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Oops, She Did It Again? Britney and K-Fed Expecting

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This poptart just can’t stay out of the news. If babies aren’t dropping at the Spears Malibu estate, they are popping out, it seems. Spears, last spotted in Las Vegas — reportedly accompanying husband Kevin Federline to his “listening party” — was seen “sporting a red bikini” with passers-by declaring they couldn’t fail to notice the 24-year-old was looking a bit broader than usual.

That in itself is hardly newsworthy, since Spears has a propensity for being “puffy” at times, but according to the article she couldn’t keep quiet about her joyous news. Britney was heard telling kids at the Dance for Kids studio in Malibu that she was sorry she couldn’t keep up as she’s pregnant. Mother’s of the children at the dance studio also claimed Britney revealed she is already four or five months along.

Peace This would appear to confirm the rumors about her second pregnancy that made headlines back in February.

Not that it’s a crime to have another baby: Heck, she and K-Fed have proven to be stable, protective, hands-on parents.

One would hope that at some point, someone close to Britney (and more intelligent than she) would take her aside and tell her that this dogged pursuit of the trailer park lifestyle can only end in success: a life of dropped g’s, Camels, wrinkly skin, saggy boobs, and a droopy pooper.

Britney And honestly, K-Fed really, really, really needs to go. Not that he’s any more of a piece of trash than Britney has turned out to be, but if he goes soon, at least she will be able to fulfill her life’s ambition of being a hagged out, divorced, skanky single mom while she is still young enough to revel in it all.

Britney is proof that you can take the girl out of the bayou trailer park, but you can’t take the bayou trailer park out of the girl – yo.

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  • plus, if she doesn’t stop this madness, i will have to put off (again!) my planned compare/contrast review of her next cd with Joni Mitchell’s Mingus.


  • sal m

    it’s hard to believe that she’s only 24…she looks awful.

  • Eric Olsen

    I can hear Anna Nicole mooing in the distance

  • RedTard

    At least she can afford to support her spawn. Our society has pretty much relegated the chore of rearing the next generation to the lower classes as we are too busy, and rich, and selfish, and worried about our saggy boobs to stoop to such a level.

    Now we’re poking fun and calling people trailer trash who choose to have children, how low and selfish can we possibly get?

  • What’s that? A BCRadio topic? Totally.

  • Dawn

    RT – how am I selfish? I have children, use all my assets and money to take care them and spend actual time with them. I assure you if anyone is going to drop my baby on his head, it will be me, not some highpriced nanny thank you very much.

  • Eric Olsen

    she’s not trailer trash because she’s having her second child in two years – she’s trailer trash and she’s having her second child in two years. The main point is she hasn’t really got a handle on motherhood in the first place and now she’s having another?

  • I can’t believe it! Isn’t she at all worried about her health? And really, why is Britney still with Kevin? She used to be so pretty, now she just looks old and trashy.

  • sal m

    And So It Was Posted:
    “Now we’re poking fun and calling people trailer trash who choose to have children, how low and selfish can we possibly get?”

    I’m actually hoping that we can get much lower and way more selfish than this. what good is it being a dick if the worst you do is make fun of trailer trash…There has to be a lower low than this or else I’ll have to start being nice.

  • Eric Olsen

    classic, Sal

  • The main point is she hasn’t really got a handle on motherhood in the first place and now she’s having another?

    Any girl who rushes into marriage and parenthood with a guy who left his pregnant girlfriend and child to be with her clearly isn’t playing with a full deck of adult cards to start with.

  • Eric Olsen

    my guess is she is sick of her career and this gives her an “excuse” (for her mother and handlers) to take an extended break and eat a bunch of shit

  • i thought she was going for the advanced development of her kid. you know, starting with driving lessons and whatnot.

  • sal m

    since forbes estimated britney’s worth at $123 milllion in 2004, i don’t think she really gives a shit about what people think about her…i don’t care what people think and my net worth is $123…$123 mil is real F-You money….

  • Dawn

    Had she breastfed, she could have spaced those kids out a little better. But then again breastfeeding while doing drugs, having raunchy sex and drinking domestic brews aren’t usually recommended.

    She’s a piece of crap and the only thing worse than Britney is a that scumbag husband she chose to breed with. There is no need to defend her or my disgust with her, I just happen to enjoy doing so.

  • Dawn

    She doesn’t haven’t to care what people think – but that doesn’t mean she is above the law either. She can tell me to fuck off, but she sure better not tell Child Protective Services to fuck off.

