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Oops! Motley Crue Singer Just Used the “F” Word on Live TV!

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It happened again not 15 minutes ago. My wife and I were watching the “Tonight Show” with Leno when Vince Neil of Motley Crue, while singing their hit song, “Girls, Girls, Girls” shouted, “Happy f*&$%@g new year!”

My eyes just about popped out of my head (which, by the way, hurts like hell), my jaw fell open, and I looked over at my wife on the couch and said, “did that guy just use the “f” word?” “Yes he did!” she replied.

At which point I chuckled. NBC had just let Vince Neal of Motley Crue shout the “f” word out to a national audience that ranks in the millions of viewers!

This is, no doubt, a developing story…

David Flanagan

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  • You mean he said ‘happy fucking new year’ – lol. I’m sure the calls of outrage will come soon, unless Big Dick Cheney steps in – can CSPAN be considered precedent?

    Happy new year

  • RJ

    Seriously, this is a crucial opening for BlogCritics. Just like when we reaped massive hits after the Janet Jackson Super Bowl ordeal.

    I encourage all BlogCritics who know anything about Vince Neal to post about him ASAP.

    With the mainstream media pretty much out of commission until Monday, this offers us an opportunity to get some stories out without our posts being swamped by other media outlets.

    This could lead to a LOT of hits from potential new readers…

  • Good point, RJ. Too bad I don’t know anything about Vince Neal or Motley Crue, but I do know that using language like that, even on late night TV (especially on a night when people are trying to stay up until midnight) is going to make waves.

  • Neal

    It’s spelled Vince Neil. What he actually said was, “Hey Tommy (Tommy Lee-drummer), happy fucking new year.” It’s not the end of the world.

  • Fuck Vince Neil and his fake ass-face.

  • Neal,

    Thanks for the spelling correction on Vince Neil’s name and I agree that it’s not the end of the world. It was about 20 minutes after midnight when that happened and probably many people had gone to sleep. Vince probably used the “F” word all the time and he didn’t even think about it.

    I was more surprised that the NBC camera crew didn’t bleep it before it went out live over the air. Leno has the most popular evening show on television, so that little mistake certainly reached millions of people, and out of that number, there were certain to be some whose children were still up and watching.

    So, I guess we get to watch to see what happens.



  • I think all BCs should display their usual sangfroid and refrain from blowing this incident out of proportion, thereby elevating it beyond ‘la boob oscillata’.

    Really – is the word such a big deal anymore? Even kids know there is worse stuff than that to deal with.

  • I don’t want my kids hearing the word. My girls are two and five, not a great age to begin cussing. But then again, they are in bed by 8pm.

    I think the issue is the whole panorama of stuff we have to deal with as parents. Even movie posters can be incredibly suggestive these days. It’s just hard to keep your kids free of all the junk out there these days.



  • Fair enough, David – I totally understand. At the same time, a witchhunt, were there one, would be stupid, methinks

  • Not a damn thing is going to happen to NBC–unless of course Howard Stern was somehow involved. I doubt that there will be nearly as much uproar over an obvious slipup by a heavy metal star who is probably used to throwing out about 100 F-bombs during every one of their shows. A midnight, new years celebration is a little different than a pre-planned titty exposure during a prime time super bowl.

  • Asman,

    I agree. I’m certainly not interested in seeing a witch hunt. I have to admit, the rebel in me appreciates the fact that these things slip through from time-to-time. It reminds me that no matter how hard you try and how well you plan, life still catches you by surprise.

    I think what really raised the ire of many over the Super Bowl decloaking was that many felt it was deliberate. At this point, I don’t think it was, but the thought that it might be deliberate upset me too.

    Accidents happen and I think overall Americans have learned to take such things in stride, They just don’t like being taken advantage of. Anyone who thinks that Vince said what he said to deliberately offend people just has a chip on their shoulder.



  • Looks like you and I are in agreement on this one Paul.


  • JR

    Aaman: I think all BCs should display their usual sangfroid and refrain from blowing this incident out of proportion, thereby elevating it beyond ‘la boob oscillata’.

    That might be the mature, rational response; but it’s terrible marketing! Where the hell are you’re priorities, man?

  • If your eyes pop out of your head when some washed up singer for an 80s hair-metal band says “fuck” on teevee on a lame late night talk-show, what happens when the missus sticks a finger up your anus? Or is that only used to produce diamonds out of the lumps of coal Santa left you. Just wondering.

  • It’s amazing how in the name of sanctimony on teevee, you have so quickly developed a circle of jerks. And they’re all pulling for you.

  • Jim Carruthers, a man with the worst case of “Penis Envy” on the planet.

    JC, put your hands up and step away from teh computer! 😉


  • Dr. Blake

    Missus, yeah right, you’ve been secretly hanging out with the Cleveland down low brigade? That was probably Sharks little lady-boy dick in your damn ASS! You are the new bitch-on the-block!

  • Vince NeilFlanders


    Go to bed, especially Moll Carruthers. Oo, oo, sleeepy time.

  • I’m not sure which is sadder that Motley Crue was on “The Tonight Show” or that David would admit to be watching it on NYE. Also, I don’t get what he’s surprised about. Is it that Vince said it or that on “the” party night of the year some technician let it slip by? Either way it doesn’t matter because it’s hard to respect anyone’s opinion who would say “the ‘f’ word” instead of “fuck” when he was alone in front of his wife when he’s only repeating a word they both just heard. If only he would have turned on Comedy Central and heard the uncensored version of the South Park movie, his head might have exploded before wasting everyone’s time with this ridiculous post and we all could have been spared.

