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Opie and Anthony Taking Over for David Lee Roth?

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While there is really no substantiation to this rumor, it is an interesting question. This rumor was started on the New York Radio Message Board, which is run by a dentist named Allan Sniffen. So, take that for what it is worth, I guess. At the same time, you could make the case for this. The ratings for David Lee Roth are horrendous AND disastrous. The dudes at CBS are still furious with Howard Stern as evidenced by their $500 million dollar lawsuit against him. It stands to reason that they would be desperate enough to carry a show that is featured on satellite radio even though that might be their biggest threat.

I am going to go through the various players in this scenario and try to weigh the pros and cons for each.

CBS Radio Division

What’s in it for them?

Ratings. Say what you want about Opie and Anthony, but they have proven that they run a successful radio show. Their syndication in afternoon drivetime out of WNEW in New York was a success around the country until they were kicked off the air for the Sex for Sam contest. I am not going to rehash the “sex in a church” thing here, so Google it if you must. It might seem counter-intuitive to bring in enemies of Howard to win back his audience to “Free FM” — the CBS name for the medley of Stern’s replacements — but good radio is good radio. If you have it, people will listen. (Or not listen in DLR’s case.)

What are the risks?

Losing ground to satellite radio is one of the biggest risks that CBS could face by bringing Opie and Anthony to the free airwaves. It would seem to me that they would probably broadcast an edited version of the XM show as opposed to having Opie and Anthony try to do two shows. This will tell listeners that they can get a more complete and unedited show on satellite. It really casts “Free FM” in a negative light because it is just a “watered down version of satellite.”

Opie and Anthony and XM

What’s in it for them?

First of all, this would be a huge victory for Opie and Anthony in their longstanding hatred of Howard Stern. They have been after him since they were both working for the same company and a well-publicized gag order was placed on them due to Howard’s influence with company management.

For XM, airing edited versions of the Opie and Anthony show (or airing them at a later date altogether) might seem like giving away content that people are willing to pay for, but it is really just a commercial for what listeners could be hearing if they bought into satellite. Every time there is a bleep, or some bit that the regular radio audience can’t hear, it should drive people to either buy an XM radio or to audible.com where listeners can get uncensored versions of the show.

Also keep in mind that XM has already started to market themselves as more than just a radio company. They seem to eventually want to be considered as a more broad-based media company that creates content. In this case, depending on the terms of the deal, XM stands to drive business to the satellite service, if not share in some advertising revenues that could come through Free FM. But that isn’t all. They could start to establish themselves as a center for content where they could add additional sources of revenue to the bottom line instead of just counting subscriptions.

What are the risks?

For XM and O&A, the risks are minimal. Earlier this year a couple of Citadel stations carried edited versions of the Opie and Anthony show while Howard Stern was on vacation. It was a limited experiment and I don’t think the results could be conclusive after a couple of weeks, but it shouldn’t really hurt anything. XM is always touting their commercial free and uncensored angles. This is just a further illustration of what differentiates them from Free FM.

The only other risk I can think of is if Opie and Anthony somehow change their show so that it fits more easily on Free FM. While they are capable of doing a good show even when they are being clean, I think more than a few XM subscribers would feel slightly betrayed if the boys self-censored.

Howard Stern and Sirius

What’s in it for them?

Absolutely nothing. While they enjoyed all the exposure that Howard provided them from his last year on terrestrial radio, they can only cringe at the thought of XM getting the same thing.

What are the risks?

The risk for Sirius is obviously market share in the satellite radio world. Keep in mind that even with Sirius’ solid holiday quarter adding subscriptions, they still trail XM in the overall marketplace. Only time will tell how sustainable last quarter’s growth numbers are, and having Opie and Anthony taking a slot on Free FM would certainly do nothing to help Sirius.


Who knows if this is even in the works? Like I said at the beginning, it is a totally unsubstantiated rumor at this point. At the same time, with CBS radio in trouble with David Lee Roth and the exit of Howard Stern killing them collectively, they might be desperate enough to put something like this together. Obviously, there is little to no risk for XM and O&A.

Would any of this really surprise you?

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  • David

    O&A are already on Direct TV and it has not helped either O&A or DTV. I just read on another forum that DTV is dumping O&A due to complaints from DTV customers.

  • Rebecca

    I work customer service for DirecTV and have not heard anything about O&A being bumped from the lineup. Most intellegent people will call in and have us walk them through blocking the channel if it offends them.

    As for O&A going back to terrestrial radio, I hope they stay right where they are. They are free of the fascist fcc’s rule and are able to actually do the type of radio that they want to do.

  • RogerMDillon

    “a success around the country”

    I’ve not heard the guys, so I can’t speak to their talent, but they never made it to LA, so they must have been lacking something.

    I hear Adam Carolla’s rating aren’t too hot either

    I don’t see how O&A going back to free radio would get anywhere near the amount of coverage that Howard got leaving.

  • They were syndicated to Vegas and Sacramento. Not sure if they made it to Frisco and LA.

  • Dan

    O and A were huge in NYC, Philly, Boston and 14 other markets but as most know they were fired for the Sex for Sam 3 otherwise they probably would’ve expanded to more west coast areas.

  • Cliff

    Ummm David, care to post a link to the “article” you read? Or is that more of your leaders “Schlok”. Craig-Great article I appriciate the honesty.

  • Josh

    O&A party rock!

    They might just play old O&A radio skits from back when they were with WNEW until they can work out some kind of filter for their potty mouths. That’s right I said it “potty” mouths. Then again it is only a rumor.

    It’s time to invoke forced retirement on Howard Stern. “I do not pardon you.” BANG

  • I caught yesterday’s show and they made it sound like they were trying to work out the logistics, but they didn’t want to change their show. Maybe they will just do segments that are clean. I mean there is no reason that they couldn’t discuss news teases or American Idol without dropping C-bombs.

  • sfnlurker

    “I just read on another forum that DTV is dumping O&A due to complaints from DTV customers.”

    Bubba the Love Sponge said that, and now all the Stern forum are reporting iy. Nothing more, nothing less. There are 3 channels between 2 and 879 so Bubba go f himself. OnA re syndication, NOW!!

  • O&A Party Rock!!!!

    O&A have all but confirmed this is true, but they had to do so without getting in to legal trouble. Early in the 3/10 show Opie out of the blue said that he “can not confirm it”, but nobody asked him a question…. he was reading an instant message from a fan and ansered it live.

    Toward the end of the show a conversation took place where they said what if you were dating this girl and this girl let you be as dirty as you wanted, their little whore. Now this clean girl wants to sleep with you and the whore knows about it, and you want to keep the whore happy, and the clean girl is very demanding due to the strict upbringing and constant oversight she gets.

    They then went to say they love the whore, Patrice Oniel asked was it the whore who just gave you the new XM radios you got today (they got new portable units a month before the public did) to which they repsonded they been making noise and the whore was trying to keep them happy with a gift. (confirming without saying so the whore is XM Radio)

    They then said the clean girl is making too many demands right now, and that they and their whore aren’t happy with all the demands. At which point Anthony told the listners “don’t worry” and they may have more details on Monday.

    The way they were talking, they are not leaving XM…. Possibly regular Radio will replay their XM show edited and maybe some live time or doing two shows. I’d lean toward a replay, edited. The Boys do easily 3:45 on the air a day. A 4 hour show on regular radio might be 2:40 on on air time (20 minutes of commericals an hour) so even if an entire segment is too much for radio they still have enough to replay.

  • O&A Party Rock!!!!

    oh… after the conversation a producer walked in and started to write a note at which point Anothony asked who called, is it the lawyers; it wasn’t.

    David, DTV is helping O&A and XM, they mentioned more than once that they are getting tons of emails and meeting people who say they listen on DTV but haven’t got an XM yet but hope to soon. Opie said he is surprised at how often someone says that to him when thye meet on the street of at an event.

  • Chesta

    XM and DTV have an agreement that will not allow DTV to dump the O and A channel.

    Stern will have an aneurism if O and A take over for DLR.

  • PkJ

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. There are so many flaw… in the argument for putting XM show on CBS. First, how can you be sure that they’re gonna be successful? Shouldn’t first question before making that huge assumption be: Can they get well syndicated to be successful? Personally, I don’t see that happening. It’s because 1) they need to be able to provide a certain length of their show to get advertisers. But with all the words’ censoring and concepts’ censoring, how can anyone be sure about that? 2) How many advertisers will be willing to advertise on that show, after the whole “sex-in-church” fiasco? 3) What will be the sales-pitch from CBS? Are they well reviewed or do they even have enough of listeners to have a show that matters? There are so many details that need to be ironed out before that happens, and again before making that huge assumption in which they’ll be successful in “free radio”. And that dubious assumption which the whole article is based on is totally mind-boggling.

  • They were nationally syndicated and a huge success when they were on WNEW. Sure companies like McDonalds may not advertise, but to think that there are some kind of overall morals in advertising is pretty silly, don’t you think?

  • PkJ

    Of course, advertising rationale from companies like McDonalds and its like is totally wacked out. We will never understand their rationale. It’s pointless. But it is true that advertising is the bread and butter for the “free” radio, right? So why the no-questions asked approach is used for factors that matter?

