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Oprah For President Anyone?

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As Democrats speculate over whether former first lady Hillary Clinton will become the first female to run for president, author Robert Fulghum has gone one further in controversy and suggested Oprah Winfrey.

Ethnic minority, female, self-made billionaire, and most respected American – the day-time talk-show host and TV impresario would seem to have all the makings of someone who would represent Americans well, according to Fulghum. The controversial statement comes from Fulghum's latest blog post, where he encourages readers not to give in to the fact that perhaps they might not like her talk show, but instead to "think big and stack her up against the likes of Ronald Reagan, Bush One, Bush Two, Nixon, Ford, or even Hoover."

"President Oprah Winfrey. Think about it," Fulghum opines. The author also claims controversially in the post that Kerry, Lieberman, Richardson, Pelosi, and Clinton are "not electable", since they do not live up to twenty key criteria qualifications, a move sure to anger many of those Democrats who strongly favor Clinton as an excellent candidate. The criteria include, "intelligent and street smart," "middle aged," "broad spectrum social values," "credibility with women and minorities," and "tough and resilient and hard working."

This is not the first time Oprah has been billed as a potential candidate for president. Author and documentary-maker Michael Moore has set up a petition to persuade her to run. "Isn't it time we had a winner on our side?" asks Moore at the top of the petition. "America loves Oprah. She's got good politics, a great heart – and she'll have us all exercising AND reading! This can't be a bad thing." And now there is a dedicated website to the cause of persuading Oprah to run, called Oprah For President 2008.

Fulghum is a Unitarian Minister – a religious derivation of Christianity which acknowledges the moral authority but not the deity of Jesus – and the author who rose to fame when his 1986 manifesto Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten stayed on the The New York Times Bestseller List for over two years. Publisher's Weekly has describred Fulghum's musings as "those we all wish were true." 

"Fulghum shows a simpler way to look at those things we confront in life," says Victoria Tarrani from Florida, the state which went to the Republicans over much dispute in the controversial 2000 presidential election.  

Fulghum's views gained momentum after being picked up by political blog aggregator Pajamas Media and are billed to rock the liberal blogosphere. He also declared that the Republicans were most likely to elect Senator McCain, who he acknowledged "could win." 

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  • Sean

    If Oprah was our president, the terrorists would take one look at our country and say, “perfect. Look at the weak bastards. Let’s take over.” Hell, they are probably already thinking that with Obama as our president.

  • Jose Rivera

    Oprah is to smart not to run for president..In a lot of Southern state White folks are making T shirts With a Monkey drawing on it saying it looks like barrack Obama..Racism Still exist here in the United State. I don`t understand why so many color people serve this country. knowing they are fighting for a country that will Never treat them equal..Whites have and will Always consider them self superior over all race. what happened to Martin Luther King? what happened to Rodney King? I believe that the day a black man gets elected here in this country for president History will repeat it self, they will, and most likely succeed in assassinating him. It will destroyed America because it will have the biggest riot, civil war in History in this country, It`s not only going be a crippled economy it`s going destroy the unity which will make America weak and vulnerable to other countries! What happened to Russia? It`s going to Happened to America. I asked a public defender in court how come whites get treated lightly in court than minorities, he said it`s because you are in the Old South! A judge said President Lincoln was the worst president, and that is why is face remained in a Brown Penny.

  • According to a facebook Poll last night, Oprah would beat Hillary Clinton.

  • I give 15 reasons why Oprah would make a good president on my blog!

  • Josh

    It’s me again. I said that Oprah can be president because she does so many things for everybody. And I’m starting to like that now.

    The woman gets my vote!

  • STM

    It’d be great … the Oprah show televised live from the Oval Office, with the President of Bananalawi on the Oval Office couch, along with Tony Blair and Dr Phil, and Arnie warning: “It’s gettink hot in he-ah … get your ass to Marrz”.

    You could have sittings of Congress filmed over at Jerry Springer’s studio: “George, we know you’ve been bad, and there’s someone I want you to meet today … come on out. He’s flown all the way from Tora Bora to confront you today. Yes, I think you’ve guessed it. It’s your worst enemy, Osama Bin Laden!” The security guys would have a field day trying to keep them apart. I mean, why not? It’d be a lot more interesting than the Hillary show, with special guest Barack Obama …

  • Josh

    Oprah for president! We need her as president and it’s about time we got rid of Bush. Oprah knows what she’s doing.

  • EO

    “Oprah uses 50% heart and 50% her head. The world does not have a leader of that calibre. She will make an excellent president”

    I think thats true.

    There is nothing more that i would like then to see then a strong black woman saying “Oh hell no, thats some bullshit, we fin handle this right now”.

    We all a know better then to talk sideways to a strong black woman, that is unless you want to get you ass handed to you.

    I think that alone would help our country.

    I know one thing.

