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Online Reputation Management is vital to the overall success of all companies. Online reputation management involves clever SEO techniques and close monitoring of what type of information is circulating around the internet concerning the company. This is usually tracked through search engine rankings which can be altered with backlinks. The basic concept behind ORM is to remove or push down negative articles about companies that show up in the top pages of the search engines and to eventually reduce the visibility of pages that are very negative toward the companies online reputation.

Eliminating the negative page results takes time and a well-placed plan in motion. SEO best practices are used. ORM may entail creating brand-new web content and distributing it around the web to popular social networking sites. Online reputation management will also build heavily upon present positive profiles and market them heavily through social sites and link building service.

Cutting edge SEO software is used for the online reputation management business. A company should use every method possible to protect their online reputation. Online Reputation Management has certainly answered that call and reduced the chances that a few negative comments diminish the reputation of the company on the internet.

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