    “Nationally syndicated” or is it on mostly some east coast states? Ok fine… we will throw in California and Nevada for Sacramento and Vegas stations… sigh. I guess people can argue all day on what does “nationally syndicated” really mean. Nevertheless, I think all this is irrelevant, because my point is it’s hilarious and ridiculous to base a whole article on one shaky assumption. It’s like we assuming there is enough oil from Alaska, declaring ourselves oil independence, and writing an article about it. It just gets us nowhere.

  • Less silly than CBS assuming that David Lee Roth wasn’t going to lose 90% of Howard’s audience in his first quarter on the air.

  • MJS IV

    O & A confirmed this today, they are just working on the details. They made it clear that it will not comprimise the show, and that is the main point. They won’t be censoring themselves (so they say).

  • Bookem Danno

    The one thing that’s for sure is that Roth is toast. No one loses 90% of the audience and plummets the station from #1 to #18 without heading for the door. What were they thinking?

  • tommyd

    CBS can’t blame David Lee Roth for the decline in ratings. That’s unfair being that CBS also drastically changed the format of 92.3FM from alternative/hard rock to completely talk radio. THAT’s what lost all the listeners, not DLR.

    I actually think that DLR’s show is pretty friggin’ good. Diversified and intelligent.

    In any case, the state of “free” radio on FM stations is so, so bad. These free-for-all-formats now are absolutely unlistenable. They can’t go from a Foo Fighters song to a Melissa Etheridge song and expect their format to sell.

    Are FM radion station owners purposely driving FM radio into the ground so that people get fed up with these awful formats and buy satellite radio instead?(which FM station owners surely have shares in, I’m sure.)

  • They can’t go from a Foo Fighters song to a Melissa Etheridge song and expect their format to sell

    a sad but true statement. too bad fm radio kept compressing itself into such tight formats.

    radio was great back when you wouldn’t have been surprised to hear music from completely unrelated genres played back-to-back.

    maybe nobody would listen to that nowadays anyway…

  • As a subscriber to both Sirius and XM, it floors me to see all of the entangled issues intertwining with each other. Between Howard Stern’s lawsuit with CBS, Les Moonves’ irresponsibility on running the new CBS Radio, Howard’s hate of O&A and finally DLR/Adam Carolla/Rover’s ratings tanking, this is quite amazing theatre to watch (especially if you’re fans of Howard and O&A like me). O&A need to really keep their uncensored satelite show pure and not compromise the quality of what they’ve been doing the last two years. They’re loyal following that has paid for them will feel screwed if the uncensored satelite show suffers because of a terrestrial censored version. Did anybody think about the FCC in all this? There is a tremendous risk, even with a number of dump buttons if CBS lets out questionable content accidentally leaving my radio pals O&A to potentially get raked over the coal by the FCC. O&A say that they’re working out the logistics, but anything can happen with the right wing conservatives at the FCC in the future. O&A are quality broadcasters and appeal to an older male audience mostly with many females as well. Their content is highly intellectual at times. Just because they’re on satelite radio doesn’t mean that their material is based on F Bombs and C words. I’m sure that O&A will find a way to make it work for XM and CBS Free FM. It’s like a TBS version of a movie instead of the uncut HBO version. As far as Howard Stern is concerned,what a frigging betrayal. The nerve of Les Moonves to sue Howard after 20 plus years of great service and dedication. CBS should be ashamed of themselves how they treated Howard. I support Howard Stern and O&A in their careers. If CBS picks up O&A and fires Roth, I’ll continue to listen the XM version of their show and be sure to not support the CBS version by listening to the many commercials they’ll put on. If you’re a sponsor and are reading this, put your ad revenue somewhere else other than CBS. After what they did to Howard will only snowball more as they string along Rover, Roth and Carolla. As they secretly strategize an O&A replacement of the above new crop of “stars”, they are really showing their true colors by zinging it to Howard even one more time by hiring O&A who are both a nemesis to Stern. That’s what this whole mess is all about. It’s such a vendetta against Howard. If O&A go to terrestial radio, listen to the satelite version folks. It’s worth it. You’ll get a pure show that’s not chopped up like swiss cheese. The bottom line is: Don’t listen to CBS’commercials and don’t support their advetisers. I am in the entertainment industry and and I wouldn’t put a cent in CBS radio advertising on Free FM. The only regret is that CBS News affiliates may suffer the backlash of the Free FM/Jack formats. CBS Radio News is a fine organization. It would be a shame if the CBS Radio News Division suffers from all of this. Back in the early 80’s NBC Radio News was totally dismantled. If that happens to CBS Radio News, it would be horrible. A correct outcome is obvious. A judge will throw out the Stern case. Stern’s countersuit will enable him to get back his taped shows and bits from CBS and pay his legal bills. O&A will stay on XM uncensored where they belong. If the O&A show goes to CBS censored and succeeds, the war between Howard and O&A will continue regretfully in a higher profile. FYI, Bubba the Lovesponge, also on Stern’s channel 101, is at war with O&A as well. If O&A’s CBS show fails, O&A will stay on XM regardless. If O&A goes to CBS, just watch out for the new people at the FCC to go nuts on them. With Howard on Sirius, O&A will probably turn to O&A as their new whipping boys on decency and censorship. It’s going to be a VERY interesting future for radio. As far as Les Moonves is concerned: This is all of his fault(along with Joel Hollander at his side). All he had to do was let Stern go off on his way and leave him alone. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. He’s basically using the Stern lawsuit to cover up the shortcomings of his floundering radio division. It’s mindblowing how Julie Chen, an amazing news talent and host of Big Brother, has survived a relationship with this slimy piece of garbage. I would be amazed if she stays with him and their relationship lasts. What a crazy and rocky road we’ve seen the last two years as well as what’s ahead in the next two years as this all untangles.

  • Jimi Z,

    o&a have never paid a cent in fines to the FCC.

    they’ve never had a problem with the FCC, just sponsors, religious groups, unwed mothers, minorites, midgets, clowns, trannies, and other humorous groups.

  • Kenzo Joe

    I live in Philly,and just have regular radio.I miss O&A greatly.As well as Stern.I hope this happens..even though I know that O&A are going to get get blitzed by the FCC.All I have is the Kidd Chris Show,and that has been watered down greatly since Stern’s departure to Sirius.

    I honestly think that O&A are the only ones that can save CBS Radio.

  • mike

    It would be good for o&a to go to cbs because regular radio is horrible now and since cbs lost all there liseners it would be good for cbs. it would also be good because of o&a hatred of howard. to go on there rivial old station i think they would do it just for that

  • JamRock

    There are a couple of extremely popular podcasters out of NYC who would be perfect for Roth’s spot. They go by the name “Keith and the Girl”. Their show is kind of a cross between Stern and Lucy and Ricky. They are both professional entertainers. He’s a comic and she’s a singer. Like many podcasts, it’s adult language but they could easily dial it back. They are doing an hour daily now so they should be able to handle the CBS gig.

    Might take more vision and imagination than the suits at CBS have but would be better than something stale as repackaged O&A.

  • Badonkadonk

    Really, who gives a rats ass what O&A do. Stern owns all and started this format so they are and will always be a cheap immitation. Poor David Lee tho, O&A should pay close attention to this “what have you done for me lately” attitude. I hope they completely fail.

  • UPDATE: Well this is apparently close to being finished. What remains to be seen now is whether or not Opie and Anthony can come in and save the ratings at these CBS affiliates within the confines of their reportedly 2-year contract.

  • Zatguy

    I listened to O & A for a few weeks about a year ago because of all the hype I heard. I’ve never heard lousier more boring radio than what they did. WHAT CRAP!! I’m completely amazed that anyone finds them the least bit compelling. I’ve listened to Howard since the Boy Lee days. Howard can not be touched by no talent bums like O & A. They aren’t fit to wipe Stern’s butt although I’m sure they would jump at the chance. CBS are bunch of ingrates who have no appreciation for the money they made from Stern. Even DLR is better than O & A as far as talent is concerned. What killed David was turning on music every second there was dead air and having a crew laughing at his every thought. It made his show unlistenable At least DLR could talk in a creative way which is more than I can say of O & A. Howard on Sirus is completely the best thing that has ever happened to his show. The creativity just pours from his production company and Howard is the secret ingredient that makes it all magic.

  • The creativity just pours? I thought he was RE-RECORDING his old bits.

    Like a Rolling Stones cover band.

  • that’s really only a small part of what’s going on over their craig.

    the show is actually so much better on satellite.

    too bad about roth. i wonder where all of the listeners actually went, since some of ’em appear to be ‘missing’? i mean, i listened to roth’s show once and it was pretty interesting. maybe people are looking for more bombast or something.

  • Hoo hoo, I invented magical creativity raaaah-bin!… All of radio rips me off.