    Almost any strong god fearing black woman would have more sence then what we are working with now so lets do it.

    Oprah for president!

    Just my humble oppinion.

  • A new girl-group on Sony/Epic has a song about to be released called “Oprah For President”– very edgy, but appeals to young voters everywhere. Could tip the scale.

    Check it out

  • I think she is an amazing woman with incredible insite to the worlds plights and needs. If she chooses not to run: so be it. She still remains at the forefront of service to mankind. For that I am truly gratiful. “Actions speak louder than words”, she has proven herself time and time again. I think I will buy one of those “Oprah for President” stickers just to let the public know how important Oprah is. God only knows the world needs a hero.

  • Now that’s a thought………Oprah for president, but to be honest I think she is way too smart to even seriously consider it….and I don’t blame her. What she is doing for all Americans right now is far more needed and appreciated. I bet Prisident Bush wishes he had her audiance……..not likely! Anyway God Blesses Oprah, and God Bless this country we need it.

  • gmfr

    What a great idea! But not for president! She can be very important to our future not by running; for she doesn’t seem to want the position but, for sending a message to future candidates as to the qualities we as citizens want in our candidates. If we as people, mount a movement “OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT” and it builds: even knowing she doesn’t want it,knowing she won’t win; other citizens, candidates and sitting officials will have to see what we want from our representives and how dissatisfied we are with the current state of affairs. Inegrity and intelligence.

  • djconklin

    1) doubling her wealth isn’t “small fries”.

    2) one of my ideas (I can do ab’t one a day) involved other people coming up with ideas–do you have any?

  • lol!
    i doubt oprah plays with small fries, dj conklin….can you imagine how many of your kind she gets a day?!?

  • dj conklin

    If popularity were a sure guide then I have no doubt that Oprah could win any election against any opponent. But, I will not vote or recommend Oprah for any political office.

    I tried contacting her some 3 dozen times to get a chance to talk with her because I came up with an idea that an industry expert said was a great idea. But, there was no answer (in fact, I’m blocked from leaving suggestions at her web site). She (or her staff) won’t listen to me.

  • J.

    When I consider our current president’s qualities; hostile, unintelligent, incapable of refining views, somewhat intollerant, and destructive, anyone who couldn’t even consider the possibility of Oprah being president are the reasons why our potentially great country has never been able to reach it’s full potential.

  • mangoenigma

    I can’t think of anyone more qualified

  • oprah for president? you have got to be kidding

  • Denise Rogers

    Please…where do you people come up with this crap. I love her show, but president??? get a grip.

  • S

    Hey! U R THE FN HERE!! U don’t need to be a racist, BI***. I think Oprah would make a great president. She is not just rich. She is a great person and would do the world good.

  • new government needed

    Oprah as prez? This I’ve got to see. She’s great at selling things on her show. “Buy a book,” and women across the country run out and buy it. As a politician, she’ll be great at selling lies. A great prez for a nation of people who don’t want to make decisions for themselves.

  • its hard enough for a black man in America…and to consider a woman?

    then again it is Oprah…i can’t vote in America, but if i could, i think i most certainly would.

  • Brenda Micheals

    Mis thang Oprah–for President –oh God no–she would have all the servants in The white be white and paint the White House Black!!!!!!!

  • US

    Oprah would make a great President! I wish we could get her to run for office…..

  • Baronius

    An effort to draft a rich, egotistical celebrity to run for office. I don’t see what’s controversial about that.

  • jonua

    I think Oprah would indeed make a great president. She’s so respected that the Greatest American election conducted by the Discovery channel ranked her as the Greatest Woman in American history. And ever since BET founder Robert Johnson lost half his fortune in divorce, Oprah has been the world’s ONLY black billionaire. In addition to that Business Week ranks her as the most philanthropic African-American of all time. Personally I find her a brilliant improviational entertainer and a marketing genius. She’ld be the most charismatic president in U.S. history.

  • Glynn

    Wow, some people really believe that old saying ” money can by antthing “. Oprah, president. I think not. Just because she has millions does not make her presidential material.

  • Viji Ananth

    Oprah uses 50% heart and 50% her head. The world does not have a leader of that calibre. She will make an excellent president said I to my husband but he said she must be the head of the UN for she will come out better in changing the attitude to life and and living condition. She will be able to reach out to the people and also be received by them with open arms. We need many of her type. MALAYSIA

  • Oprah for president? Why not?

  • i love colin powell…i want to have his children…

  • Dems: Winfrey and Obama; GOP: Powell and Rice. That’s my dream election for ’08.

  • …a move sure to anger many of those Democrats who strongly favor Clinton as an excellent candidate.

    Actually, I can’t imagine anyone taking Fulghum seriously enough to care who he thinks ought to be running for president.

    Oprah is popular, but where does anyone get the idea that she’s the most respected person in America?