    How many celebrities have the honor of that kind of attention by govt. agencies? Hmm.. Michael Jackson perhaps – wow that’s someone I would want to be associated with.

    Clearly money hasn’t given her any class or good sense, that’s for sure.

  • sal m

    oh that’s a given that money doesn’t/can’t buy class…in case people forgot that, brit is a good reminder…i feel sorry for her kids.

  • RedTard

    I suppose it’s way more classy to come online and bash people you don’t even know and label them trailer park trash and disgusting pieces of crap.

    If that’s class, I don’t want any.

  • Eric Olsen

    Dude, are you a relative or something? Are you really defending Britney-as-wife-and-mother?

  • Dawn

    I second Eric, how can I take a person seriously with a name like RedTard? As if using a derogatory term about those with handicaps is any better than making fun of people who just act like they have a mental handicap.


  • RedTard

    I don’t know Eric, did my post say I thought Britney was good mother?

    My opinion was that calling Britney a digusting classless piece of trailer park shit is a little bit over the limit. Obviously it is not as everyone seems to enjoy jumping over each other to see who can get the best dig in on the fading celebrity. By all means, go ahead, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade.

  • Dawn

    There is nothing more noble and respectable than poking fun at filthy rich celebrities who conduct themselves like complete jackholes for all the world to see.

    I feel zero shame.

  • sal m

    i would think any mother who would speed off while her baby is sitting in her lap while she’s driving, and then a few weeks later drop the baby on its head fracturing its skull deserves to be called a classless piece of trailer park shit.

    she’s lucky she’s a RICH, classless piece of trailer park shit or else she would be facing real consequences.

  • Dawn

    Sal is hardcore, y’all!

  • Joey

    This is the weirdest post and weirdest batch of comments I think I’ve ever read. I’m going to have to dig out my pyschology texts and see what’s going on here. It’s almost like jelousy or something. Definated mummering (in the scriptural sense).

    Who cares what Britney does (or thinks).
    Who cares what Britney can or can not do.
    Who cares if she is pumping out a batch.
    She has the right to do anything she wants to.
    The children will be just fine. I’ve seen far worse conditions than the Britney home where children florish.

  • Eric Olsen

    true, but what of their spelling?

  • lol…

    Seriously, I’m not a Britney fan and my opinion of K-Fed is even worse. But I have a visceral response when hearing fellow humans called “trailer trash.” Different people live different lives and have difference influences. Britney may be rich now, but she grew up in less than wealthy surroundings and worked hard to become… whatever she is. I’m not defending her, but calling anyone “trash” of any sort just bothers me. Every human, regardless of background, class, income or lack of talent is valuable – even if we cannot fathom their success. We are all the antithesis of trash. Oh well, two more cents added.

    I don’t really give a hoot about what BS and KF do, but it’s apparent to me that anyone who allows herself to become pregnant two months after giving birth isn’t thinking clearly or behaving responsibly. Getting pregnant again so quickly could do real damage to herself and her child. The body and mind simply hasn’t had time to heal themselves and to process a massive occurrence.

    Granted, the Sean Preston Behind the Wheel incident gives much pause. Same with the accident: Many parents – more than would admit it – have stupid accidents involving their very young children. It’s terrible, but there is a learning curve to being a new parent and shit happens. CFS checked out the situation after Sean’s fall and deemed that things seemed OK. I certainly hope so. But I wish, for the sake of Sean and the new baby, that Britney had waited. Clearly she has much to learn. I wish she had given herself more time. (Isn’t K-Fed on the record as saying he didn’t want another baby yet? No wonder a confirmation didn’t come until she was five months along.)

  • Scott Butki

    “I’m actually hoping that we can get much lower and way more selfish than this. what good is it being a dick if the worst you do is make fun of trailer trash…There has to be a lower low than this or else I’ll have to start being nice.”

    Oh, we can go lower:
    We can ask them to not reproduce. Heck, we can encourage them to get abortions or adopt a one-child-only policy like China.

  • Dawn

    Actually Natalie, your reason for giving pause is much closer the heart of the matter than the obvious and cruel “trailer trash” assessment. Having grown up being exposed to what some would call trailer trash and fighting hard to not slip into a similar type life for myself, I respond harshly to behavior that I deem beneath someone who has money to do better.

    As a mother who breastfed/breastfeeds I have read extensively on the changes that occur before, during and after pregnancy. I find it distasteful and irresponsible to allow oneself to become pregnant so soon after giving birth. It opens up your immune system and that of your unborn child to untold potential problems.

