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Or maybe it was because it sucked?

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Word is a New York radio station may have accidentally played a new Guns ‘n’Roses track when a guest baseball player picked out some of his favourite
tracks. New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza was a guest last weekend on the
“Friday Night Rocks … With Eddie Trunk” show on New York classic rock
station Q104.3. Piazza brought in with him a CDR marked ‘Guns N’ Roses, IRS’
and asked Trunk to play a track off it. The track – apparently a rock /
techno combination complete with Axl Rose’s distinctive voice – caused a
flood of phone calls from G ‘n’ R fans to ask what the track was, and one

from G ‘n’ R’s management telling them to not play it again.

Neither the band’s management or their record label have commented on the
track, but given the former arranged to pick up the CDR off Piazza later
that day would suggest it was the real deal. The radio station’s programme
director has told reporters: “We’ve gotten hundreds, dare I say thousands,
of e-mails since, urging us to play it again. But we can’t because the
management flipped when they heard it on the air.”


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  • eh, who care’s about G&R?!

    i gave up on ‘Captain Cornrows’ years ago.

  • cjones

    And people wonder why file sharing is so popular. Once you find out the name of the song even if the stations wont play it you most likely can download it and hear it whenever you want. The music industry is full of jackasses. Thats why they are all going down.