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Open Letter to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

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This morning I received a request for financial support from one Guy Cecil (a pseudonym if ever I read one!) representing the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. It may only be for $5, but the principle of the thing set me off, considering that I am not at all happy with the way the Democrats have operated since 2006 even with congressional majorities. Only the fact that the Republicans are demonstrably worse keeps me from supporting them to express my displeasure with the Democrats, something they appear to have not yet learned from the November Shellacking.

So how does one reach the oblivious? It’s not easy, as years of attempting to bring a different view of things to hardcore FOX zombies will attest. Yet one cannot succeed if one doesn’t make the attempt.

I now present the reply I sent to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in response to their funds request:

Mr. Cecil:

I’m sympathetic to your plight, but frankly I still can’t get past the number of things you’ve done as a party to allow the GOP to continue to dictate conditions and results. Even your “best” effort is going to cost me even more money when the Cadillac benefit tax kicks in.

But this isn’t just about me and how I am to lose backing you. Fourteen million people still remain jobless, and Wall Street continues to grant itself huge bonuses with my tax dollars. Foreclosures will reach record numbers again this year, and the HAMP program is a dismal failure due to banks remaining unrestrained in their fast-and-loose game of screw the homeowner. I’m not convinced that the drawdown in Afghanistan doesn’t mean American boots on Libyan ground, and 30% of recent war veterans can’t find civilian jobs. Millions remain without health care, and those numbers are rising as employers end employee coverage.

As bad as all of these failures are, one more stands out which will block any improvement in the national condition: the blatant Wisconsin voting count fraud perpetrated to defend corrupt Republicans. Wisconsin isn’t alone in this crime, and I expect that Wisconsin was just a warm-up for 2012. Giving you money when the DoJ doesn’t seem to care if my vote will be counted correctly tells me that I would be wasting my money giving it to you. Am I to reward your party’s incompetence and cowardice with my scarce resources when it’s looking like I will need them for myself? I say no.

The Republicans are very open about wanting Obama and the Democrats to fail. STOP CAVING-IN TO THEIR OUTRAGEOUS AND EXCESSIVE DEMANDS.

The Democrats have until November 2012 to turn things around, and I won’t tolerate any more excuses about the Republicans not letting you do anything. What do you think they would be doing if the Congressional numbers were in their favor? I guarantee you that they would be running roughshod all over you and your objections. They wouldn’t give a tinker’s dam about bipartisanship. They would go for the jugular and laugh while you bled to death.

Once you can show me that the majority of the people are again your concern, then I might consider rewarding you with support if your efforts meet with my approval. But if you fail, I can only offer you a couple thoughts of solace: the Republicans aren’t going to see a dime from me no matter what you do – or don’t do.

Neither will they get my vote. for despite Rahm Emanuel’s tasteless and crass observation, I do have another place to go with my support. I have before, and I will again.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Arch –

    How exactly is this any different from the Dems wanting Bush and the GOP to fail when they were at the helm?

    It’s different in that Bush wanted us to illegally invade a foreign country and had NO exit strategy. It’s different in that Bush cut taxes for the wealthy and blew our federal budget (which was a SURPLUS when he took over) all to heck. It’s different in that Bush cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions more with Medicare Part D.

    And EACH of these cost more that Obama’s stimulus which – though most economists feel it was too small – is still credited with keeping us out of a full-blown depression.

    You canNOT compare what Obama’s done with what Bush did…which was essentially to do precisely what Osama bin Laden wanted him to do: (1) bankrupt America and (2) get America involved in an unwinnable war. OBL couldn’t have asked for better allies than George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

  • ChristineLW

    Crappy article!

  • You mean reasonable solutions like ending nonsensical tax breaks for energy companies? Oh wait, that was a [mild] Democratic suggestion that ‘reasonable’ Republican Eric Cantor allegedly objected to before his patently staged walkout from debt talks.

    There’s always posturing in Washington, but to pretend, as Dave does, that the Dems are far guiltier than the GOP in this regard is just nutty.

  • I’ve written similar letters to this to the NRSC and NRCC a couple of times, with many of the same complaints. They tend to support candidates who are far too willing to compromise with the Democrats.

    Reading your letter was like a glimpse through a window into a surreal world where everything is backwards and makes no sense in the context of the facts of reality.

    Right now the Democratic Party’s failure to make reasonable compromises and their obstructionism on cutting the budget and restruturing entitlements is the greatest threat our nation has faced since WW2. IMO their leaders should be considered traitors and tried for getting us into this situation and blocking any reasonable solutions. And some Republicans should go with them.


  • Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

    From your whingy articles, it is difficult to imagine that you ever, you know, smile. Or even relax.

  • [Edited]

    The media is all over Obama for his adventure in Libya. The left isn’t interested in another pointless war. Even Democrats are hostile to this latest move. If that doesn’t count as a warmonger criticism, then you are more full of shit that you have displayed to date.

  • Arch Conservative

    “The Republicans are very open about wanting Obama and the Democrats to fail. ”

    How exactly is this any different from the Dems wanting Bush and the GOP to fail when they were at the helm? More American troops have died in Agfghanistan under Obama than Bush yet we don’t see the mainstream media and the antiwar left decrying Obama for being an awful war mongeror do we.

    Oh and as for Wisconsin. There could hardly be a more ugly spectacle of Democracy being subverted than the Democrats fleeing to another state to avoid taking part in a vote they know they’d be bound to lose.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]