    David, if you don’t want your children hearing the f-word, smother them with a pillow in the middle of the night. Otherwise, be a responsible parent and teach them, so the rest of us don’t have to live in a childproof world because you’re too lazy to do your job as a parent.

    RJ’s ridiculous idea to use this non-story to garner traffic for BC is absolutely shameless and pathetic. It is the saddest thing I’ve read regarding the site since somebody was crying that BC was losing an Internet award that no one has heard of. The quality of the writing is what will raise awareness of this site, not petty stunts. It might lead to “a LOT of hits” as RJ claims, but there won’t be any returning visitors who will take this site seriously if we have to stoop to pathetic gimmicks.

  • What? You mean the author of such lyrical literature as ‘tight action, rear traction… so hot you really blow me away!” dropped an F bomb on tv? He seemed so educated though.

    aw, I just should admit it. I love the (early) Crue and am in fact heading upstairs right now to watch a VH1 special on him. Happy new year all!

  • I don’t get what he’s surprised about.


    Read comments 6 and 11 and you will then know exactly what truly surprised me. I hear the “F” word all the time, and I’ve used it plenty of times; that is not what made my eyes bug out.



  • duh

    it’s a big deal that it didn’t get bleeped. it’s also a big deal that he even said it in the first place because he’s in front of a live audience who doesn’t necessarily appreciate the language, though are old enough to know where they stand on the issue.
    Kids who aren’t old enough to understand the effects of swearing probably don’t even have a desire to use the words anyway. So don’t worry so much about your kids. I have read profanity on bumper stickers out loud to my family when I was young, not knowing it was profanity. Finding out it was profanity was humorous.
    I don’t like pottymouthed little kids, but if that’s the worst thing your kid does, it should pass in a short while, or you’ll just have to get used to it.
    In conclusion, I have decided that swearing on tv affects parents more than their children. It worries the parents, and basically you don’t just worry about it- you talk to them about it.
    Censors slip up sometimes.
    i think Vince sabotaged the censors’ bleep machine before hand by pouring egg nog on it.

  • jimmy

    well atleast he was not lip synching his song like so many other wannabe rockers… good luck ashlee simpson with your fake voice.
    dick clarke

  • bhw

    I think we’re really going to show ourselves to be a bunch of Puritan losers if we turn every single fucking FUCK or other FCC violation into a major news event.

    The real news event of the past week, in case you missed it, had to do with the deaths of over 100,000 people.

    This story is NOT a story. The FCC will either fine him and/or NBC or not. Big deal.

  • So, I guess getting together the original members of Motley Crue, Ratt, and two Van Halen cover bands (original blend and Van Hagar blend) to do a bukkake video with your “wife” is out of the question?

  • Ryan

    Have we become so prudish that a little four letter word offends us? Are our ears so sensitive tht we cannot even hear “fuck” without freaking out and crying about how we were offended and/or how our children might be affected? Children get a whole lot more abuse from their friends than they ever will from a few musicians. Why have we gotten this far? Motley Crue swearing is not a story by itself, but how we got to this point is a story? When did American humanity forget to be human? When did “Sticks and stones” stop hurting our bones, and when did the words start hurting?

    BHW is right, there are bigger issues out there, Tsunami victims, Vermont wanting to cecede from the Union, Colgate CEOs paying themselves tens of thousands in bonuses yet laying off thousands of workers, yet there are still people getting upset because our children might be subjected to a bad word or an extra piece skin so brief that you needed to have a DVR to even see it in the first place.

    Our priorities are seriously messed up, be considerate of others is one thing, but this politically correct bullshit has gone WAY TOO FAR!

    to steal a phrase:

    “I hate to get on a rant, but…”

    When did “of the poeple” start to mean less than 5% of those living here?

    When did “for the people” start to mean as long as “I” can line my pocket?

    When did “by the people” start to mean only those with money?

    We have a voice, and goddamnit lets use it.

  • jimmmy

    what is the big fuckin’ deal?
    like people can not read what coaches and pro players are yelling with the microphones off!

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s Monday and I see the fan relatively free of excrement: perhaps we did learn something from the Janet overkill.

    However, David certainly has every right to express his discomfort with the incident, which by the way, is much less regulatorily culpable because it occurred after the 10pm broadcast witching hour.

    And it was certainly a story at the time, so thanks for passing it on.

    I think, as a parent, the best you can do is to reasonably shield, and then explain what cannot be shielded. I figure that the 20 and 17 year-olds survived this method and the 5 and 1 year-olds are likely to do the same.

  • Steve Ferrell

    This entire blog thread covers the first song Motley Crue performed on Leno on New Years Eve – “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Did anyone notice what happened during the SECOND song – “Dr. Feelgood” – performed about 15 minutes later? Vince started to mutter the F-bomb again, then it was bleeped, and the entire second-half of the song (after the lead break) was completely cut short, as the show went to its closing credits and off the air. It would appear that the network censors weren’t about to get caught napping again a second time, or were less tolerant the second time around.

  • aaron

    This is what everyone needs to remember, even though the “F” bomb was dropped on a non-subscriber based network, it was said in the safe harbor (after 10pm)and accordinig to FCC regulations, might not be a fineable offense.

    Here is what I think. If you have a child that heard the slip up, then instead of a huge public outcry about indecency, be a good parent and explain to your child that it is not okay to use language like that. Don’t we tell our children that no one likes a taddle tale? BE A GOOD PARENT!!!

  • fartknocker


  • Taylor Myers

    He can say whatever the hell he wants….HES FUCKING AWESOME!!!Ok god i dont know why you stupid dumbasses are making such a big deal out of it!!!