  • Zatguy

    I agree with you Craig about the re-recording of old bits. They only re-recorded a few however. I think Howie’s team realized it wasn’t worth the effort. But actually, it’s not like a Rolling Stones cover band. It’s more like the Stones doing some of their old songs. I think recording the old bits is Howard’s way of dealing with the fact that CBS has shown their appreciation of his 25 year run by not letting him have any of his old material. It’s easy to see Howard’s coming to terms with it by how hard he’s working to make his new show a success. Neither CBS holding 25 years of his material hostage or their ridiculous law suit has reduced his commitment to giving his fans the most for their money. The best thing about the show on Sirius is that they run the show on one of the stations all day so that no matter what time of the day you turn on the radio,you can catch parts of the show you missed.
    David was interesting Mark but the CBS scumbags (Leslie Moonvez,Joel Hollander and Sumner Rothstien AKA Redstone) used him as their fall guy. David would talk and talk and talk in a very creative way but even a train has to stop once in a while. I respect him for not being a Stern imitator but I realized after his first show, I had to have the Stern show back in my day.

  • RobfromVegas

    I love how you Stern fans always lie about having an XM sub for a week then cancelling it, or listenig to O&A for a week then hating them. Fact is you hated them before you listened or never listened at all. Stern was great years ago and CBS paid him for it, they paid him alot for it. That is the appreciation he deserved and got, I love all the appreciation Stern gives to CBS for backing him when thousands tried to get him off the air, and the appreciation he gave his fans for making them pay for a show that was better 15 years ago and free. O&A deserve another shot at commercial radio and commercial radio need them to do the job that Howard just got to lazy to do anymore. If I was still a Stern fan I would be pissed at him turning his rich ass back on me and asking me to mount a VCR size radio in my car and pay twelve buck a month and the wieght alone of the reciever would double my gas use.

  • robfromvegas

    Oh yeah and Howard is magic, Howard the Gray, hoo hoo Lord Of The Rings ripped me off, tell em Frodo.

  • Zatguy

    Howard never lies and neither do his fans and neither will the ratings that I guarentee will show that O&A will flatline in New York City. The people there are too sophisticated for that type of no talent crap radio. Maybe the people of Vegas will accept them. After all, The O&A consciousness fits right in with Debbie Reynolds,Wayne Newton and Frank Sinatra Jr. VCR size radio??? Now who’s lying????? I guess you’re one of the O&A army. Ha ha ha ha ha

  • I have XM and one thing I will say about their “uncensored” content…the stuff like O&A is uncensored, but some of the music actually has those little bleeps just like broadcast radio. You know what I’m talking about? It seems like a lot of songs have a word here or there and XM censors it. I sent XM an e-mail asking about it and they gave me this standard kind of answer about only stations displaying some kind of uncensored symbol along the lines of the comedy channels and stuff have this kind of “raw” content.

    As far as Stern goes, he’s gone down hill since back in the day when his radio show became nothing but an ad for his movie.

  • Hey Zatguy, you won’t catch me taking away from how great Howard once was. You should give the same kind of respect to Opie and Anthony. Their afternoon drive numbers were insanely high when they were on WNEW in NYC and in syndication around the country. Why would people not listen now if they were fans previously?

    Let’s cut through all the crap here and forget about the O&A Army and Stern Zealots and whatever else. Do you really think that O&A are going to do badly? Why? They were REALLY popular before their stunt got them kicked off the air. That is undeniable. Even Howard says it.

  • Zatguy

    I dunno Craig. By insanely high, were their ratings near Howard’s? Maybe O&A were popular on WNEW because they were the only game in town. They did the drive home and there was no competition. I did notice that they blanketed the region with O&A bumper stickers. I honestly gave them a chance and didn’t see what was special about them. They bored me to death. When I first heard Howard ages ago on WNBC, I knew instantly his show was special. Bubba the Love Sponge is on Sirius and for the life of me, I don’t get him either even though he also seems to have a large following. For me, he’s an Imus clone (who I also never understood) uncensored and on drugs. Another question: if O&A had such big ratings, why were they fired for that church stunt? Was it really that over the top, considering how Stern was fired for that crashed jet plane phone call he made in DC twenty five years earlier? When I listened, I noticed O&A seemed have an intimate, private relationship with everyone who called their show. I’ve noticed that since he went to Sirius, Howard has changed in that regard. He previously used to only court his fans who were special. Now, he’s really nice & polite and “buddy buddy” to everyone who calls. Maybe that’s something he’s learned from O&A. Howard has stated that he’s never listened to O&A. Maybe he’s lying. If so, it would be the first one I’ve heard from him in 25 years. I think WXRK will initially see a spike in ratings because curiosity will lead people to tune in to O&A but I honestly don’t think they will sustain their ratings because of their lack of talent. BTW,I’m really not a Sternie cultist. I just really respect how hard he works to give his listening audience the funniest and best he has to offer.

  • “By insanely high, were their ratings near Howard’s?”

    Don’t know, but they were number one overall in a number of markets.

    “They did the drive home and there was no competition.”

    Not true. The two biggest times are morning drive and afternoon drive and that is when the most competition comes out in any market. Sports radio talk guys, political talk guys, etc. To say there was no competition is silly.

    “If O&A had such big ratings, why were they fired for that church stunt?”

    The Catholic League took over and the company buckled. Also keep in mind that they weren’t really fired as the radio company kept paying them over the next two years and would not release them from their contract, presumably so they couldn’t go to a competing company. Why would they continue to pay O&A on that contract if they were no threat in the ratings?

    “I think WXRK will initially see a spike in ratings because curiosity will lead people to tune in to O&A but I honestly don’t think they will sustain their ratings because of their lack of talent.”

    This is a silly statement. You don’t like it and that is fine, but their success level says that they don’t have a lack of talent.


    I used to be a huge stern fan until his show changed into the 5 hour bitchfest. He turned his show into some kind of left-wing circle jerk last year and then when the elections were over he turned it into a different bitchfest about how he couldn’t do the show he wanted to do. While I believe that he was hindered by the FCC, he did a lot on his own to ruin the show by not being able to deal with it in any way shape or form. It really started to come off as completely self-important and delusional after a while. That’s why I had to abandon ship.

  • Zatguy

    Andy, NOTHING is bleeped on the Stern show. As for Stern going downhill, do you think O&A will ever have a movie made about them? How many other radio people are A list? Howard promotes his agenda just like everyone else and yes sometimes it’s tedious to listen to but he didn’t get to make the money he makes by keeping his mouth shut. Let’s be realistic, money is power and Howard in the past has had political aspirations. As for selling out, he’s only asked his fans to send money one other time, after 911 when he raised a couple million for the families of police and firemen who died in 911, by asking each of his fans to send $10 bucks No selling bumper stickers, mugs, tee shirts for The King of All Media. Rather than discovering new talent, CBS has decided to fight a “psycho”logical war to depress Stern and steal his MoJo. If we sue him, change our format to “Free FM”, bring in O&A and show some initial ratings to prove he’s replacable, make him out to be an inside trader we can bum him out so much, he’ll never succeed on Sirius. IT WON’T WORK!

  • Zatguy

    O&A’s success level? Do you actually believe they have a success level based on a proven record? One dumb church joke and they are Da Bomb? You know Craig, five hours a day is a hell of a long time to talk and try and be funny. You should try it sometime. Yes Howard bitches. Whether he’s bitching about Bobabooey, the program director or Bush, he bitches. It’s not the girls taking off their clothes or the interviews with the playmates that make Stern funny, it’s his bitching (along with the talents of his great team of course). Let me ask you one question Craig: you state O&A are talented because they have high ratings, my question is do they make YOU laugh? One more question: did you abandon ship because Howard stopped making you laugh? When Howard left XRK it was a divorce. They can get very uncomfortable. As for his being delusional & self important, that was where his emotions were during that period. Howard is and will always be himself. Being real is what really separates him and his content from the rest of the Schlock Jocks that come and go.

  • Zatguy

    O&A’s success level? Do you actually believe they have a success level based on a proven record? One dumb church joke and they are Da Bomb? You know Craig, five hours a day is a hell of a long time to talk and try and be funny. You should try it sometime. Yes Howard bitches. Whether he’s bitching about Bobabooey, the program director or Bush, he bitches. It’s not the girls taking off their clothes or the interviews with the playmates that make Stern funny, it’s his bitching (along with the talents of his great team of course). Let me ask you one question Craig: you state O&A are talented because they have high ratings, my question is do they make YOU laugh? One more question: did you abandon ship because Howard stopped making you laugh? When Howard left XRK it was a divorce. They can get very uncomfortable. As for his being delusional & self important, that was where his emotions were during that period. Howard is and will always be himself. Being real is what really separates him and his content from the rest of the Schlock Jocks that come and go.

  • It is a proven record… apparently not to you, but to everyone else it is a proven record… Stern even admits that they were successful before being tossed off the air for the St. Pats thing…

  • Zatguy

    o&a’s proven record is certainly not based on consistent sustainable ratings, loyal sponsers or market longevity. This is the first time o&a have had to compete with Stern and XM is so afraid of Sirius and Howard that they are willing to put o&a on CBS’s “Free FM” and give them exposure in hopes of attracting the Stern fans who were too stingy to shell out $12 a month for Howard to join XM. This is after o&a’s XM people already shelled out their subscription bucks for a program that will go back to being free. It’s an insane joke. The Stern Show’s talent and originality will easily out maneuver this ridiculous idea based on complete desparation by XM,o&A AND CBS. This isn’t some kind of chess game. It’s talent vs no talent. Real talent always prevails in the long run.

