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Online App Identifies Time Suck Activities, Encourages Goal Achievement

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Put the controller and cheesy poofs down, get off the couch, get a clean shave and get ready to put your life back into gear because Haley Taylor is one Brit you don’t want to mess with and she’s got the online app just for you.

AvatarLabs, in partnership with Lifetime Television, released the Kickstart Your Life online time management tool to support the premiere of Lifetime’s all-new original unscripted series, The Fairy Jobmother.

The show features the Brit each week as she assists severely job-challenged families with her no-nonsense and tough love tactics to motivate them to get back on the payroll. The series’ regular time slot is Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT.

The online tool features two main sections, “Time Suck,” which identifies time-wasting activities and “My Goals,” which allows users to enter, follow and attain individual goals along with their Facebook friends.

When users first log on to the site, Taylor walks them through a survey that uncovers the time the user spends on wasteful activities, such as surfing online, napping, texting, and shopping. As the survey is completed, a pie chart will animate, illuminating the user with the surprising results as to exactly how they spend their free time. Upon completion, users will be presented with suggestions of meaningful activities or goals that could be accomplished in the same time they spent on wasteful activities.

Users are then brought to the “My Goals” component, which enables the user to put time towards one or several goals, and track their progress towards each. Users will see their goals displayed, with a meter showing how much time the user has put towards achieving them. Goals can be added or deleted throughout the process. If users sign in though Facebook, they will be able to see their friends’ progress towards their goals, and are given the tools to challenge or encourage each other along the way.

Users will also be able to post their own progress onto their Facebook profiles, prompting further encouragement from their friends and giving them the opportunity to inspire others. As users log back in and enter the amount of time spent on their goals, the success meter will eventually hit 100 percent, and Taylor will congratulate the user for achieving their goal.

What happened when I took the quiz? Well, let’s just saying I’ve been spending a rather large chunk of time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and the survey suggested I could be spending those several hours (a day) better. While I beg to differ since I am employed, Taylor does have a good point. When is the last time I set a goal, even non-career wise? It’s been a while. I think I might just set one and go after it. As soon as I’m done gaming.

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