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Open Mic Night and What Happened After

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We got invited back to the Tourist Inn where we did the open mic last week. They booked us for 2 dates in May and June. They’re headlining shows, which is cool. However, we have to play 2 sets of 1 hour in length each night. Now, we grew up playing the punk scene. Bands there do 40 minute sets at most with just about all original songs. We are plum unprepared to do a 2 hour show. We don’t get many shows though so we can’t pass this opportunity up. Unfortunately, the time has finally come for us to do some cover songs. Luckily, we have about 12 originals to play and we think we can make that last an hour, so we’re looking at only having to do 8 cover songs, 4 in each set. We’ll do 2 sets of 6 originals and 4 covers each. We can rise to this challenge.

The hard part is doing this in the time we have. Tonight we wrote 2 songs in practice, which is phenomenal for us. Being an 8 piece band, song writing takes time. Sometimes weeks. Something clicked tonight for us though, probably divine intervention, and the songs came together well. So after wrapping up loose ends on these songs this week, we can get to work on the covers. The songs we’re thinking of doing so far is as follows.

The Who-5:15 and Behind Blue Eyes
Heart-Crazy On You
Ramones-Bonzo Goes to Bitberg
Fleetwood Mac-Go Your Own Way
The Doors-Touch(Definately debateable…I don’t think I can pull off the sax solo in it)
MC5-Kick Out the Jam

That’s what we’re thinking so far. We’ll probably do a different Doors song and a Tom Petty song as well.

I’m not looking forward to putting time and energy into learning other people’s songs, however I’m up for the challenge of making the songs our own and arranging them so they fit our style. Horns in that Heart song would rock so hard. You can go 2 ways with covers. You can do carbon copies and try to recreate what’s been done, or you can pay tribute to the song by making it your own, putting your own artistic input into it, and still do the song justice. We choose the later.

I’ll update everyone on the progress of this whole thing.

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