  • robfromvegas

    The St Pat’s is now being called a silly little church prank? Nobody called it that 4 years ago, Howard isn’t calling it that today while trying to insight a riot against Jews on his show. Howard Stern was great along time ago.. So was Michael Jordan, but I don’t need to watch him miss lay ups the rest of my life. Or

  • Zatguy

    Stern is much better today than he was in his prime. His creative team is much better also. For example, Jackie Martling’s replacement, Artie Lang, has become a real comedic force on the show because of the lack of censorship. In the words of Blue Iris, Howard’s uncensored show on Sirius has reached complete “rejuvination” Nothing like it or even close anywhere on the radio. Just download mp3s of the new show off of Usenet (alt.binaries.howard-stern) and judge for yourself Rob.

  • joe

    Opie and Anthony ! Congradulations !!

    They have the best radio show in america,
    on XM Radio ( the best satallite radio service) and CBS radio. Tons of exposure, will only make O&A and XM grow.

    Stern, he is an old washed up hack, only about 10 percent of his listeners followed him to sirius.

    Sirius – you are, and always will be #2

  • robfromvegas

    OK ZAT,Your a die hard Howard fan. you think Howard is great I think he jumped the shark years ago. I think opie and anthony are great you think they have no talent at all. What this is really about is the news that CBS thinks O&A are the only thing out there that can replace Howard. CBS really looks like idiots hiring them back after trying to destroy O&A’s careers, and protecting there once “golden boy” Howard from having real competition in the mornings by paying them for 2 years to keep them off the air. On top of that they are in the middle of a lawsuit with Howard for promoting Sirius, and now they are going to pay O&A to do the same for XM. CBS knows, Radio insiders know, even Howard knows that O&A can and will succeed and have the talent to do great. CBS is not only saying they believe O&A can, but are saying that out of all the jocks out there, Mancow, don and mike, Bubba,hendry, lycas and hundreds of local market sensations, they have to go to XM to get talent. The only ones who don’t seem to realize it are the die hard Stern fans that know that by admitting that Howard is not the King of All Media anymore, and that nobody would make a movie about him today, and that boobs on the radio are pointless, are guys who need it to be 1994 forever to get through the day. THe fact is no more Science-fiction movies like private parts will ever be made… “then I realized…..it was all for Allison, Allison” Oh wait I mean Beth. The next movie would be great though. He divorces Alison, starts banging a model. Instead of fight for his friends jobs like he did for Robin and Fred, he turns his back on Jackie. Oh yeah and instead of Management silencing him, he will have Mel put a gag order on to silence opie and anthony. Somehow i don’t think that movie will be made.

  • Zatguy

    You know Rob, people love to hate Howard. His schtick of having a super ego and admitting it doesn’t help. Lots of people don’t get the joke. People hate him cause he wound up in a mutual divorce and ended up with a trophy girlfriend. His bitching about what’s going on in his life makes people think he’s self-indulgent. They want the laugh the whole laugh and nothing but the laugh 5 hours a day. For me, the interviews with the playmates get boring but I love the bitching. Truth be told, I could listen to him bitch at Bobaboey all day and night. I agree that the show jumped the shark when the FCC stepped all over everything and during the last few months at krok, but it was still by far the best thing out there including XM. Now that he’s on Sirius, it’s a whole new show that’s no where near that shark. Howard works his ass off to give his fans a quality product and he expects the same from the people who work for him. I expected more from the Private Parts movie but it wasn’t bad considering he’s just some DJ. BTW, I just downloaded and listened to the entire O&A show dated 4-19-06. It began with a one hour lull where they complained about DTV cancelling their show. I’ll admit, once they got going, , when they gave their opinions about music genres, they had me laughing a few times. Can they ad lib and be funny?…yep. Does their show demonstrate a lot of preparation…nope. Are they miles above the competition?…a few maybe. Are they in Howard’s league?…no way man. Will they succeed on XRK. I think so because even though guys like Howard are very difficult to replace there is so much mediocrity out there that O&A are doing something that’s maybe a step above. As for US radio talent,I think, Bubba sucks along with Imus and all the other NYC morning talk DJs. O&A made me laugh today and that’s alot more than 4 million dollar Diamond Dave was able to do. What proof do you have that Howard had Mel put a gag order on O&A when they were fired from WNEW? That’s just not Howard’s style. It sounds like an urban myth to me, maybe started by the O&A army. Trust me O&A army; O&A is not the second coming of Stern. On another subject,Howard fought for the Jokeman every year his contract came up. Jackie was like John Melandez. Both of them are ingrates who,for reasons I can’t figure out, have a deep resentment of Howard. I think you might fall into that catagory also. I guess the money he makes has something to do with it. I think the guy is honest and hard working man and a good pop. Have you heard Stern on Siruis? He’s no way near jumping the shark.

  • robfromvegas

    I thought the Gag order was a myth for a long time too. Being an ex Howard fan and always hearing the stories of howard taking on other DJ’s and battling them and how he always complained about free speech and censorship that there was no way he would put a gag order on somebody. Until Howard himself admitted it on Sean Hannity. Howard said “I’m all for free speech as long as it benefits me” pretty shitty. I guess thats when I turned from an ex fan to a bit of hatred. You can hear the hero for free speech for yourself

  • robfromvegas

    Love or hate stern, love or hate opie and anthony. You can’t defend Howard on that one. Pretty big bitch move if you ask me. I’ll admit I didn’t start listening to howard till about 92-93 but heard about his fueds with other DJ’s and how he liked to battle it out on the air. Also how he pretty much demonizes Imus in his movie, when in reality Howard at some point switched from An edgy pioneering DJ, to Howard Stern Inc. He is a product now. A label. Don’t buy Pepsi because Coke was here first. He saw O&A and knew they could compete so instead of be the old Howard that deserved respect he became Pig Vomit….pretty fucked up but true…anyway download that and try to defend him. And I appreciate you giving O&A some credit.

  • Zatguy

    Kudos on that one Rob. It was a crappy move on Howard’s part. The only thing I can say to defend him is that he came completely clean about it with Hannity. I imagine he let a lot of his fans down by admitting it. It sounds like he told Mel to demand that they stop mentioning his name. The rumours I’m hearing on other blogs is that he told Mel, after he fired them for St. Pat’s, to keep them under contract so that they couldn’t work anywhere else. That sounds like a big stretch from what I heard on your file. I’ve always thought Howard was hard on Imus considering how Imus really admired Howard once he understood what he was doing on NBC. They two of them used to go on the air together and they were great, but Howard was pissed by Imus’s initial treatment when he first arrived there so… Surprising that he would treat O&A the same way. Anyway, I am let down that he put any kind of gag order on them. Not trying to justify what he did but no one’s perfect and when you consider all the incredible pressure from just about every imaginable angle he was under, it’s a wonder he didn’t cracked completely. Regardless, It wasn’t what I expected from him and his image is tarnished in my eyes. No doubt about it. BTW, I finished listening to the rest of the O&A show I downloaded and I agree with what Howard told Hannity about O&A imploding. They’re basically answering phone calls and winging it the entire show. Of course they have the sound effect machine that Fred Norris uses. Opie is shooting from the hip with zero control (but he is funny) and Anthony is cool. Dice Clay was on the Stern show the other day and he characterized Opie as a drunk who doesn’t talk or go anywhere without a glass of whiskey in his hand. He likes Anthony though.
    Finally, all I can say is that Howard is happy on Sirius and the show reflects his joy hard work and incredible artistry.

  • Zatguy

    Listened to another O&A show. They had some segments that showed real preparation and took a minimal number of breaks. Looks like they and XM are out to give Howard a run for his money. At the very least they may attract a lot of the Stern fans who couldn’t afford Sirius to the Roth spot they inherited. Still don’t think they’re strong enough yet to draw them to XM but they will probably further evolve. They’ve definately evolved since WNEW. The other day I heard Howard say that he doesn’t need breaks and might just pee in a cup while doing the show. His shows lately have been running 6 hours. Looks like he’s taking their challenge serious and doesn’t want anyone coming close to making him look bad. Gotta keep sweet Beth impressed especially now that she’s probably getting sick of the girlfriend role and wants a wedding ring.

