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Online gambling is a broad term that refers to any or all of the various types of gambling avenues hosted online. This includes online card games, casino games, online lotteries, bingo games and sports betting.

With online card games like poker or blackjack, players can interact with other real players from all over the world, place bets and earn real money, as well as participate in organized tournaments and championships. While numerous online casino websites host card games, the largest and most renowned card room in the world is Poker Stars, which has endorsed numerous high end professional players.

Most online casino gambling sites replicate traditional casinos in terms of the games offered and money earning possibilities. Gamblers can engage in an extended array of games, such as roulette, baccarat, pachinko, craps and keno, among others. These are usually played against a virtual house who will win on average, as the odds are mathematically in its favor.

Online sports betting is usually an extension of conventional betting avenues, whereas betting firms or bookmakers allow people to wager real bets on the outcome of various sporting events.

Online lotteries are almost exclusively controlled by governments, due to the extended laws that heavily regulate lotteries in most countries. This is because lotteries are usually capable of generating huge earnings that will be subjected to tax-laws.

Online bingo is an increasingly popular variant of traditional bingo. To simulate conventional bingo halls, online hosts use a typical random number generator to create a sequence of randomly mixed numbers, thus ensuring that online bingo remains a game of chance. Additionally, bingo players can interact with each other in specially designed chat-rooms. This creates a sense of community among the players, and online bingo websites consider that an important factor in loyalizing them.

Online players can fund their gambling accounts either by direct transfer from credit and debit cards, but cheques and credit transfers are also common. Moreover, electronic money services can sometimes be used to fund gambling accounts, though this is a less common practice.

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