    I may express it in more crass and hysterical terms, but Natalie I totally dig where you are coming from. It is at the heart of my rant.

  • Scott Butki

    Can you imagine having Britney as your mother? You’d probably have to grow up listening to her music and you’d be stunted forever.

  • Karlota

    Yeah I can imagine her as my mum… You know if you were born from her, you will get use to it. She would be just like another parent and you would just be another kid… well maybe you would be popular in the music industry and celebrity world!

  • Dave

    I’ll give Britney credit for one thing.

    She has made many men happy. How? Look at all the coed’s who are running around with the scooped neck halters, low rise pants, thongs hangin’ out the top, blonde… Britney look!

    It’s amazing. What a glorious time to be male and hooking up on college campuses around the country. All you has been tarts are done.


  • Scott Butki

    I think that was happening independent of her.

  • clothmommy

    I didn’t realize that Britney didn’t breastfeed. I thought everyone breastfed now unless they physically couldn’t or HAD to work too many hours to do it. Why would she deny her baby something so important to their health? That blows my mind. I thought, even though she has proven that she isn’t, that she would be smarter than that. It’s such a basic, important thing. I am sure her doctors educated her on it’s importance. If she knew how important it was how could she have just decided not to do it? I guess she’s paying for it now though…

  • Eric Olsen

    suffice it to say she is just a really really shitty mother

  • Dawn

    Now, now Eric, not breastfeeding doesn’t mean you’re a shitty mother, but in Britney’s case, it’s one more lost opportunity to prove she isn’t.

    And lost opportunities has kind of become Britney’s MO, starting with dumping Timberlake for Federline.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, I’d say in 2006 not breastfeeding makes you a shitty mother unless you have a very good reason not to

  • I can’t go that far, but wow, would it be cause for wonder. The Choice: Real vs. Fake. For Your Baby. Yes, it would be cause for wonder.

    Britney didn’t breastfeed? Probably would have gotten in the way of smoking cigarettes and chasing a wayward spouse.

  • More likely she thinks breastfeeding would ruin her main career assets…


  • Eric Olsen

    which have mutated quite strangely over the course of the last several years

  • An Implant-free Brittany

    As in any court of law, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. I fear that we have a mountain of evidence, and as the jury (she gave us that right by choosing to live out her “southern-soap-opera” life in the full view of the public) we are left to deliberate in this hallowed public forum. Her chances for a truly un-biased jury were blown years ago, so I suppose she will have to deal with the backlash her ignorance produces. Yes, she is a bad mother, but her most heinous crime is raging, unabated stupidity. We can forgive her for many things, including some impossibly bad wardrobe selections, but we cannot forgive her for mating with a fellow incompetent and passing those sub-standard genes to a new and blameless generation. What chance do these helpless babies have….both parents are carriers. And yes, in case you were wondering, my name really is Brittany, and I really do have an IQ in the triple digits…..

  • Maybe she thought having another baby was easier than losing the weight from the first one.

  • Kira Bonni

    How quickly we all forget…”treat others how you want to be treated” Judge not and ye not be judged!
    Instead of criticisms, find the good in each other. Education is key, knowledge is powerful and progressive.
    Sharing and caring is critical in a society that just doesn’t care any more.
    Mankind is furthering themselves from GOD, and a Godless world is a lost world! It’s getting late in the game, don’t be deceived.
    LOVE is the most important lesson learned!

  • An Implant free Brittany

    Ms. Bonni, I think I might barf…… I have only one thought on this one, if you’re going to quote the Bible, please do so accurately. (please see Matthew 7:1-2) In actuality, the Bible also says we will be known by our fruit….hmmmmm…….

  • Kira Bonni

    TO: A.I.F.B.#44, WoW~! The WORD of God does have great POWER! Your comment proves just that!!!

    Surely, I will take this opportunity NOW to quote the scripture YOU mention: Matthew 7:1-2

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. (2)For with
    the judgement you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.” (RSV)
    I think I got my quote much closer than…yours!
    (please see Matthew 7:15-16)
    “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. (16)You will know them by their fruits.”
    and to quote you now….hmmmmm…….
    Feel better SOON! Peace to all!

  • Kira Bonni

    I do give credit where credit is do, I found a closer example to the quote you refer to in the Bible (please see Matthew 7:18-20)

    “A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. (19)Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. (20)Thus you will know them by their fruits.” (RSV)
    wtg A.I.F.B.#44

  • Excuse me, people, this article is about Ms Spears not religion. Let’s stay on topic so I don’t have to exercise the comments tool…

  • jamie lynn