  • robfromvegas

    One thing I like to point out about Stern fans is they truly believe that only the fans that couldn’t afford Sirius are the only ones that didn’t follow Stern. If that was true it only means that those ratings that Stern pulled in all those years were useless and he had even less power than I thought because 92% of his audience are broke. It’s just not the case. People just didn’t care the way Howie thought they would. And the Die Hard fans stuck in 1993 are still ignorant to the fall of their hero. Remember when thousands would stand in line at book signings….not anymore. Being from Vegas I saw the huge decline in Howards Vegas Shows, until nobody really cared. Does he even come here anymore? That used to be huge. I almost do feel bad, kinda wierd that they gave O&A Sterns old studio….wierd. Kinda thought it did deserve to be in a museum or something….I don’t mean that as a did either. THe guy was a pioneer for radio, kinda strange how they let O&A in like that. But business is business

  • robfromvegas

    This just in. O&A are turning Robin’s glass room into a dunking booth, Opie took a dump in Howards private bathroom and Twitchel’s puked Almond joys everywhere then re-ate them. Sounds like the boys are gettin comfortable in the “house that howard built” chuckle chuckle.
    Gotta say the juggling act of an NBC show and an XM show is great. The NBC show is still really good, and the XM show seems even better than before. Don’t worry after seeing the success of O&A HOward will probably do the same thing and pretend he is the first. Hoo Hoo, I will revolutionize radio Robin, Both platforms will be destroyed. I will create a malloto…mongrul!!!Radio. Give it up

  • Zatguy

    It’s not that Stern fans can’t afford the $12 bucks for Sirius, it’s that they have a difficult time justifying the addition of another monthly bill along with rent,utilities,cable tv, cell phone etc. etc.etc. Since Howard moved to Satellite radio, Sirius has seen a 4 million rise in subscriptions in just a few months. Is that number something to laugh at? As for the Vegas shows thinning out, I used to live a few hours from Vegas and went there many weekends. I can’t imagine Vegas crowds clammoring to see Howard broadcasting live. The consciousness of that city doesn’t match up with Stern’s. He didn’t take the show there to meet fans. He went there to party and to have his radio fans party virtually through theater of the mind. Since coming back to the New York metro area, I’ve seen first hand how Stern’s fans feel about him in the past and today. Believe me, in their eyes it’s not 1993. The last rally held for the show the day he left XRK was held in sleet and rain and it was a mob scene. I don’t know about the rest of the country but I know absolutely that the New York metro area will never be delusional enough to think that O&A will fill the Stern show’s shoes. They will tolerate them because there show is maybe a step above mediocre but it will never be the same for NYC. I don’t think Stern will be the future of radio either except for maybe the next five years. I think he’s sick and tired of being famous and of topping himself over and over as he’s done consistenly for 25 years. There’s never been a more dynamic radio host with the possible exception of WOR’s Jean Shepard from back in the 60s and 70s. TODAY, The Stern show on Sirius breaks new ground daily, an almost impossible thing to do after 25 years.

  • Dirtfoot

    Love him or hate him Howard EARNS HIS MONEY!!!! AND PAYS THE BILL$$$$

    The point that most people miss is that Howard Stern has succeeded in satellite radio since his first day. He has fulfilled his contractual obligation to deliver 1,000,000 subscriptions and for this he will be paid half a billion dollars over the next 5 years. He no longer needs to beat anyone’s ratings to be very well paid. He only needs to hold onto a minor fraction of his former audience for 5 years. Some people think Sirius over paid Howard furthermore many of these same people feel Howard is screwed or is a “has been” because he can “only” attract a couple million people to his new “station” What they forget is that these people are willing to pay $13 a month. Let’s run some numbers shall we.

    When Howard signed with Sirius their subscription base was about 650,000 it has now topped 4,000,000 (04/06). For the sake of argument let’s say Howard only attracted 1,000,000 of those subscriptions (his original contract target) @ $13 a month that equals $13,000,000 x 12 months = $156,000,000 a year! Subtract the $100,000,000 a year Howard is paid to host his show and program his two 24/7 Sirius stations and you have a $56,000,000 profit for Sirius (per year). Over the life of his 5 year contract Sirius stands to earn $280,000,000 in profits and that’s if he only generated and held 1 million subscribers. I don’t think it is unreasonable to say Howard has easily doubled that number in his first three months and it is still growing ($560,000,000+++ profit for Sirius in 5 years). Howard has so thoroughly exceeded Sirius expectations that recently he was allowed to sell some of his stock options early (as per his Sirius contract) to generate some quick cash to roll in naked.

    Opie himself made it clear in the New York Daily News on 1/26/06 that their value to XM is nothing compared with Howard’s value to Sirius.

    “And he’s got pressure that we don’t. If we fail, XM goes on. If he fails, Sirius goes with him.”

    (Another quote from the article) For themselves, they say, they’re happy that their audience is growing and they don’t have to deal with either the pressure of quarterly Arbitron ratings or constant commercial interruptions.
    “You’d get into a subject, and after a break you never really got it back,” said Opie. (I wonder how this will jive with their new Testicle radio show?)

    Ny Daily News January 26, 2006 Simple math proves Howard is far from failing!

  • Fred

    My 2 cents: Howard was great but I’ve moved on to mp3’s, books-on-tape and Air America. I’m not paying $13/month b/c I’m a cheapskate. I was hoping when they inevitably removed Roth (who knew it would be so fast!) that Carolla would take over, since he is actually funny. I tried O&A for a few minutes and they are as completely boring as they ever were, so I’ll be sticking with other entertainment. BTW I wasn’t a Stern fan when he was bashing O&A so I wasn’t aware of this b/f reading this blog. If CBS invested time in Carolla developing a show it would pay off. If O&A work out, I can’t blame CBS but I don’t get it.

  • robfromvegas

    OK Dirtfoot. I like all your mathmatics and figures. One thing you forgot to factor in is the cost per sub that Sirius has. It sounds crazy but it cost sirius over $100 per sub. That figure is after advertising, promotion, and manufacturing or radios. Yes many XM and Sirius radios cost more to make and ship than they sell for. The problem Sirius has always had is they are investing more money in big names than in real radio content and technology. XM’s radios are years ahead of Sirius. And those figures you had of Howard bringing Sirius from 650,000 to 4 million.. Thats great but since howard announced that he would be going to Sirius XM went from 1 million to OVER 6 MILLION. And all those quotes by Opie were just explaining how SIRIUS celebrities and Howard Stern think that they are bigger than radio itself. Pam Anderson has nice tits but wtf does she know about radio. Opie and Anthony never tried to pretend that them coming to XM was a turning point in radio, because they know that they are just a part of something amazing and revolutionary. Howard on the other hand believes he will revolutionize all of radio not sattelite. The truth is Music is bigger,MLB is bigger and technology is bigger than Stern ever was. Please don’t write back that Sirius has NFL…..who listens to that on the radio?

  • Dirtfoot

    Hey Rob,

    I forgot to add the 5 years of commercial revenue from both of Howard’s 24/7 channels I’m sure this will help offset “his” subscriber costs. And both companies are contemplating subscription increases in the near future

    I don’t know where people get their facts but when Howard announced his move to Sirius on Oct. 6, 2004 XM had 2.5 million subs (wikipedia.org: 2.5 million Aug. 11) this number ultimately comes from XM’s own Securities and Exchange Commission filings. I know a 6-fold increase sounds better than the actual 2.4 increase XM had but facts are facts. If you can cite something with more authority to support your claim of 1 million then I apologize in advance if not then PLEASE don’t use made up facts to overstate your case it is interesting that you ignored the actual 6-fold increase Sirius enjoyed 650,000 – 4,000,000 during the same period.

    XM may have the best equipment …SO! Ever hear of a Beta Max or how about Apple computer? Both of these products were superior to their rival yet neither managed to overwhelm their competitor (The cream of the hardware crop doesn’t always float to the top)

    “And all those quotes by Opie were just explaining how SIRIUS celebrities and Howard Stern think that they are bigger than radio itself”.

    Once again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! stop using made up “facts” to overstate your case. Nowhere in the Daily News article does it mention or infer that any Sirius personalities think, “They are bigger than radio itself”. Nothing personal but I could care less what you think Opie thinks when he talks to a paper; I care about what he is quoted saying in the paper. In the first quote Opie was pointing out all the pressure Howard would be under if he failed. He said that O&A was a show that XM could replace. Whereas Howard could not be replaced without Sirius going out of business. He’s simply stating a fact that he was in a position to know. The second quote has NOTHING TO DO WITH HOWARD AT ALL! That quote has to do with how happy O&A are now that they are free of the pressures and hassles of terrestrial radio (pre CBS deal).

    Here’s another quote you’ll find hard to spin this is Opie in a different paper (the Long Island press 1/12/06) “We went from having a show that was syndicated in 17 major markets to having a few thousand listeners. But we believed in the show,” says Opie.

    O&A by their own admission could only attract “a few thousand subscriptions” during their first days at a total cost of $12 per sub. (XM basic service was $10 at the time and their “premium” channel was an extra $2). Their LAME excuse for the poor showing was the extra charge for their channel. Sirius on the other hand credited Howard with 1.1 million subs in his first days and these people were willing to pay $13 a month to get his show! XM dropped the premium channel idea after 7 months due to lackluster performance now O&A can claim 1 million Sat/Rad listeners, which is laughable in light of their initial performance.

    As far as subscriber cost Howard’s audience will generate little turnover or “Churn” during his 5-year contract therefore Sirius still will earn $167,000,000 (+ ad revenue) per million Howard fans even after paying $113 to get their business So Howard still earns his money and pays the bills! Let’s face facts neither XM nor Sirius is the picture of overall corporate health and they both may fail but I have yet to hear about a Sirius Board member quitting with the words “I’m departing because there’s a “significant chance of a crisis on the horizon”. (Those were the words of XM’s Pierce Roberts on 2/13/06). That was followed by the 4/27/06 SEC 8-K filing announcing XM was under federal investigation by the FCC & the FTC. The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory has tested the Delphi XM SKYFi2 radio and has determined that its transmitter is not in compliance with the applicable emission limits. On top of that the FTC is requesting information about a variety of XM marketing activities, including free trial periods, rebates, telemarketing activities, billing and customer complaints. This investigation may cramp XM’s marketing style in the future. It is hard to say what these investigations will bring for XM, probably nothing. Still, you have to admit Pierce Roberts was in a position to know things neither of us are privy to and he resigned his position and told everyone why.

