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Operatica- Shine

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When delicacy blossoms into something wonderful, like a flower, the emotions that run flow deep. Seconds slow to minutes and time suspends it’s self.

As the name implies, Operatica includes elements of opera. Lord Vanger is the man who is the main driving force behind the group. He had a vision of an electronica and opera fusion. He saw no one else doing this and knew that it would be a great combination. (Unfortunately for Lord Vanger, before he finished his first project, he saw the same concept in a movie.)

Operatica’s latest offering, Shine, pulls the right strings of human emotion which allows time to stop. The first track, “Solvejg’s Song,” starts off with a simple piano playing single notes infront of the drone of a keyboard produced chord. Then guest vocalist Ying Huang lets her talent command the music.

There are several different vocalists who accompany Lord Vanger’s electronica. Each one is a beautiful female voice who has the ability to let her voice float. Often the music starts sounding oriental with this effect.

The first 4 tracks are great. Unfortunately, by the time track 5 rolls around, the songs start sounding too simular to one another and it all flows into one. However, if you’re a fan of opera and want to try something with a contemporary feel to it, or you like eccentric electronica, I would urge you to pick this cd up.


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