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Opie Hendrix and the Texas Tallboys

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Opie Hendrix and the Texas Tallboys
Smashed Hits
$10 + $3 shipping

Opie Hendrix and the Texas Tallboys are yet another example of a great band cranking out great music on a regular basis that too few people have ever heard of. Coming to Texas out of the Florida swamps, Stephen Buchanan has taken a shine to our Republic, decided to stick around, and changed his name to Opie Hendrix. He stuck in the swamps of Houston, probably so he would feel a little bit more at home since that’s an extraordinarily soupy city that doesn’t have winter. Hopefully, the Republic will return the favor by making him a success. He’s already one of my favorites, with his CD Smashed Hits in regular, heavy rotation in the truck. Almost every song is one of those “roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and sing along” songs. I was actually doing this Friday night when I wheeled into the Granbury Wal-Mart and got a few looks from the shocked citizenry. They’re used to hearing that mainstream Nashville stuff, and it is my sworn duty to get the word out that Texas Music is 100x better, by any means necessary. Opie and the Tallboys are an excellent way to do that.

Here are the great songs on here:
Everybody but Me – funny bitching and moaning about life in general
Ballad of Becky and Jason – a white-trash romance gone bad
Fifty Dollar Bill – how nice it is to find money (I started singing this one to my wife in Mexico when I got bored)
Yellowhammer – rock’n’roll, MFer!
Texas (Bold as Love) – the “drinkin’ and singin’ about the greatness of Texas at the roadhouse” song — Chorus: If Texas ain’t a state of mind/Then you can kiss my bare behind/Look where you like/And you will find/There ain’t no place like Texas/My Texas…)

At $13 bucks, you can’t go wrong with this one. If you’re in Texas, find Opie playing somewhere near you, and avoid the shipping charges.

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  • Darrell

    I remember these commercials! I must have been about ten when I heard them, and I can remember the music and most of the lyrics like it was yesterday. Now forgive a dumb question folks, but who was it that sang these great songs?

  • Billy B

    Oh man…you’ve hit a landmine here with me. We had Mead’s Bakeries in El Paso back in the 60’s when I was growing up. I remember they got sold out and the name changed to “Flower’s Bread” in (I believe) the 80’s. They went out of business and the building became the headquarters for one of the Spanish newspapers.

    I remember most of one jingle for Mead’s Potato Chips:

    “Mead’s potato chips
    They’re great with dips
    With burgers they’re delightful
    And (something something) cracklin’ good
    With each and every biteful.
    That’s what I said…Mead’s Fine Bread!”

  • Bill Mack

    Thanks for the memories of my jingle for “Mead’s Fine Bread”. I wrote it in the mid-50s and it was a hit on radio and TV. First lyrics:
    “Mead’s Fine Bread is soft twisted,
    Makes for better flavor,
    Get Mead’s Fine Bread at your store today
    And do yourself a favor
    That’s what I said … Mead’s Fine Bread!”
    Was a hit on radio, first. Then came the skinny cowboy riding the horse on TV.

  • awelch

    A Mead… who is that grandfather? My grandmother was one of the Meads.

  • Stan Orr

    My Dad sold Mead’s. He had a record of all the jingles. the one I remember best?
    Well goin’ up into outer space
    Is a mighty big thrill of course
    But you can bet that I won’t go
    Unless I can take my horse
    That’s what I said
    Mead’s fine Bread…

  • dcw

    Mead’s Fine Bread is good in taste
    Golden brown, delicious
    So look for the bag with the great big M
    Its delicious and so nutritious
    That’s what I said
    Mead’s fine bread.

  • David Clarke

    Wasn’t it something like, “When you see my horse and me on your TV screen, you’ll find out ’bout the letter ‘M’ and bout what it means. That’s what I said…” Later on, seems that it concluded with, “that’s what I said, Mead’s Fine bread.”

  • amead

    I know Mead’s Fine Bread – It was started by my great grandfather.
    Ashley Mead

  • Mead’s Fine Bread

    Any old-timers out there remember Mead’s Fine Bread? Aside, if you get the chance, GO SEE OPIE PLAY LIVE! He’s a natural performer before the blessed songwriter, artist, loving father, husband & friend. Friends, you can tell the Lord is moving around Opie. There’s the songwriting, the voice, the buttery fingers that keep spine’s a tinglin’….tee hee…That’s where the fun begins! For the Dyer/Hawkins/Whatthebleep folks out there, we’re all blessed if we run across handfull of truely special people in a lifetime. Wherever you may call home, endeavor to meet Opie (a.k.a. Steven) and spend 5 minutes with him. It’s always refreshing to connect with others who really…I mean really LIVE!

    P.S. Long live Black Oak Arkansas & the Amazing Rhythm Aces, Jerry Garcia and Waylon Jennings
    Endevour to own a copy of the movies:
    The Corndog Man-1999-Sundance
    Wild Bill-Jeff Bridges
    What the Bleep Do We Know

    Read- Power vs. Force the hidden determinents of human behavior by David R. Hawkins…hope i havent wasted too much of your life…peace out and tell them ‘I AM’ sent you!

    Let me know if you ‘heard what I said’

  • Mike Shea

    I saw you in Austin last Halloween and you guys were awesome. I tried to buy your cd online a few months ago and never received it. What’s the deal.

    Michael Shea

  • Buy this buy this BUY THIS! GREAT CD and loads of fun!!!