    There are a lot of things bigger than Stern but there are few that are better paid!

  • Dirtfoot

    Hey Rob,

    In message #54 you ride Howard for his Las Vegas shows and their attendance. Howard went there for a fun mini vacation at the request of the Hard Rock’s owners (friends of the show) he attracted so many customers that they requested annual visits. There is talk of the Hard Rock requesting a Sirius Live Las Vegas show and possible co-branding. I doubt they would do this for a loser. O&A on the other hand have to “booth babe” at the CES to schlep radios for XM. You also mention Howard’s fans no longer stand in line for book signings exactly how many New York Times Best Sellers have O or A ever written? Howard wrote two “Ms. America” & “Private Parts” Private Parts was made into a successful movie staring Howard and his core cast. Have O&A made any movies? Howard has been on TV since 1990* and his radio show has aired well over 2000 episodes since 1994 (including Vegas shows). How about O&A? Howard Stern just hosted the now Annual Howard Stern (themed) Film Festival which garnered national news coverage and received over 20,000 entries. Please save the web cam talk because I’m not impressed anybody with broadband and a computer can do that.

    * The Howard Stern Show (WWOR show): 69 episodes; July 14, 1990–Aug 1, 1992 often called “The Channel 9 Show” because WWOR is Channel 9 in the New York metropolitan area. This show was cable syndicated throughout the country.
    · The Howard Stern Interview (E! show): 36 episodes; 1992–1993
    · Howard Stern (E! show): 2,278 episodes; 1994–July 8, 2005
    · The Howard Stern Radio Show (syndicated): 1998–2001
    · Howard TV (Formally Howard Stern on Demand) (iN DEMAND): Uncensored E! Shows available since November 18, 2005; new shows available April 2006(* Wikipedia)

    If 92% of Howard’s audience were broke he would have never delivered record ad revenue for CBS on his departure from Testicle radio. “According to The Drudge Report, Viacom/CBS chairman Leslie Moonves himself appeared on one of Stern’s final shows to compliment him on his move to Sirius and thank him for the record advertising revenue the network sold. Moonves even added that he bought Sirius stock”. (* Wikipedia) Nor would iN DEMAND bother with the distribution of Howard’s current program. You like to apprising us of what O&A are doing to” Howard’s” studio but you forget one important thing they are in David Lee Roth’s studio that Howard discarded. That’s like calling me at my mansion and telling me you’re trashing my old discarded trailer home, because the squatter that took it over couldn’t pay the bills. What ever makes them happy dude, Howard’s banging his hot model girlfriend and counting his many millions.

  • robfromvegas

    Your to Howard Stern vs O&A, what Dan Brown is to Da vinci code vs religious history. You list alot of facts mix them with speculation and present them as opinion. I didn’t read the article you originally spoke of but did hear Opie talk about it afterwards.
    You downplay any failures that Howard has and praise all his successes. Then do the opposite for O&A. O&A were on a 1.99 xtra fee at the beginning for a number of reasons #1 because the could. Even after 2 years of being blacklisted from radio for 2 years they still had thousands of fans willing to buy radios and pay extra just to hear them. (maybe Stern could have done the same early in his career, or even now, but that is still an accomplishment) #2 XM was taking a big chance by hiring them, they ran a risk of the catholic league speaking out against their entire company over one channel. O&A openly complained about being on a pay extra channel. THey knew they had just been unseen and unheard for 2 years. How can your show grow when only the fans you already have cane hear you? Once O&A proved they wouldn’t have a couple have sex at ground zero they got what they wanted and were included in the basic service along with the price raise of both companies. #3 like Howard, O&A show could have repelled as many as it attracted. Which might show why XM……by your numbers added the same amount as sirius since howards signing. I think my numbers were from just before O&A signed and I researched hoping that they would sign with the better company, and they did. And that few thousand listeners Opie mentioned, was called sarcasm. Opie was never and is never aloud to talk about sub numbers not made public. I never said O&A are bigger than Stern. I simply think they are better. I wasn’t aroung when Beta Max was, which is probably why I don’t worship Howard. I am not stuck in 1994 trying to pretend Howard is cutting edge, so I feel that I am “hip”. As far as Howards sci fi movie all you fans brag he did….in what 96…you can read post #48. Howad was huge back then, he was king of all media. now he is king of the sattelite radio company in last place of a 2 company race. Sirius is a mansion and CBS is a trailer park…. OK

  • robfromvegas

    also Dirt,
    I never said 92% of Stern’s audience was broke. I was commenting on a point that someone had posted that the Stern fans that didn’t sign up for sirius couldn’t afford the service. I was making the point that old listeners just didn’t think Stern was worth it. Your Beta max comment is rediculous. You named 2 examples of inferior products that prevailed…. i dont have time to name all the millions of superior products that have succeeded over inferior, just look around your house. Stern may have brought alot of new subs to sirius, but the big Stern push is over. XM will continue to grow, while Sirius flounders as Stern with there front man. Signing Stern was a smart move. Making him the face of the company and THinking Stern is still big enough and talented enough to carry the entire company was a mistake. How many car companies have said no to sirius being a standard feature because of the association with Howard? No company is scared to associate with XM although they have O&A who are arguably raunchier than Stern. O&A will probably never have a movie made about them, they don’t have enough strippers and whores in the studio to have an E show, or have a best selling book, with thousands upon thousands of fans lined up to get it signed……but hey. Nether will Stern again.
    Let freedom ring….and let that bell be rung by my my plastic surgeon,my psychiatrist,my naked daughter in an off broadway play and a homeless guy spitting on Beth.

  • Dirtfoot

    Hey Rob,

    So your position is that I can (or can’t?!?) prove anything with facts so you’re going to discount them? (“the Di Vinci code proves it “). My Wife squirted coffee out of her nose where she read that ( ^ ^ ) Are you trying to tell me that all the Opie newspaper quotes I cited were wrong or taken out of context? I placed a link to the article in my original post you have an Internet connection yet you didn’t read the original article, are you worried I might be right? You claim Opie spoke about the article afterwards yet you cite no independent RELIABLE source to corroborate your version of events (this is known as hearsay) and to top it off you don’t even read my ”fact” to see if it could be true?!?! As for “You list a lot of facts mix them with speculation and present them as opinion” at least I unlike you base my opinions on facts (BTW this blog is ALL SPECULATION & OPINIONS, some based in facts). As an obvious critic of O&A (and your response) it is not my job to make up things so O&A don’t seem so lame or so you can be right. As a supporter of Howard it is not my job to find fault with him.

    #1 “O&A were on a 1.99 xtra fee at the beginning for a number of reasons #1 because the could.” NO THEY COULD NOT! XM dropped the premium channel idea after 7 months if “THEY COULD” the premium channel idea would have taken off and XM would have added $1 to the premium channel to match Sirius sub charges. Howard simply attracted an actual 1.million+ more subs at a higher sub price. #2 Sirius ran a much greater risk hiring Howard. I cited this in my original post Opie says, “And he’s got pressure that we don’t. If we fail, XM goes on. If he fails, Sirius goes with him.” How plain can that be … oh that’s right you didn’t read the article you heard “O” talking.. O&A’s two year “forced” hiatus only drives home their lack of negotiating power and clout during the writing of their initial contract. Howard has never allowed a no compete clause of more than 90 days since his first day at K-roc it made his employers reluctant to cancel/ fire him because they would have to battle him 3 months later It’s not his fault O&A had bad management or a lack of judgment or clout. Mel kept them off the air for one simple reason he could and he wanted “SXFS” issue to go away. Your research on the 6- fold XM increase is fascinating but wildly veers off on a tangent you are wrong yet you try to reframe the original statement so you can be right. XM had 1million subs in (’03) one year before O&A were contractually allowed to announce deals (’04). XM had 2,500,000 subs when O&A first talked to XM PERIOD! Once again if you have proof that O&A broke their contract and spoke with XM in ’03 PLEASE present it I’m sure Mel & Howard would be happy to hear it (maybe you heard it on their show). As I’ve told you before I don’t care want you think or hear I care what you can PROVE WITH REAL FACTS!

    I find a lot of “pests” become incensed at the thought of Howard gagging O&A with his immense throbbing power. There is a HUGE difference between first amendment rights and company in fighting. Ever hear the expression “all’s fair in love and war”? Do you really think De Bella would have been allowed to bad mouth Howard in the afternoon if he worked for the same station? The thing you neglect to mention is that all the jocks Howard gave funerals to worked for competing stations (including Imus, he “died” during the K-roc era). He was under no first amendment obligation to allow O&A to disrespect him on his own station or let them COPY “HIS” Imus reaming bit.. If O&A were such a huge competitive market force Mel would have told Howard to suck eggs and replaced him with O&A. At the very least Mel would have claimed his hands were tied since they were “equals”. Try constantly disrespecting your superiors at work and see how far your free speech rights go They’re lucky Howard is not vindictive or they may have lost their jobs and been “shut out” before Sex for Sam. If they really wanted to compete with Howard in an unfettered head to head environment they should have originally signed with his competitors instead of trying to copy Howard’s NBC battle with Imus. (To bad for them they were powerless to negotiate a 90 day no compete) I hear a lot of people say O&A just wanted to be friends in the beginning. That’s not how Howard worked in the arbitron rating days he had no radio friends nor did he want or need them trying to ride his coat tails by being his “friend”.

