic Surgeon that appeared on the Katie Courie show that performed a new proceedure. He was a guest on the show I believe April 18,19,or 20 2005. The proceedure is a facelift that takes only an hour but a new proceedure that is fairly unevasive. He laces thread from ear through the cheeks & comes out near the other ear. It lifts the face. This doctor developed the proceedure. I did not get his name and that is what I’am trying to find out. Or I would like a transcript of the show or find it in a web site on past shows archives. I do not know why they do not have weekly archives. On Martha Stewart web site one can visit past shows line-up of guests & topics. So, why can’t the Today Show with Matt Lauer & Katie Courie. Hopefully you will be able to get the info for me
    Marion Purdy

  • I hope you’re not just doing plastic surgeon on a whim but have a need. Otherwise it usually shows a lack of character and shallowness within. Or a porn career.

    if you have the extra money you’re just dying to spend i’ll be glad to put it to a better use – a digital camera or three. Maybe help toward my adopting a child.

    Dr Phillip Miller perhaps?


    Dr. Darrick E. Antell.

    The Google word search for Couric plastic surgeon

  • As the bishop said to the nun on the bicycle, “Peddle it somewhere else, sister!”

  • I’m confused?

    Is Kouric the bishop or the nun?

    I still like my ending.

  • Under the new rules promulgated by the Supreme High Commander of the Department of Justice I believe you need to have some paperwork on file when mentioning sex or pornography. Could we be arrested for talking about oral sex?

  • bt

    If TV and video-game violence is bad
    for kids, why is it that youth
    violence has decreased signifigantly
    over the past decade and is at nearly
    an all-time low?

    The same is true of violent crime in

    The effect seems reversed: More violent
    images but less violent crime.
    Go figure.

  • Where was the statistic that over 75% of sexually active teens regret it?
    This has shown up in other surveys that ask this specific question.

    Instead, this study concentrates on “Waiting to have sex is a nice idea but no one really does.”

    If the concern is the amount of promiscuous casual sex, perhaps there should be alot more taught on how teens can maintain their sexual integrity then in how to have sex every which way.

  • perhaps there should be alot more taught on how teens can maintain their sexual integrity

    As a parent, I would say that is my job.

  • Scott Butki

    What the heck does Friends with Benefits mean?

    Nobody offered me any bracelets?

    I’m so out of it.

  • Scott –

    Friends with Benefits = F**k buddy.

    We used to have those f**K bead things when I was a kid.

  • Steve

    I never heard of those bracelet things when I was in school, I think it’s a relatively recent phenomenon.

    Yeah, I gave up on Law & Order in the 90’s, five years watching that show was enough for me.

  • First of all, Temple, I don’t think Higgins was Robin Masters. I mean, I do remember an episode when Robin was involved (in a white suit or something). How could Higgins be Robin Masters? Man, I hate when things like this happen. Next you’ll be telling me that Bosley on Charley’s Angels was Charley.

    Secondly, there is definitely an attitude among young people (I’ve been an educator for over 20 years) that has changed, most notably toward oral sex. Many guys (especially) will tell you that it is really not sex. Girls will say this too and some have written in essays that it is a way to “keep my virginity.”

    That Katie Couric, she’s cutting edge. Man, what she will be able to do for CBS!

  • Scott Butki

    She can talk about anal sex next?

  • Heloise

    Moral Sex? How come nobody talks about that? I used to teach in high school and oral sex is all those suckers (excuse the pun) talked about. They would sneak into bathrooms or go behind the school or into empty apartments and have at it all day! Why are we NOT teaching them moral sex I wonder?


  • Moral sex does not sell products on TV, so it won’t get taught there.

    Then there are all the fights over what constitutes “moral sex” that can get pretty ugly. On another thread, some girl said “it’s my ass and my tits and my vagina and I’ll do what I want with them all,” or something very similar. That thread was about abortion – but the attitude carries…

  • katie raynor

    i love sex

  • amber

    im a teenager and we had to watch this in my health class. even though we arent going to get pregnant i dont think people take it as lightly as they lead on in the video. oral sex where i come from is the first step in becoming a whore and once you’ve done it nobody forgets it.