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Opie Hendrix in the Houston Press

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All right, All Right, ALL RIGHT!  One of my Top of the Pops Bayou City musicians, Opie Hendrix, gets the full article treatment in the Houston Press

He was a blues slinger then. Not anymore. “I got sick of playing mediocre, half-assed blues for drunken audiences,” Hendrix says. “There are legends out there — and then there are cats like me. I mean hey, I like to consider myself a picker or whatever, but sometimes you gotta quit kidding yourself and say, ‘Look, I could spend my whole life trying to bend that note in two, but Stevie Ray Vaughan wannabes are coming age 14 now.”

After releasing an EP in this blues-rock vein, Hendrix released the alt-country Smashed Hits in 2000, from which KPFT DJ Roark Smith has been heavily spinning the rollicking rocker “Yellowhammer.” “We didn’t know Smashed Hits was gonna do what it did,” Hendrix says. “It was just an example of ‘Goddammit, I turned 30, I’m gonna make a record, and I’m gonna make it my way.’ And some weird things happened. I didn’t get any Grammy nominations or anything like that, but I did get some radio play.”

Hendrix is hoping to build on the small success of Smashed Hits with San Jacinto. First, about that title. Is Hendrix a Texas history buff? “Dude, if you wanna know the God’s honest truth, I named it that just ’cause it sounded so ZZ Top,” he admits. “You know? Degüello, Fandango, San Jacinto…”

And there’s a bit of extreme Top-style songwriting on the album, too, though Hendrix is even more leeringly crass (in a good way) than the tiny aged combo from the land of the bluebonnets. Here’s a sample of lyrics from “My Favorite Waitress”: “She’s got big boobies / likes dirty movies / she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose / shaves her beaver / I’ll never leave her / just get her wasted and it’s anything goes.”

There’s plenty more in the article, like his bio, his band, his colloborations, etc., so go read it.  Keep your eyes peeled for Opie down there in Houston.  He plays at Rudyard’s (aka Rudz) a lot, like Saturday, Oct. 5, so take the time and go spend an evening with a crazy-fun guy.  Support Independent Music!

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