    Since the Catholic League wished O&A well on their return to CBS what makes you think I’ll accept you’re of claim of the “possible” danger XM faced from the Catholic League when they hired O&A?!?! (“More made up O&A “achievements”) Their first employment announcement came two years after “SxFS” and they were going to a pay service! The Catholics league couldn’t have cared less! I can’t find one article that cites this as a negative factor in O&A’s move to XM or CBS for that matter (neither have you!). Nobody outside their circle of pests cares about them until they screw up. The premium channel was never presented by XM as a punishment for O&A or appeasement to make the Catholic league happy. XM thought they had something (at first) something “premium” (like HBO) something that could justify a small price increase SADLY it never generated enough subs to support itself. When Sirius raised their price after Howard’s announcement XM felt safe to following Sirius’s lead . I mean come on, XM didn’t have enough faith in O&A’s to raise the total sub rate to $12 for their “groundbreaking first” or give them two channels to program because they were and are not Howard.

    Once again I’m sure you failed to look up the Long Island Press story quoting Opie as having thousands of listeners, there was no mention of sarcasm nor do you provide anything more than you word to the contrary. (SPIN BOY).

    The mansion is Howard and yes the trailer is CBS radio, numbers, don’t lie ALL of their stations tanked in 1 rating period (post Hoo Hoo) and until ratings prove otherwise my statement will remain true. Did O&A cause the same problems after SxFS? NO! And this was when they were in 17 MAJOR markets at the height of their “power”.

    Oh BTW, If you don’t know anything about Beta Max recorders “whipper snapper” ask Opie and or Anthony they are both a few years older than me (‘69). O&A should be embarrassed that an old man like Howard can so thoroughly outperform them in all media environments. (Tv, Radio Movie and Books). I guess he is the King of all media as far as O&A are concerned

    All in All Rob, I must admit you’re starting to win me over.!

  • Dirtfoot

    It’s been fun, I like you, you like me but I’m just not a “pest” You’re right and I’m wrong O&A are SOO young and HOT I’m sure they’ll surpass Howard, SOMEDAY. Soon they’ll learn to understand contracts, be on TV for 15 years+, write two New York Times Best Sellers (about themselves, each), Do a Major Motion Picture (about themselves), Sign a Half Billon $ 5 yr contract (about themselves). Leaving major portions of “Testicle” radio a wasteland when they leave (I mean again, in the future when they go back to “ULTRA XM EXCLUSIVE”, not when they were shutout for 2 yrs. by Hoo Hoo, SxFS & poor management), they’ll attract 1.1Billion paying subscribers (on their second “exclusive” time around) Eventually “ULTRA”XM will become mandatory planet wide, wars will be fought but O&A ALWAYS WIN! I CANT WAIT!!! CAN YOU!!! Oh yes and of course they’ll piss on Hoo Hoo’s grave and defile his daughters R Kelly style+++.

    HELL, I’M WRONG, THEY’LL DOUBLE THAT! Plus They’ll do things Howard has never done before like “Dial a Date Rape”& “Sex for Sanchez “ once a week they’ll execute a rabid fan and give all of his/her possessions away LIVE on the air. You’re right if I just make stuff up about O&A they’re super cool and ground breaking. Now I see how they BLOW Hoo Hoo AWAYYYY! (Hoo, who?)! From this day forward I’m giving up the world of opinions base on something as trivial as facts. Thanks for setting me straight RAMONEEEE!!!!

    Rob I’m starting to listen to O&A for free on “free FM” (I call it FREEBS cool eh?) Would you be my XM buddy and fill me in on the premium content I’m missing? It would only be here and there (when the show gets interesting). I understand if you don’t want to do it or don’t have the time I guess I can look it up on the Internet. You know it’s super cool that FREEBS&XM give this PURE GOLD AWAY FREE (what idiots)! Between the FREEBS show and the Internet we’ll soon be on the same page Ramoneee! (& I save $13) To top it off I can still listen to Howard (it will remind me of how much he sucks). It’s the best of both worlds! Man. that Norton, he reminds me of a bald guy you gotta admit that.

    RAMONEEE!!!! Get me some free “premium” content because IT”S WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

  • robfromvegas

    man our posts are too long…. Your making me do too much homework. Let’s shorten them and not bounce around so much. You keep on saying Opie and anthony had a lame attempt at that 1.99 charge. Your not going to find any article of exactly why O&A were on a premium channel and niether am I. I guess we have to speculate. either I am right and XM thought of O&A the way they did with the playboy channel. (another premium channel formerly offered) Seems XM likes to offer “extreme” content without really associating their name with it for fear of consumer backlash, like you see with howard. Just take a look at the numbers that Stern has brought to Sirius…..about 10% of his audience is what most articles are saying, and that was after months and months of daily promotion. How can you expect Opie and Anthony to entice even that low of a percentage with no promotion, 2 years away from their audience and being on a premium. So i don’t think that says anything about their talent or future. I’m also a bit confused on what we are arguing about. Because I’m not gonna win an arguement that says O&A are bigger than Stern. I did read both articles, and never had a problem with Opie saying that if Stern fails the whole company fails….i agree with that. in the Long Island press article Opie was talking about the very first days of XM, you made it seem like he was admitting to only a few thousand listeners today. BY the way you made me do research you ass…you said “XM had 1million subs in (’03) one year before O&A were contractually allowed to announce deals (’04). XM had 2,500,000 subs when O&A first talked to XM PERIOD!” but the long island express article that you have so willingly quoted stated that “When O&A finally inked a multiyear deal with XM, there were fewer than a million subscribers to the XM service” see you made me cut and paste. I will say from memory, i heard O&A were going to sign with one radio company or the other and remember 650,000 sirius and 900,000 XM and hoped for Xm because the radios all got better reviews. Does Stern get RAMONE calls? that would be great! p.s i dont like you. your making me work to hard and I hope your wife burned her nose. I hear Howard knows where to get a great nose job though.

  • Dirtfoot

    Hi Rob,

    Man, my posts wouldn’t be soooo longggg if you did ANY “homework” you need to look at more than one newspaper article for “research” you silly willy. I cited my sources but you ignored them because you fear the truth (I’m trying to help Lover). I didn’t start veering off on various tangents in my original post. (Not that I mind that you did… XM buddy:)). I simply stated a FACT: Howard earns his salary and gives Sirius large cash infusions every year (along with two O&A quotes). This sent you into a tizzy and off in all directions. I never mention anything about music, technology, sports or Howard’s prevalence over them (or XM for that matter). Since you had no position to argue from you tried to make one and failed miserably. The only thing you said that had any relevance to my first post (and based in facts) was that I forgot to subtract the extra $113,000,000 per million subs (SubAC), as I explained in my reply Howard’s 5 year ad revenue for two 24/7 stations will more than offset this. Other than that I’ve spent my time countering your flow of O&A/FREEBS whining & misinformation (between giggling at your lack of reading comprehension and research skills). Tangent Boy or Girl I LOVE YOU! (I’m giggling with you, don’t worry)

    Nice try Dude but the following numbers have to do with Howard NOT O&A! Can’t you even remember what you write? (Post #59) Not that it matters they both announced signing within months of each other. Rob you need a study buddy like me because your research skills “ARE TO SUCK” I give you an F-. I didn’t use the number cited in the newspaper because I knew it was wrong after researching your original outlandish claim of XM’s 6 fold increase. As a publicly traded company XM must under penalty of Federal law make ACURATE regular filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission these filings detail their company business (including subscription numbers) these filings are freely available on the internet. I’VE REFERRED TO THEM IN MULTIPLE POSTS Now I’ll cut and paste from the official XM SEC 10-Q filed on 11/05/2004 pg 26:
    (I only do this for my close friends)

    Subscribers. As of September 30, 2004, we had 2,516,023 subscribers, compared to 929,648 at September 30, 2003, an increase of 1,586,375 subscribers. Our subscribers include 2,092,600 self-paying subscribers, 398,993 subscribers in OEM promotional periods (typically ranging from three months to one-year in duration) paid in part by the vehicle manufacturers and 24,430 XM activated vehicles with rental car companies. Additionally, family plan subscriptions at a multi-unit rate of $6.99 per radio per month are included in our total subscriber count. (SO YOU ARE STILL WRONG!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 million in’03 and 2.5million in ’04) (DON’T BRING IT UP AGAIN!!!!!!) (All that careful “research” down the drain).

    I know, I know now you’re going to say “DUHHH… If the paper is wrong about the million subscribers then the O&A quotes are could be wrong too”. This may be true but you have yet to prove it in any way (I will only accept a link to a retraction or a link to Opie himself claiming he was misquoted) See what happens when you try to copy off other peoples homework.

    WAHHH!!! O&A were forgotten in two years how could they compete, they had no promotion, their car wouldn’t start, and their mothers never loved them?!?! TOUGH! That’s a mantra for losers. XM and O&A management are responsible for their promotion; O&A and their poor contract skills were responsible for their two-year hiatus. You play with the cards you’re dealt in life and they just suck at cards. Do you constantly bore people with tales of how you or your “Heroes” could have done better but your “hands were tied or I didn’t have a chance”?

    Let’s get one thing straight I agree with you I don’t know what O&A were doing on a premium channel either (or XM for that matter if they had balls they would have went to Testicle radio and whipped Howard in his “declining” last year, truly earning his throne Imus style) Instead they signed a contract agreeing to be “caged” on a premium ch. They hid on XM with very little fanfare (and sucked wind) until Howard’s ultra mega giga powers forced FREEBS & XM to join forces in the feeble hope of fending off the “Stern Effect”. Maybe XM will hand MLB to Testicle radio too. I mean if giving your “best” premium content away generates subs JUST DO IT. After all they can just beep out all the good plays and scores to draw people to XM. FREEBS stands to gain in the short term until O&A slip up under the glare of a post “Janet Jackson” FCC. With the 10-fold increase in FCC fines that congress just passed FREEBS radio will be crippled when they F up

    I’m spending thousands of words over multiple posts to show you your errors (man, I care about you that much!) yet you neglect to thank me for researching the truth (shame on you, I should tell your Mother). In your first post to me (# 59), you made a weak attempt to discredit my math and Opie’s quotes by taking them on a diversion tangent because you couldn’t actually dispute them! It only took me three posts to have you say you agreed with one Opie quote the whole time!?!?!? All you had to say was “I agree” in the first place or better yet say nothing if you agree, that will help shorten our posts. Do you agree? I’ll take this silence as a yes …(I’m kidding…you can start writing again).

    I told my wife you better be a woman (Robin?) because I think I’m falling in love & She wants to meet you! (If you’re younger than 21 forget it, you’ll only break my heart.) But we can still be friends.



  • You guys are both crazy. When you start describing your Satellite radio company of choice as “we” you have officially lost it. That is unless you are drawing a paycheck from them.

    I am not even sure what you guys are arguing about anymore. Someone give me five bullet points on each side. If you can’t narrow your argument down to five bullet points, you are just filibustering.

  • robfromvegas

    I’m not really sure what we are arguing about either. I’m done with homework, and research. It seems like you only want to believe articles that support Stern and Sirius. Actually parts and portions of articles if you don’t like what you read you dig till you do. You are a cut and paste magician, I would much rather watch you tool around on the internet than David Blain try and drown himself. (same trick though…if you stay on the Stern/sirius bandwagon) In 5 years when Stern’s contract finally starts paying for itself, and he sells his Sirius stock and flies the Howie Copter to the Hamptons never to be heard from again, what will you do? You will be over 40 and unable to jerk off while listening to the sounds of naked girls. So i guess we should make 5 points on you original post of Howard being worth it…..I may only have 2 or 3…cuz I am not going to google random words and read long articles, or cut and paste parts I like.
    #1 Stern still didn’t get Sirius the lead.
    #2 Sirius cost per sub is still higher than XM, with less subs
    #3 Associated Press By SETH SUTEL , 05.02.2006 Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. reported Tuesday that its first quarter loss more than doubled, due largely to expenses of $225 million in stock-based compensation to its star shock jock Howard Stern. I’m glad he can roll around naked in money while his “new mansion is burning down”
    So far he has doubled their loss, great job
    #4 Stern has to keep all those subs he generated to pay for himself….too early to be so sure if he is worth it.
    #5 The original reason for this blog was if it was a good move for Opie and Anthony to go to CBS and take over for Roth……well lets ask Mel Karmazin…..”It was a great deal for Opie and Anthony,” Karmazin said in the same associated Press article.
    Case closed good day sir,….. I said good day!…I pardon you. Do you really think I could be a Robin?.RAMOOOONE!!! Get me sombody who doesnt masterbate while researching boring articles about has beens…..RAMOOOOONE! THe only Robin in your life is a do nothing “add nothing to the radio show fat HOLE that belongs in a DUNK TANK filled with rancid breast milk.
    P.S IS your wife hot?

  • Dirtfoot

    Hi FilteringCraig,

    I know I’m crazy as hell, you gotta be to wear an American uniform in Iraq, but I can’t bitch, my last tour (16months ago) is what has given me all my free time. That’s where I got my handle (they couldn’t get the dirt & grit out of my foot so I got a newfangled one.) I’m sorry Craig I didn’t know anyone else was suffering through “Mien Kampf” (against ignorance) I figured we would have been told to shut up a long time ago if anyone was paying attention. I have this sickness, when I find hyper delusional people I can’t help but interact with them. People who refuse to admit a stove is hot no matter how many times it burns them fascinates me. I’ll stop posting here after this post thanks for the forum. (Hey Rob I don’t want to lose our deep friendship do you go by robfromvegas everywhere? Are you still on AOL? I’d love to be on your “Buddy list”!) Hey you‘re 43! and you were riding me for being old? Do you still love those Outlaws? If I find time in the future I’ll look you up I know lots of bored vets maybe we could form our own newsgroup, though I would loath sharing you with them. I have lots of aliases but you’ll know me ; )
    (Craig any “we” in my posts came from cut and paste’s (C&P) of company documents the “we” were those respective companies speaking about themselves. I wouldn’t need to be a C&P Houdini if Rob understood the BASICS of useful research!

    FilteringCraig I know this isn’t quite what you were looking for but I’m a slave to Rob’s fevered ramblings:

    #1 Rob can’t read with comprehension and in the face of overwhelming FACTS “homework” “research” or whatever he wants to call it, he retreats to his fortress of TANGENTS & MISINFORMATION. (Rob where did I say Howard alone did or would put Sirius in the lead EVER (Post#)? Don’t put words in my mouth and then act like you nailed me on something. (WEAK!)

    #2 The subscriber cost was NEVER DISPUTED BY ME when I accounted for this you tried to change it’s relevance now you act like this metric is the only make or break factor for both companies and this is not true, it is only one of many of factors affecting company health nor is the CPGA/SAC a static number. XM SEC 10-K FILING 3/3/06 pg 44: “2005 – 2004. During 2005 and 2004, XM incurred CPGA (cost per gross acq) expenses of $449.4 million, and $257.9 million, respectively (Howie doubled their cost). Average CPGA for 2005 and 2004 was $109 and $100, respectively”. XM’s CPGA is almost equal to ALL of Sirius losses (w/ Howie’s bonus) and is about 2/3’s of XM total loss for the year (650 million).

    #3 Sirius was happy to do this I TOLD YOU THAT IN MY FIRST POST they planned for this one time stock bonus a year before Howard started in the event he totally exceeded expectations. They knew they would take a one time hit but they knew it was worth it, this only proves his superior contracting skills and overall success. XM should be glad it happened it made last years $650 million loss on 6 million subs about the same as Sirius $458 million per 3.5 million subs If Howard hadn’t earned his $225 million performance bonus the day he started Sirius XM would have doubled Sirius total losses in ‘05 with it’s CPGA alone!

    #4 Are you saying Howard’s CORE audience has ever every left him? WHEN? Howard is a proven cash generator and his core fan loyalty is second to none. It is not too early for Sirius to admit the truth with a HUGE bonus… why can’t you? (The truth only hurts until you accept it)

    #5 Man I LOVE YOU! In your first post in this thread (#33) you proclaim your love for Howard Stern fans and how they do things. Then you and Zatguy argued about Howard for quite a bit yet you begrudge me the same joy (shame on you). This is only a testament to Howard’s super powers he can even overshadow O&A on their own thread (you helped make this true) You should have ignored the truth instead of disputing it. O&A cling to Howard like a lifesaver in a raging sea without Stern they wouldn’t even exist. Without Howard their move back(wards) to Testicle radio would mean nothing.

    RAMOOOOONE!!! Bring me a greased up ROB I’m Tired OF MASTERBATING!!!

    Rob, forget my wife run away with ME! I don’t care if you’re a guy they have operations for that (you’re such a DREAMY! soul mate.)

    P.S. Robbie my wife is SUPER HOT she kinda looks like YOUR MOM’S BOX! (In it’s prime.)

  • robfromvegas

    All good things come to an end. Just like Stern’s career. I’m not 43, I’m 26. i don’t know where you got that. I was saying YOU will be 40 when Howard’s contract is up, and I doubt he will re-sign. Unless CBS’s suit gets him and he needs more cash. I will miss you. I still don’t get why such an obvious O&A fan like yourself is defending Howard so much. I guess I’ll keep posting as ROBFROMVEGAS so we can keep in touch. I think I saw you the other day on a board where you were arguing that the Sky was not blue and rainbows were not pretty. YOu can find me on MYSPACE under the name BUHLLEE DAT. Don’t stalk me though, your kind of a loon. By the way when I said “i love stern fans” i was being sarcastic, like saying I love the way captain crunch cereal cuts the roof of my mouth.
    yer moms box, thats great

  • Opie and Anthony have a bigger audience than Howard Stern, Mancow, Leykis, and all others in the hot talk format.

  • Mr_Reality

    It’s enjoyable reading this a year and a half later and seeing that Opie and Anthony have been exposed as frauds and failures,

  • Bitwrecker

    How do you figure?